Glossy vs Matte vs Metallic Photo Prints

In this video I have compared the different kinds of photo prints viz. Glossy, Matte and Metallic, that are available in market today.

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6wiressixwires says:

thanks for clarifying!

kunal jain says:

how much a metallic photo paper costs and what is the best brand?

Joe Bowers says:

Very helpful, thank you!

Rohan Mathews says:

Excellent video. What about Lustre print?

RazerSharpSoul says:

Thank you for this video Mr.Bhatia.

ngc charle says:

what printer you used ?

'Sahil Singh Bhatia' says:

wtf are you using tissue?
mastu****** xD

MsCommonCentz says:

I like that you said that metallic prints give off an impression of “glow”. It gave me a better idea of what sort of difference between glossy & metallic.

sandeep gupta says:

thank you nitesh nice video

Aaran Suthakar says:

Hello Nitesh, great job! When printing with glossy sheets I place the glossy side up so the image comes in that but, the ink sometimes bleeds

Mike P says:

I want to thank you Nitesh you helped me out a lot.

Eduardas Kubilinskas says:

why didnt you have same image on all different papers?

Martin Kilpert says:

Thank you Nitesh. Very informative and exactly what I was looking for when I went to google the question. We all make each others lives easier because of people like you!

Ruby Doomsday says:

Cool. That’s exactly what I needed to know. 🙂

Darrin Keith says:

Thank you for the video!!!

viswanadh pamarthi says:

Thanks for your information…

ShiaNaturesFearie says:

Wow the metallic one!

Oliver F. Rupert says:

Nice video got a good Idea on Glossy, Matte, and Metallic.

Niaz Ahamed says:

Great video! Thank you for explaining when to use each kind of finish 🙂

worldismine says:

thanks bro

Vijay DHopate says:

very very useful guideline for printer and share some additional thing we can learn more detailed about printing from you.

Tloopfan says:

Thanks Nitesh, I love doing B&W and wasn’t sure which paper to use for the results I want. Sounds like Matte or Luster would be great. Your video helps a lot.

Photography Imrö Straubing says:

Wich Paper was the matte? Looks more like semiglossi then matte

Ali Nazari says:

Good but it would me more helpful if you print out the same picture with different finishes!

Adrian says:

Woooohooo porn music

Om Toolika says:

Thank you, informative video…

kunal jain says:

are all pics in A4 size? what gsm paper u used?

K Tor says:

Thank you for the explanation, of the diffrent types of paper. Great looking prints too!

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