Inkjet Fixative Varnish Spray Review By Photo Paper Direct

As seen at Review of the Inkjet fixative spray. The varnish spray comes in three finishes, matt, satin and glossy. By applying the spray in images, phones and so on, the media becomes water prof and better immune to UV light.


Photo Paper Direct says:

Hi Roy,

We suggest you contact the supplier for a list of US sellers. I have sent you via the messages their contact details. Thanks for the comment!

Jason Larson says:

I will be buying all this soon so I can make decals for mugs and other things.

Lee Brierley says:

Very informative video. Thanks!

Photo Paper Direct says:


Yes, we do. Thank you for comment.

thepretenda says:

Can I spray this directly onto PDF?

Rc-Nerd says:

do you use this on the PPD sticker paper?

Glenn B says:

err… the make is ‘GHIANT’ as it says on the can (in very large lettering).

Geoffrey Mazava says:

Is there any spray available for laser silk paper?

huei mo says:

will it work on origami paper?

Chaz Madge says:

I am guessing the prints are pigment printed and not dye to rub of like that

frank owoghiri says:

Hi what make is the fixative varnish spray, also can you advice me or recommend a good used inkjet printer that can print on a variety of media including vinyl stickers up to A2 size. I am starting up a small printing business on a low budget since i got laid off work, I don’t want to make an expensive mistake that will ruin my chances even before I start. That’s why I thought an experienced professional like you might offer valuable advice. thanks. you can reply on

technosasquatchfilms says:

will this work for inkjet based canvas prints??

batbobjo kokino says:

what varnish use after fixative spray

Gilbert Calderon says:

what ink you are using for plastic sticker?

batbobjo kokino says:

what advise you ,as a varnish after this product fixing spray
polyurethane, water ,or nitrocellulose

Fabian M says:

Q: What “finish layer” product for protection and shine would be best for my acoustic guitar (paper mache) art project? I’ve done research and there are way to many options for a beginner like me to choose one. I’d appreciate your suggestion!

Photo Paper Direct says:

@ Rc-Nerd absolutely. You can use the fixative on Photo Paper Direct sticker and vinyl films. Thank you for the comment.

Kerry McKenna says:

can it be cut when treated?

martin salter says:

Many of my photos printed on semi gloss cheap A3 paper with non Epson inks have started to bleed losing overall sharpness and creating a blotchy effect in detailed areas. Is this down to using cheap materials I have an Epson Sytlus 1500. The photos have been stored in light sealed boxes for about 7 months. Could it be a poor paper batch ( I printed about 150 over a long weekend and all those are deteriorating) whilst another set seem OK. Would this fixative spray help stabilise the inks on the paper and prevent this happening?

Paul Taylor says:

Would this product be OK to use on photo copying paper.. Glossy. And what adhesive could I use to then stick the printed paper onto a ceramic tile. Thanks ,Paul.

Xplict91 says:

does it work with regular laser paper?

4evermykids1 says:

can you use it on magnetic photo paper


that’s what i am looking for ,, i have inkjet printer .. and the color doesn’t stake on the glossy paper.. 

does it work like that?

Mark II says:

How can I get this product delivered to the United States? I really need this stuff. Great Video btw.

MEFF1091 says:

in fact i am interested with your photo papers. your 180-190 gsm matte a4 photo paper is what i am interested (buy 100 get 100) but no shipping to turkey 🙁

parayadesh says:

Is this product from South Africa.

Victoria Elliott says:

How can I get in the US? Or something equivalent? I see the US site but it only appears to sell paper and vinyl! Help!

Photo Paper Direct says:


I am afraid the spray only works on Inkjet papers.

ricardo de la torre says:

Do u accept paypal??

Photo Paper Direct says:

Hi, yes, it will.

Photo Paper Direct says:

Hi, Indeed it will. Thanks for the comment.

Anuj Modi says:

I want to use this on photo mount paper 2mm thickness for protection against moisture. Can i use this or there is anything other than this which will help me for the same?

luminor007 says:

Do you have a spray that will do the same for a printed canvas that currently is a matt finish without any protective layer?

Bayardo says:

I want to apply epoxy to the vinyl sticker, will this seal the ink?

Shirorin says:

can you use this with water slide paper?

detailedinfinity says:

What do you recommend for sealing inkjet printable cd/dvds to stabilise them after printing?

Photo Paper Direct says:

Hi, what precisely do you mean by ‘stabilise’ ? the fixative works well to keep the original printed work intact. If you’re referring to keeping the ink from smearing, this should be part of the paper on which you print on. Thanks for the comment.

hocus pocus says:

can you use this on uncoated paper?

MEFF1091 says:

why dont you ship your products to turkey?

charan ch says:

Can i apply it on temporary tattoo transfer paper and peel it off?The instructions tell me to apply varnish

Kerry McKenna says:

will it also work on 260g satin/pearl photo paper?

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