Canon Pixma Pro 100 Review and Printing Tips

The Canon Pixma Pro 100 is an excellent photographic printer for photographers who want to print as large as borderless 13 x 19″ (A3+) sizes. It prints gorgeous black and whites as well as color.


Bill Alicea says:

whats the best all in one printer for photos but not to crazy expensive? I would like a photo printer like this, but with a built in scanner too?

bkfinest006 says:

thanks for the review and tips! I’m not a photographer, but I would like to print some family photos as well as other things I capture for around the house, I think I’ll be getting this!

Snoozing Lion says:

Thanks for the very good review…. much appreciated…


Joseph Styborski says:

How do you print and load the paper for 4×6 prints?

ZHY FN says:

How many letter sized prints can one ink set print roughly?

Robbie Gordon says:

So you have to waste enough(already expensive ink) for two prints and two extra sheets of paper for every print? Canon getting your money easy.

Andrea Burton says:

Have you tried the 3rd party inks yet?

i Draw says:

I currently have a Brother MFC-J6920DW and have been using it to print out 11×17″ illustrations but the print quality is poopie, regardless of the ink I use or the print settings. This printer’s print quality looks INSANE, though.

I’m looking to get a replacement unit for this Brother POS, sell it on eBay and then buy this Canon.

Michael Breskin says:

HI, thanks very much for this video. I just set mine up. I wonder if you have a video on color management as I am on a Mac also and can find very little using this printer with a Mac?

Also, is your mac using an RBG 1998 or sRGB color profile prior to calibration? And printing from photoshop should the color space be set to RGB or CMYK consider the inks for this printer are cmyk? I am working out of Adobe Camera Raw and exporting my images to Photoshop cc 2015.5

Also, I have a Dell P2714H 27″ monitor and prints are coming out darker by about 1/2-2/3 of a stop and more magenta than what is on the screen. Using Pro Luster from Canon and their OEM inks.

My only calibration so far has been with the Apple Calibrator. I am in the process of getting either the spyder or colormunkie.

What brightness and contrast values is your monitor set at percentage wise as I have heard that LCD monitors are typically set too bright from the factory?

I know I am asking a lot here?

Would greatly appreciate any help as I am trying to zero in on what I see on the screen and have gone through quite a bit of ink and paper trying to zero in on what I see on screen.

Thanks, in advance.

Leng Moua says:

I’m a complete novice and I was wondering if this would be good place to start for graphic design printing. I mostly do stuff with text and minimal color so I’m not sure if I should pick this up. Is there a cheaper, better alternative just for clean text?

RockTo11 says:

The specs you mentioned are incorrect. It isn’t 4800 pixels across the entire image, it’s 4800 DPI. Specifically 4800 x 2400 dpi. So, something that is 9″ wide would have an effective horizontal resolution of 43200 pixels (although pixels is the wrong terminology here).

First Last says:

you have great teeth

Saul Sandoval says:

Jose Rodriguez talks a lot about this printer. He does warn of not using third party inks. One if his clients tried it and it ruined his printer. Check his you tubes on this printer

noiC9T says:

where can i find the plugin for the studio pro? i’ve only found the studio pro plugin for the pro-1 and pro-10 printers..but not the pro-100

Johnny CincoCero says:

Look into Precision colors for high quality refillable inks and cartridges for this printer.

JR says:

Precision color refill kits can reduce the price of ink to pennies on the dollar!!

jotunboy81 says:

`the cost of the ink is very high`- thats probably why they put the ´light and the pling´ to brighten you up a little when you open the lid and install the ink after you bought them.

Jamie Soto says:

im having printing issues it is printing accessive blobs is it because im not using luster paper please help i dont want to waste all my ink

عبدالله الدوسري says:

Hallow I have a question how many can it prntes pepper?

Resinds .P says:

sadly i can only buy the pro 100s for a lot more money in german

flame says:

is the picture that u had in your hand is a3?

beerborn says:

I order this printer from B & H and when I got it everything was OK until I did a print head alignment. It started to print but when both papers came out it was blank. It just would not print at all. Piece of shit.

Kathy Towery says:

sophia Global in Amazon has awesome ink for this printer. I have been using this ink for months and I cannot tell a difference and the price is amazing….Hopes this helps

CalmPlains says:

Did you ever try the knockoff ink? if so… results?

shaolin95 says:

mate you don’t need to wait 100 years to find out if it will last that long, the are pretty accurate tests that can provide such information so next time avoid such misinformation 😉

stewart howell says:

what a brilliant review on the Canon 100 Pro .
just right on the technical stuff.
and so well presented .
your a bit of a star

Chaz Madge says:

@10:30 the colours of the guys top is different in the window (less colour) to screen?

Je'Mahl Ray says:

what is the link for the plugin? Photoshop and lightroom

Movist Brunssum says:

Matt paper is not suitable for dye inkt prints according to Canon. You better use gloss paper. De pigment printers are suitable for matt prints.

crystalcolors says:

We just purchased this printer a few months ago and are still struggling to learn how to use it properly. It prints pretty good on the photo papers, although a little darker than the monitor image. But I can’t get it to print the regular paper well, like typing paper and what not. The colors just comes out so feeble. Can anybody tell me how to print on regular papers? The paper type setting only has basically matte, semi-gloss, gloss, and platinum, which refer to the photo paper grades.

I want to print the images on regular paper, or stationery so I can send the image on my letters. Any advice? I’d appreciate it.

eMiLo1313 says:

to every type of paper you have to calibrate your printer (brightness and contrast test) or the setting for canon luster paper will work for canon semi-gloss ?

Michael Hill says:

some great tips, thanks from mick.

moldvarp says:

How does it handle text/pdf-files? How does the black turn out, like in debth?

Jim P says:

Very helpful vid, thank you

Kristina Drinkwater says:

Really enjoyed your review! I found most videos to be really boring and monotone haha. Super helpful video!

Christopher Franklin says:

Hey, great video. I have this printer and I am happy with it. However, I have an iMac running El Capetian, I LOVE the Print Pro studio. However, it’s not working with El Capetian OS and Photoshop and/or Lightroom. Do you have a end around for this?

David Thompson says:

please help for the life of me i can’t seem to get it setup for wifi???Thanks

Fred B says:

Excellent recommendation! Amazing prints once I got past the “peachy/pink” issue, a call to Canon technical support (excellent customer service btw) solved that as I could not find the plug in that would load.

bernedett rose says:

Does it scan?

Omar Vazquez says:

Has anyone tried printing on discs? I am having trouble with the color. The paper photos come out perfectly, however, it is not the same story when printing on a disc.

Revel & Wild says:

Wondering how this printer performs on thicker paper cardstock, like 140lb paper. 20-24pt thickness? Also, wondering how crisp the lines are? Is there little bleeds? And finally…does it perform on cotton paper?

Michelle Wilber says:

How do you set up your printer to print on wifi without using the CD to install the software?

Jacob Lechlak says:

Question, when you do the pattern print test, do you have to do this for each paper type you’re going to use? Recommended to do so?

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