Canon Pixma Pro-100 Inkjet Photo Printer Review

I purchased my printer here…
This is my favorite paper… SnapChick reviews the Canon Pixma Pro-100, an inkjet photo printer.


walkabout16 says:

Overpriced papers and inks is how the printer companies make excessive profits and by the use of ink cartridge chips they insure that the public has to pay over the top in order to print photos themselves with their equipment.

D Mesa says:

What software do you use for printing? Just what comes with the printer or something else?

Michael T says:

I got mine yesterday and it was making great prints until my cat climbed in the dam thing and got wedged down in the fucking rollers! His tail was coming out the front with ink all over it! I whacked the dam thing right out the window with the cat attached and all! Forgot how heavy that fuckin thing was till it landed right on top of my neighbors car! Fuckin things crushed!

Lance Feagan says:

Nice choice of printer. I am still loving my Epson Stylus Pro 7900. I find the flexibility of roll paper to be very convenient for me.

Kaye Art says:

hi, do u recommend this for a graphic designer/illustrator?thanks

Janet Mobley says:
James Snook says:

Have you ever printed on canvas? If so how did it turn out?

hawg427 says:

This is rated as a great photo printer. But what about when you need to print out an article or something on regular plain paper.  What printer would you rec. for everyday printing needs.  I’d hate to waste the expensive dye on reg. printing.  Thanks.  Lou

freakydrew says:

how are you liking the Pro-100 a year later?  Our biggest fear in purchasing this is the clogging factor. Have you had any issues with the dreaded clog? We have gone through too many all in one printers and are looking for a dedicated photo printer.   Any other words of wisdom to help in our decision making process?  Do you still have frames hung with the stock photos in them or has owning this printer afforded you the time to print more and fill those frames?
Thanks for the great videos, fun and informative!

Hiro Taniguchi says:

i want printing at home.  you still print at home?

shaolin95 says:

For your reference as tested from this printer.

4×6 26¢

5×7 38¢

8×10 87.5¢

11×14 $1.68

13×19 $2.70

grafikpanda says:

Hey I have that printer too. (love it by the way)

einsteindrieu says:

You are so right .You are the Artist !!! -Thank you TheSnapChick !!!

Kelly Bents says:

I have 2 of these and bring them to comic conventions when I do the celeb photo ops. Its quick and quiet. I print close to 400 photos each weekend, and it is a trooper.

Leland House says:

I just got this printer as an early Christmas present and have printed a couple of photos and have noticed a couple of things that I can’t figure out how to fix. I put in the paper size one with border and one without and either way…the photo is still not printed in it’s entirety. Part of the photo is missing. Also I noticed that the photos are not as bright when it comes to the lighting on either one. I did one with auto correction and one with no corrections (no changes) The color is wonderful but darker image. I used a canon photo print pro luster. Any suggestions on how to fix these problems that I can’t seem to figure out.

Johnny CincoCero says:

Any problems with the printer thus far?

hawg427 says:

I don’t know why Canon & I guess others use a 13×19 print size. I personally think they should have bumped it up to a max size of 16×20. Any problems with your Canon so far?

bernhardtsen74 says:

I had the pixma 5350 last year and sold it about 6 months later!
way too expensive to replenish the colours after a good 20 prints on very nice paper!
over 120 dollars for 5 print cartridges!

Liam Smartt says:

I have this printer but my pictures are so wet and not drying correctly…how do I fix this?

Gio Lee says:

hi. i’m planning to get this printer. just wanna know how is it? any issues so far? thanks

beerborn says:

Can you do a video on printer and monitor color matching on how to do it?

Zulfikar Abdulaziz says:

too much blah blah blah…

David Griffis says:

I have one on order. My current printer has issues and only has three ink colors. Had to take advantage of a great rebate. Did some research. Says to run the nozzle check each week if you’re not going to be printing for weeks. A nozzle check uses a fraction of the ink as a print. Otherwise, sooner or later, your new printer will clog like your other printers. For geeks you can get some great 3rd party ink solutions at 1/8th of the price. I’m one of those geeks that will try to push the limits and make things affordable. If other people can do it, so can I. Nice video. I enjoyed it very much.

Marc Maisonneuve says:

Such useless video. Oh yeah, just look at me while I gab away about stuff.
Tricked into video with product shots but really it’s just her gabbing away. Yeah she’s pretty, but I don’t need to look at you for whatever time you post just yakking away.
I could look at other videos if I wanted to look at just a pretty girl.
I was curious about the printer. Zero information on printer.
Really bad video.

Diego Angeles says:

what kind of collage apps your using please?

Simon Ward says:

Whats the little canon printer called again that prints 4×6?

astrogeekwannabe says:

so snapchick what is the update on this printer? been wanting to get a pro printer to print my work. been printing on a cheapo printer with good results but not exactly what I want. Please let me know,,

Russ Deadwing says:

I’ve got the same printer and agree it is quite amazing in all respects. Night and day between this and my old Canon i960. Plus, purchased when they were offering the most insane rebate.Very nice.

eyitslance says:

GREAT quick, overall review. thank you!

Christopher Mork says:

Would have been nice to see the printer…

Judson Zhao says:

These are now around $100 brand new with papers.. maybe increase bit recently, but hey,
you just can’t go wrong at this price

Jim McCarthy says:

Ugg,you showed us NOTHING. 

rickyray956 says:

Sales pitch not a review!

Jorge Cortez says:

Can the printer use matte paper

paigow66 says:

$150 Ebay

Arvidpoem says:

I want that shirt!

InfinitelyFocused says:

i’m not like you but i do like you lol. I love your vids but PLEASE keep this shoulder length hair i don’t like the short cuts and yea i just got this printer hope it works as good as you say.

Jesús Miguel Guzman says:

I’m new to photography but I need a camera that is resistant to rain and dust. What do you recommend? (Money is not a problem)

grafikpanda says:

Yeah I got my on Ebay on a bid (new with box) for $89.

michellesketch says:

start mu business with making Art
prints or my art work (scans) and I wonder is PRIXMA MX925 printer is good to
start? Price is interesting I cannot afford to buy 1500$ Canon Pro
printer. Can I use this printer to print on (for example) 250g photo
paper? Thanks for advise!

kingdom777866 says:

Blar.. Blar..  Blar..   You yanks do go on.. & on.. &  on..  i thought this was a review on
the canon printer??   but we just got drownd in yap..  yap.. yap.. ..

brain96969 says:

The printer looks good, but 13×19″ is too small

Bertziethegreat says:

Got one for free with a mail in rebate when I bought my camera.

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