Epson SureColor P800 Overview, Plus Canvas & Metallic Print Samples

New Epson SureColor P800 in the house!
Last week Epson sent over a new SureColor P800 17″ photo printer for review. In today’s show Greg gives a quick overview of the printer with a full review coming soon. Also in today’s show Greg shows his final print of the Hot Air Balloon Over The Lake, your choices, as well as the first print from the Epson SureColor P800 on 17×22 Glossy Metallic paper. Keep shooting!

Intro/Outro music by Nick Perri


Hermes Ortega says:

Does the p800 comes with full cartridges 80 ml or just with a demo?

Stefan Georgiev says:

Can you please explain why the higher model P800 has only 2880×1440 dpi and the lower models P600 and P400 has 5760x1440dpi resolution? I don’t believe P800 has lower quality?

Takena Schitt says:

_Hot Air Balloon Over The Lake_ I think that it is brilliant! Maybe in a hundred years computers will have evolved to the point where they actually can do a quality print like that visual justice? I guess I will never know, unless I live to be a hundred and *[cough cough]* twenty-nine. 🙂

metals says:

Was the metallic print mounted? If so how and on what? Thanks

David Croft says:

I totally agree with your comments about B&H. Love the canvas shot, but I thought your print was lacking “blacks” compared to your screen shot of the same.

Craig Guillory says:

Can you do a video on the Epson sc-p5000

Gromov Photography says:

you have a pager ? hhhmm

Jonas Bomba says:

How many picutres do i have to print that such a printer is worth the money? What is average price of an A2 print? Of course it depends on the picutre and the paper but right now i dont have a clue. Is it 5, 10 oder 15 dollars?

ECuevas says:

Where can I buy the canvas for the SC-P800?

Eccentric Smithy says:

10 minutes into the review of this printer, no review of it yet…

David Pavlich says:

Hey Greg…I have a pile of Canon paper and am looking at the P800. Do you happen to know if there are ICC profiles for the P800 that cover Canon paper? It’s mostly Glossy II, Premium Pro Luster and Semi Glossy. Thanks!! David

jamboni says:

haha now that extatic smile in the thumbnail makes sense!

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