Should you Back the OLO Smartphone 3D Printer?

I wanted to get this video up quickly to share my thoughts with my viewers on this popular Kickstarter Project.

Please remember that kickstarter pledges are not the same as pre-ordering a product, and that as always everything in this video is my own opinion. 🙂

Here’s the link to the OLO Kickstarter Campaign –

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Paul Braddock says:

Just thought I’d mention, a few resin manufacturers, now have water washable resin available, though I haven’t seen anything from the OLO to suggest that’s what it uses.

K Mcleod says:

Thought this was real…another scam just like those reality goggles from Italy….smh

PrintAworld-3D Printing Service says:

I am not going to put my phone even close to my sla machine. It is a joke just have the resin top on the phone.

btw, what happened if someone call the phone during the printing?

The Werewolf says:

I think these are all quite reasonable concerns.
I did back this one mainly because it was a relatively small amount of money. The resin issue is the big one – but there is a new generation of UV curable resins already retail. Check out Bondic, for example – and there are several toy ‘cold’ 3D pens out now that use the same technique.
I’ve used Bondic and it works. It’s basically a plastic goo that’s fairly liquid that starts to set up as soon as it’s exposed to light and gets a bit thicker – then you shine the included UV flash on it and it hardens up quickly… and requires no post-processing. It’s definitely not air-cure – if you don’t expose it to UV light, it doesn’t set up.
That being said – they use UV to cure the resin – not visible freq light, so hard to say one way or another.

xlioilx says:

You could use your old phone to do the prints with.. or a cheap walmart burner smart phone for $40

MikeOnTheBox says:

Did people got it? Any Youtube videos about it, hard to find any…

Marty Walser says:

Thank you for this information.

New Nuu64 says:

Wait, how is the printer connected to the phone? Doesn’t the printer need to know how and when to move the platform?

Dynamic Balancing says:

Great video! A bit too late for me to see it though.
The printer is not delivered yet and I am still waiting… Hope they will make it real soon. 🙂

ABYX says:

Like the Cicret Braclet

hukdon says:

photocentric3d makes daylight resin that is cured using a LCD screen. The tech is there but the olo? Who knows…

Vishal Pai says:

You are going to be a hero ! Be prepared for TV appearances in 8 months time!

JustAustin711 says:

They did recently get this patented for when you put your phone in the printer it won’t affect your phone, and there prints take 30 mins to 4-5 hours
(also resin is about $15 per bottle)

VampCaff says:

keep speaking the truth bud! you’re gonna save a lot of people their hard earned money

Matthew Ng says:

The way i see it, when you support a kick starter, you dont support a guarantee successful product or even a working product, but support an idea. Their first product maybe a flop, but its the idea that may live on, whether if its through that company or another.

Sunders says:

i am steering away from kickstarter, the delivery dates are not even close to what people say. have put money on 2 and nothing came out of it.

David Del Castillo says:

Good feedback. Keep u p the good work. FYI I ordered the Trinus 3d printer-they say Sept 2016 is delivery. But you had a working model to test so I hope they make it.

M. Vanderhellen says:

A year later they don’t deliver. The kickstarter project started under the name OLO. Now they call themselves ONO. I’m afraid that could be two different shoes.

Michael Borden says:

You’re amazing. You think of things I don’t have the time to think of. Keep it up, I’m a fan!!!

magaiver says:

can you do an update on your video on why or why not and where your assumptions were correct or over thought out.

diegofloor says:

They should just replace the smartphone with a built-in solution. If it weren’t for that detail I would be welcoming cheaper resin based 3d printers.

Jarrad McDonald says:

so the updates ended in august on the Kickstarter and I can’t find any videos or info on it after august so… was this a scam?! also, they changed the name to ONO.

BJM Graphics says:

Small print but the printer will have superior quality compare to FDM bassed printers. $100 is an attractive price and you can print a 5-inch figure laying down. I won’t back it but wait till prime time sales.

FedeIMkun says:

its OLO the same as the ONO 3d printer?

Vishal Pai says:

Great video mate !
Most people who are backing the printer are first timers on Kickstarter. I can see a string of lawsuits coming in once the project fails.There is one pretty evident give to show the project is a sham.All the demo prints are in the same resin color as the current DLP printers on the market ! No blue/green/red colors ! I have seen plenty of Kickstarter 3d Printer projects fail but this will probably be the biggest one!

Илья Каменев says:

больше слов меньше результата я то думал будет большее

Simon Potra says:

already pre ordered it hope its ok

bobo mg says:

how to buy ?

Bondy says:

What about OLO style 3D Printer for iPads and Tablet devices in general ?

You can print over night so the phone access argument is null. It would probably work better in the dark anyway. Other points raised have some validity. The power of the phone screen to set the resin seems like a big issue.

omar el curioso says:


Byron Pratt says:

Ok now what happens when not all the resin is used? Dump it in the sink or something?

DarkNight Studio says:

This is maybe not related but it’s like the games on there I see on that was 5000 for trailer and demo. all they have is fancy veur good art work in my view I never back anything and less it has demo and real prototype

Victor Sun says:

It’s hard to be achieved, the resin 3D printer need a collimated light to project a clear shape on the surface of resin, but all screen on smart phone emit scattered light, I test if the surface 1.2mm away from the screen of smart phone, the shape is blurry very much.
The conclusion is: the ONO (OLO) is not achievable, except you change the back light with collimated (Like LCD 3D printer), or use lens to project the screen on the resin(Like DLP 3D printer).
I wondering that the creator never built a working prototype.
TRY: insert anti-spy film between screen and resin, this may help.

NEARest Galaxy Communications says:

Great points…great video! Thank you. 🙂

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