Epson Expression Premium XP-820 Wireless Photo Printer Review – Scanning & DVD / CD Printing Demo

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0:08 – Hardware Overview
3:48 – Double sided scan overview and demonstration
5:00 – Mac printer driver tip
5:25 – Document printing demonstration
6:15 – Photo printing demonstration
8:30 – DVD / CD Printing feature demonstration
9:33 – Conclusion and final thoughts

I have been reviewing Epson printers for the last five years now, taking a look at each model year’s printers. Epson releases refreshes across their product line about once a year mainly to keep up with the new technologies that might wish to print to the devices (Apple’s AirPrint and Google’s Cloud print being good examples of that).

I have observed a noticeable decline in the build quality of these printers over the last couple of years. The plastic feels flimsier, and less stuff is included with the device. You don’t even get a free sample of photo paper anymore.

My biggest gripe with the current Epson design is the paper handling. Although it is a two tray system neither tray holds all that much paper (maybe 50 sheets tops). The top tray can be pushed in too far and the output tray can get confusing. I get many comments from consumers on the output tray and what exactly they’re supposed to do with it. It’s not very clear. It does appear they’ve added a rear paper feed option for 4×6 prints which is a welcome improvement.

The form factor is excellent. This is a very small device considering it’s an all-in-one device.

All of those gripes out of the way the Epson print quality is excellent. This is a five ink printer so it sits in the middle of the market. There is a nicer six color unit available as well that might be better suited for professionals, but the five ink printer will be fine for most smartphone and point and shoot prints. They look really nice to me and to some degree better than what you might get from a photo center as you have more control over the output.

I also like the scanning functions, my absolute favorite being the ability to scan to the memory card. The memory card can then be shared over the network for extracting the scanned PDF files. It unfortunately cannot scan directly to an email address without a computer in the middle.

Bottom line? It’s a good functional printer that needs more paper capacity and a paper handling system that works better. Just like everything else in the market the consumables cost a fortune and will quickly exceed the cost of entry. So by the time you’re hitting the $200 mark on ink Epson will have released their new printer. Sometimes it’s just cheaper to upgrade :).

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DISCLOSURE: I am a member of the Amazon Vine program and received this product to review on Amazon’s site.


MrRegularguy19 says:

Is it just the video, or did the printer completely lose all the dynamic range of the photo?  It looks like all the grays are completely blown out into white.  That it looks that way even when the rest of the video frame is fairly dark (like when it’s zoomed out) and not unusually contrasty makes it seem like it’s really printed that way.  If so that is pretty poor quality.

Luis C says:

good video….

سلبم سليم says:

hallo ,
i need your advice please ,
i am looking about the best printer that have every thing ( photos print , scanner , pvc cards print , wireless.. )
thanks a lot for your channel .

bearynice2u says:

When I try to scan photos to my computer the background and photo looks yellow. Like the scanner bed turns everything yellow. Can I fix this?

Tymbras stegall says:

i hate this unpredictably printer wish i had not bought it!!!

beto blas says:

how did you pair those 2

234Grandma says:

Very good video..please show how to print envelopes in tray and back feeder for one envelope.I have Epson Xp 830..I am just learning this new printer. I use Microsoft program to select envelope …do I need make selections in this program to get it to communicate with printer.. Please show how.. I have done everything including direct print on DVDs/cd which is very wireless so far!

Mateen Ahmed says:

great and top performance

AgentErick99 says:

Did you use color lok paper

Dj Crazy Eternal Sound says:

is there any way you can make a tutorial all about printing on cds and dvds because I have this one and cannot print on to cds at all thanks

Travis Smith says:

Can you manually feed 8.5×11 cardstock type paper with this printer?

BEAKER6868 says:

I am having a problem scanning something. I tried to scan and I got an error that reads “communication error. check to see if a computer is connected.” which is odd because the geek squad just set this thing up for me. and it worked for him. how do I resolve this?

Lars Händler says:

I would really be interested in cost per page and estimates how long the catriges will last. If I buy a all-in-one printer this has become the most important thing for me. I just feel robbed by what Epson, HP and Canon charge for catriges nowadays.

iPodBuff says:

Is there a way I can get the right size for my slim DVD cases I have using this printer?

DJ Bama says:

QUESTION, does this printer PRINT higher quality pictures photos then the CANON PIXMA MX922?

MrLotsabits says:

Hi Lon, You did a get job producing this video and a great job explaining the functions of the XP-820. I own two Artisan 800 printers and use all their functions. The scanner/copier on these began to skew so I picked up the XP-820. All 3 printers work fine except for the skewing on the first 2. My BIG problem with the XP-820 is the CD/DVD function, as the disc does not always stay on place when printing. I just converted 3 DVD’s into coasters because of this. I find the entire disc printing process on the XP-820 to be very awkward compared to earlier 800 series printers (that are no longer available). I highly DON’T recommend this printer if you want to print disc labels with it.

Michael Dodd says:

The “Rear tray” on this can accommodate up to 8.5 X 11 as it could on the XP-800 and 810 as well, so you should be able to use it for any size photo paper up to that size.  You just have to adjust the width guides on it.  The only downside is that it is single feed, meaning you can only put in one at a time back there. That shouldn’t be a problem for Photos though as I rarely print more than one.  It also works great to print an envelope quickly.

TheWorldIsBlind says:

Dont buy this printer!!! so many technical issues especially with replacing the inks. Buy ANY other printer, just not this one. The worst printer I’ve ever had.

Wavester64 says:

Excellent video. I just bought the XP-830 (very similar) and I love it!

coke sumanguru says:

I cannot print on CD/DVD from my windows PC  to the Epson Expression Premium XP-820 Wireless. It asks me to insert a memory card

Michelle Carbone says:

do I have to put paper in the top tray all the time?

Jakeman3 says:

Trying to print shipping labels on Avery 5163 stock (8.5 X 11) and their software.
Too thick for cassette #2 tray (it jams – that’s a terrible sound). Trying to figure out if it can be done from the back paper tray. I put paper in. The printer will pull it thru but not able to get it to print on that sheet. Any thought?

Stellar lupus says:

Hey Lon I’m stuck between the Epson Expression XP-820 and the Epson Workforce WF-3640! Which printer would you recommend? Newer and better wise…Great review by the way!

Gail Swier says:

Thanks for your video. We just got one of these printers and are having an issue. When we try to print a photo on 4 X 6 glossy paper, it comes out wet. Any idea why?

It's Only Me says:

I have a Canon all-in-1 like this and I use it mainly for scanning documents.  Every time I turn it on it cleans the print heads which burns up the ink.  When I do want to print something, the cartridges are empty!

Aaron Coe says:

Nice review, thanks!

crime gods says:

Hey Lon, What is the max size paper this printer can take? Both photo, and regular for printing documents and the like?

AgentErick99 says:

Your dog is a model he/she knew they were gonna have a picture taken and posed lol. I like that HP has an instant ink program have You heard of it

Susan H says:

I found this in an office supply store on clearance for $45. Never opened and in all original packaging. I feel like that was a steal for this all in one. The paper loading issues do drive me nuts. But I can deal with that! I am also having some connectivity issues (probably user error). I actually like the compactness of it. For the most part, and in every way that is important to me, I really like this machine!!

MrBrymstond says:

Kids shouldn’t be messing around with devices they know nothing about, they don’t appreciate the value, nor do they care! I have 4 kids 9 grandchildren and they all know what happens when they touch my belongings! These are called rules, try it sometime, but if you choose to let your baby teeth on your top of the line smartphone, have at it!

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