Blurb standard portrait 8×10 inches Review

Hardcover, ImageWrap
160 pages ProLine Pearl Photo paper
Standard Portrait
Size: 8×10 inches (20×25 cm)
ENDSHEETS Standard Mid-Grey
Price $89.92 with logo discount


madass888 says:

The reason your pictures are darker, might be because your monitor is too bright.

A Glimpse Of... says:

Would you recommend Proline Pearl or Proline uncoated?

Dale Sprott says:

You mention about the photographs being darker, its not the software that you are using! Your monitor needs to be your calibrated and matched to the Blurb profile for print. They have lots of info on how to achieve good results worth having a look ..

Rajendra says:

How did you get to put that image on your book spine, I have been trying so had to put a custom image on my book spine.

kevin15776 says:

Why is your bird not in the book or at least on the cover??

Eduard Khodoian says:

“Cover is the most important part of the book!” LOL )))

Padraic O'Grady says:

Thanks i enjoyed the video, keep up the good work.

Woogie Wagnoski says:

painful watching this with the stupid bird fuck!

Robert Bascelli says:

All images should have their exposure bumped up a bit before printing.Your computer screen is illuminated making the photos seem brighter than they would be normally. Just a little tip.

Rebekah Plantz says:

Thanks for sharing.  I was really stressing out about which paper to use.

Justin Heitter says:

birds are so annoying

demerda says:


Andy E says:

Thank you for this! Got mine yesterday and I love it. What I do regret is not having chosen the ProLine Pearl Photo paper just like you did. Next time I guess.

Mohammed Mahdi says:

That bird is so annoying! But great review with great pacing. 🙂

oldproji says:

I have noticed that several of my Blurb books have been dark.  I’m thinking of using Bob Books or some other manufacturer.  I have been with Blurb over 5 years, but the last three books have not been impressive at all.  My printing is done in Europe and I live in the UK.

Girls Best Friend and Co says:

I have had the most horrible experience with Blurb. You can look up my twitter account to see screen shot of my month long email correspondence with Blurb regarding my 1st and only order. 

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