This Tiny Printer Uses Zero Ink

HP Sprocket –

This little gadget is called the HP Sprocket. It’s a portable printer capable of instantly printing from either your camera roll or straight from social media. It works with either iPhone or Android.

From the manufacturer –

With the HP Sprocket Photo Printer, print photos from your smartphone or tablet as easily as you post them. Make time with friends more memorable with instantly sharable 2 x 3-inch (5 x 7.6 cm) snapshots or stickers of every fun-filled moment.

This video was sponsored by HP.

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Rockstuff2004 says:


Jack Palumbo says:

I’m the real jack

José Canseco says:

i want that so bad

XR- Neptune says:

Who really is Jack??????????????

Brendan Calina says:

They should start making printers so you don’t have to buy or refill ink every time it runs out. Maybe a way to try to save some money? Ink today is expensive… believe me…

Macaroni Gamer says:

Jack’s a camera?

Martin's Channel says:

jack is the camera lol i thing he is a men lol

raza khan says:

Please send me one I need it

twitchster77 says:

He must need really long naps after doing these videos.
You know…from all the energy he spends moving his arms around.

Manilou Espero says:

how many photos can it print til its broken/wont work anymore? (life of gadget)

ForzaFanLucas says:

I think Jack is a camera

Aleck Maccarone says:

Do you still do some stuff without needing to be sponsored?

Sanane napcan amq says:

this device with zero ink first made by Lg pocket photo

44R0Ndin says:

Cool gadget, but the reason things like this never catch on is the Price Per Print is TOO DAMN HIGH!
If it was cents per print to the consumer, fine. Because it’s not, it’s too expensive to catch on. People will buy one, use it a few times, and it’ll collect dust until found years later. “Oh yeah I remember this useless thing, what was I thinking?”, and in the trash it goes.

I don’t print things because fuck the ink/toner prices. I’ll sooner pay for a bunch of tablets for the purpose of replacing paper entirely, than I will pay $45 for a single black ink cartridge that I’ll get maybe 2-300 pages worth of printing out of.
If you run a business of any kind get a small laser printer that only does B/W print/scan/fax (at most). A color printer’s abilities are wasted when all it is doing is printing out invoices all day.

2953 1640 says:

shish!!!!!!!!T I purchased this yesterday and now I find out thru your video that You cannoT choose images from your iphone gaLLery! ? ! ? NOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Im calling QVC right now for a refund!!!!!!

Jason Esquibel says:

its a Polaroid camera separate from your actual phone or camera

akshay hibare says:

Hello guys …plz anyone could tell is there a same potable printer for a 4 x 6 sized photo,,,,available or not ???

adrian madrid says:

Well Jack is a camera

Mini Gamer says:

Subscride me!

William Cunningham says:

I’ll take the photo. I’ll stick it to the spare tire on my jeep. Deal with it!

That’s cool but how much is the paper?

Eda Eda says:

is jack a CAMERA?! oh great lu……

Gamer2017 Pokemon says:

Jacks a camra

arsinio boka says:

uh uh uh I want it…

kjdnyhmghfvb says:

so its like the 2017 version of a polaroid

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