Canon Pixma Pro – Pro Printing Paper Types


SmalltimR says:

Thank you!
Thank you!
Thank you!

Pato Villanueva says:

Hi, thanks for this great video. I recently invested on a Pixma Pro-100. The quality of the prints is everything I was expecting. I also got a package of 13x19inch Hahnemuhle Photo Rag paper. According to Hahnemuhle, media type must be set to Other Fine Art Paper 1 for any of its papers, the problem here is that the size changes automatically from A3+(13×19) to A3+ with margins, meaning no real 13×19 can be made with a non Canon paper. I am really looking for help on this as I am not sure weather to override this by choosing a different media type or just accepting that I have to use Canon paper if I want a full 13×19 print. Thank you very much again for the video and really hope you can spare a tip on this issue.

Toxico SM says:

this print white on transparent film?

Dirt Farmer says:

Is it possible to buy a lustre pebble textured paper like the the kind you could get if you ordered prints from DpiPro Print Lab?

Henrik Larsen says:

hi great video, thank you – im looking for a paper for my canon pixma pro 100. size A3 – its important that the paper will roll up nicely without getting crinkled in the process. the poster needs to look great when the customer unrolls it. ( i ship in tubes)

could you recommend a paper – i would prefer the paper to be “natural” looking and not completely white

Prolivic says:

I really enjoyed this video! I was thinking about a printer with a high DPI, but after watching this, it reminded me that I need a 5+ ink printer. It would be good to see the differences between a 5 ink printer vs an 8 ink one like this, as I’m trying to determine what my budget needs to be. Thanks!

Lucy Alice Whitten says:

Absolutely brilliant video! EXACTLY what I was looking for. Thank you so much! You have a new fan! :3 

DPC Films says:

Excellent video and I appreciate you mentioning the other paper types. As a result I discovered Moab’s Slickrock Metallic Silver 300! Thank you! 🙂

schultzphotographic says:

Excellent video. Thank you for sharing!

Sajjad Al-Lawati says:

Thanks for the information, next time please go slow and with more details

Shutterfreek says:

SUCH A GREAT VIDEO!!!  Quick question.  When installing other profiles for different papers, is everything automatic after that?  In other words, those profiles will automatically show up when I’m ready to print??  Also, I’ve find that printing straight from photoshop cc colors look off.  Do you absolutely recommend using the Canon software for printing?  Thank you so much!

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