LG Pocket Photo Unboxing + Review

LG Pocket Photo: http://amzn.to/1MBfgbw

Refill Zink Photo Paper: http://amzn.to/1MBfnng


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Praveen Bhardwaj says:

Where can the paper be purchased once a person runs out of them ?

TNT vlog says:

Cáj này bán bn tiền zoi lai o ₫âu zay

Mohammed Kasim says:


Lurana McClure says:

Review fujifilm instax share printer and compare? Also compare prices and stuff like that please xx

waterbing says:

Help! Im using PD233 model too but my colours come out faded/washed out/wrong when i print it even though i’ve used the blue card!

Niniveh Peralta says:


Thomas Muntzer says:

Looks like the quality of the prints is far better than the one of the old Pogo. Brighter colors and most of all I can’t see the random white stripes that randomly appeared on some Pogo prints. They were a little bit disappointing.
iPhone compatibility and a software allowing to adapt the photo to the frame are good plus to me!
Can you make a comparison between Pogo and LG Pocket Photo?

Pokemon Pikatchu says:


Ethio Fikir says:

HI dose this need wifi or works with out it I really searching it to have one of those thank you

Leon Flackett says:

What phone is that

Cindy Nguyen says:

Hi , I was wondering if you’d know why my pictures print out with a bluish tint? The light pink becomes white . Thx

Adrienne Broederlow says:

very cool for journaling etc

Lurana McClure says:

Review fujifilm instax share printer and compare? Also compare prices and stuff like that please xx

Quang Thể Lê says:

How much is it dude ?

MrKdr500 says:

this is a rebadged polaroid zinc printer, even looks the same.

minixlove says:

hey I’d like to know, what is the lifespan of the photos being printed by this device? thanks^^

Alia Scott says:

Dose this work on the samsung 3 mini glaxy… if it dose I want one

Jonah Jameson says:


Shicong Lu says:

Wanted to see the NFC pairing. It’s a very neat feature.

Encore Adore says:

Hi – looking for some advice – which inkless printer do you recommend for a windows phone?

madmanmatt52 says:

Mind blown

Raychristofer says:

Something I notice in this review. Despite LG sending you this product to review you kept it real on the photo quality and pros and cons. It’s refreshing to know that pocketable tech does not kiss bootay.

Dilip Sen says:


Edub One says:

Tight ass review homie. Thanks for the paper jam shit. I was wundin’ bout’ that.

Tat Riley says:

can I use this with my dslr camera???

riani tania says:

Hi.. How heavy is it? Thanks for the review .. 🙂

krysta lewis says:

Which is better the Zink Happy printer or the Lg pocket pinter?

Gary Bowers says:

Cause of your awesome review i ran out and got one. And luckily i found one new not used for $50 … can you believe this $50… while their prices are around 150 or more or little less. never seen one under $99.. Thanks my man. That also included shipping. took about a week and a half to get here but it was worth the wait. as i looked today at the same place as i was about to by 4 more cause my family has the same phones as i do. the lg g vista. But my luck ran out. They are back $159. and now the issue is i have been having to share it with family now. 

Nilofer Siddiqui says:

What is your opinion on this product compared to the Polaroid GL10 printer? And what size does the LG Pocket Photo zink paper print in?

fantasiaXII says:

I was wondering if it can still print when it’s charging (i.e connected via usb)

Ahmad Khalifa says:

Price ?

GetaHinsh Productions says:

What is the battery life?

corikay says:

Help….I have the LG PD239 and the iPhone 6s with the newest IOS operating system…. I have downloaded the app, synced with blue tooth, and continue to get a message stated that it isn’t paired! I have reloaded all apps and devices multiple times and can’t get this to work. LG customer support was unable to help, saying it should work. Any additional ideas would be appreciated!

Thank you!

Syida Starr says:

how long does a full battery last?

Lindsey Jones says:

it looks like it shrunk the picture… does it come out as a cropped version once its printed? this was very helpful by the way!!

william 833 says:

All my pictures were turn to warm color  (red) .How could I fixed it?!

Bonnie Saich says:

I’m debating on this one and the vupoint photo cube mini, which uses ink. Would ink or paper be cheaper?

GAGO Ka says:

Hi. There’s no zink paper in our place…can I just use any regular photo paper specially the cheapest type since I’m gonna print a lot I think 🙂 will it work? and what is the size? Thank you!

ramesh Chandra says:

can I print my photo from Android to this pocket printer

Mega Monster Man says:

He’s Jewish just like me

pararop says:

stuped baseball cap looks loke odiot

Taylor Wong says:

what do you think about the SP-1 comparing to the LG printers in terms of sharpness and retaining details of highlights and shadows? Thanks so much!

LDG Footage says:

but only works with smartphones? can you print from a camera?

Hazy Abigail says:

this is the kind or review i was looking for.clear close up, how to use and test! thank you!

Jay Ailee says:

i want to the price. how much?

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