Best inkjet heat transfer paper on the market using my epson xp 330 printer

In this video, I give you my opinion on the best inkjet heat transfer paper for dark garments that’s on the market (In my opinion). I’ve been very impressed with the neenah brand for their quality and how easy it is to work with. This is kinda like a Neenah Transfer Paper review. I also use the epson xp 330 which is a very affordable cheap inkjet printer. Not the best but it gets the job done.
I also do a small review of the MPress 15×15. It’s a level up from my old heat press that I got from amazon.
Hope you enjoy this tutorial of how to apply transfer paper onto the shirt and hope this grows your business.

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These are affiliate links. I make a small commission if you buy something which I use to invest into giving out more free.99 knowledge. Thank you for all the support I’ve been getting.

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fidan mustafa says:

I interested to buy one this printer

Navarrete Knives says:

after two months the Mpress is $280 they increased the price!

Eugene Ballard says:

What’s the gun you were using at the end to put ur tags on the shirts

Frank Spencer says:

Heat press Nation. I am going to buy the 16×20. Just off Reyes review. I have a 15×15 but I’m going to order an mpress. Thanks Reyes for your reviews I am also going to pick up some of that paper.

swifty 419 says:

Like the “BANG” placement in the video.

Mariel Gonzalez says:

Como se Llama Esa Pistola para Pegar las Etiquetas de las Camisas? GRACIAS

Sara Tx says:

So if I have a canon pro 1000 do you think it will work with this paper. I already bought it but my printer was expensive so I’ve been hesitant in trying it. But saw that i can print on canvas with it. So got to thinking. My old printer sucked with the paper.

This is Otaku! says:

Dude best energy drinks!!! Love bangs

minedbojo 73 says:

Reyes bro! Can you make a video on the best printer for the price for heat transfer paper!

CastroVlogs says:

Would that would work well if I have to do 150 rest in peace shirts or should I get the cannon pixma ix6820

On Hollow Ground says:

I like this cunt. Safe guy.

kopi nipi says:

is it ok if i use dye ink instead of pigment ink? I want to put some print on my umbrella

Thala Kaji says:

Hi one q? Normal digital printout ore inkjet printout ?

Haman Mahamat says:


Chester Whipplefilter says:

I was wondering about your designs.. are you using vector elements download from vector sites..??? or are you actually creating the artwork by hand yourself..?? if downloading pre-made vector art how much are you spending on those elements per design (assuming they are copyrighted works)..? and have you ever had a design request from a customer that you could not do..??  
I hope to get a response because you talk a lot about equipment but no so much about the actual creative design part of the biz..

Integgritty Tunes says:

What’s a good printer for large format printer 12 inches and up?

Maggie Huang says:

Hello, we are clothing factory in China, we can make t-shirt or clothing with your designs, please contact me by; whatsapp +8615678833650

TheBrothersCompound says:

Reyes you can refill ink cartridges at Costco for cheap, also you can buy the ink on amazon/eBay and refill them your self. Would love to see you make a video on these methods.

queen bee says:

What kind of ink do you use

brenda braun says:

When I went to buy heat press off of your link the price is $279.95 with one year warranty. Double man warranty cost $49.99 !

Monica Lindsey says:

Did you create your tags for your shirts? If so can you tell us how? They’re awesome!

J Tanashi says:


Mic Czar says:

Yooo i like this guy

steven englehart says:

Reyes ty for info is there anywhere to get samples of tee shirt softness to know what brand to buy ,the general public will like

Eloy Ruiz says:

Muchas Gracias x toda la informacion y Q Dios te vendiga

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