The iPhone Printer Case

Can we get an ooooh / ahhhh counter for this vid?
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Zella Bee says:

Have you sent it out?

Angel Jimenez says:

not a bad idea imagine being lost out the woods for months yet you can lead traces of these pics and hope someone’s got the app. ehh, still sick

Lado Zhividze says:

I ordered it literally 1 minute after this vid haha 😀

Khaleid Radwi says:

if the paper of the printer finished , where i can buy it again ?

Nehal Ahead says:

it’s like Harry potter

Chidera Ajagu says:


Kubilay Tuncer says:

Would be amazing if you didn’t need the printer. The memory video is a cool idea on itself. Just make a picture with your iPhone. Print it with a regular photo printer. And when you scan it with your phone you can see a video play in the photo.

KK Malik says:


tcewe leo says:

reminds me of my dead iphone

Amy Snow says:

That is really cool

Hamis Industries says:

you could already do this with the gameboy. only more awesome

Tet Kagamine says:

now nintendo has a competitor xD

HUXLEY says:

WTF, that amazing printer photo!!

Jamie Rimmer says:

Send it to me plz

Philip Petersen says:

Even This isnt clickbait

Maha Khan says:

can u do give awaya an iphone and this prynter

Luca Cavaliere says:

I need this



BestGamer Boy says:

android phone works?????

Logan Knots says:

You should do a review on the goat drown from goat case and maybe even one of there cases there so cool

Trilla Gorilla Production says:


Poland syndrome bodybuilding says:

paper ain’t cheap

Jeremy Dale says:

the video thing can be real useful as away to sneak messages to people, in terms of spying

Nikhil Balakrishnan says:

omg love this thing! and my friend I jus love your presentation it’s really nice to watch your videos.

Jungkook is Bae says:

Omg! I remember when I saw this on TV!

Noah Davey says:

I want this

sosa lopez says:


logan emery says:

The Iphone Polaroid Case (alternate title?)

Mohamed Osama says:

finally something REALLY cool on Unbox Therapy,
non of the other stupid bullshit
you know what I’m talking about lew

Huy Quang says:

sh*i, i want to buy it already !

Ciaran Fortune says:

oh my god 🙂 I’m getting one right now 🙂

Leendert de Hollander says:

did he say “no ink”?

Jake Winstead says:

Lol who else is watching this a year later in 4K, i am

Alyssa Garcia says:

That’s cool

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