How Will Red River Photo Papers Work With Third Party Inks?

How Will Red River Photo Papers Work With Third Party Inks?
This by the way is my 1000th video uploaded to the channel!
We all know that Red River Photo Media works beautifully with OEM inks but… how does it perform with Third Party Inks?
Thus begins a project well over due!
Hope you enjoy all the upcoming tests and videos!



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John Sousa says:

I love red river paper

Nathan B. says:

It’s all your fault and I say it with a smile. A Canon Pro-10, Red River paper, two sets of Carts, Precision Colors Signature refill kit, Qimage…finally the years of digital raw prints will come to life on my terms. Always sent this work out, now it is time to bring it home… appreciate the knowledge you share Jose. It makes more of a difference than you are probably aware. Next is some Jose swag…as a thank you.

Royston Bush says:

I would like to see the pro 100 with original canon inks printing on the red river also pls ?

Janet Diaz De Valentin says:

I’m very interested in the Canvas..for my pro 10 or pro 100

Hector A Rodriguez says:

Hi, wow you been so busy doing videos 1,000 that’s great. I like watching and learning. I don’t skip the ads because that is the only way to help you out, I don’t have a job.

Ahmad Shariff says:

Hi Jose, what’s the best art archive paper 13×19 around 300 gsm do you recommend to use with canon pro-1 that also have an ICC profile that match it. Thank you in advance.


Looking forward to seeing the results on Red River paper and PC Inks. I recently purchased a set of PC inks for my Pro100, as I live in UK using it on UK sourced papers, extremely pleased with the results, will purchase PC inks again for my Pro10 when I need to replenish my 2nd set of cartridges. Enjoy all the videos asa matter of education. Keep up the good work.

Janet Diaz De Valentin says:

Ok #Red River Here take my Money………

PhotoZen says:

I feel the honesty and integrity in every word you say.

Steve Guenther says:

Hi, I have the Canon Pro 100 printer, use Redriver paper and Precisions colors ink. Iam looking for a textured fine art paper that gives the look of water color paper. Can you recommend
a paper either from Redriver or someone else ? Love your videos and your knowledge.
Thank you

Michael Zbiegien says:

what do you do with your prints -especially the larger ones? Frame and hang? othe way of displaying ?

MOIROT Emmanuel says:

Emmanuel MOIROT
I would use red river paper but the shipping is to much expansive can red river have a dealer in Europe (i am from France )

Chi Hung Lin says:

Hi Jose,
I haven’t used my printer for about a month, guess what? It’s dead. The print head is beyond repair. So I asked the repair guy to try fix it. I found that I can actually print a nozzle head check without switching on my computer, you only have to press the second button till it blinks twice, then the print check comes out. The technician told me that if there’s alignment problem with your printing, you can gently wipe the thin transparent film inside your printer.Then you have to align your print head. That might solve the problem.

Andre Charlebois says:

Hi Jose, Any news about when the Signature Edition inks for K3 inkskets will be available from PC?

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