REVIEW: Polaroid Zip Instant Printer (Zink/Bluetooth/NFC)

The Polaroid Zip Instant Printer is the updated version of the PoGo printer – which was released a few years back. The Zip still prints 2″X3″ waterproof zero-ink photos, but adds a more attractive design and NFC support. Find out in this official video review if our editors were impressed with the Zip…

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SarahSince1986 says:

Jeez does this guy take a breath?! Talks way to fast.

hadley says:

is there a polaroid frame? or can you not have a polaroid themed pic at all?

Floral Molly says:

Can you print them like Polaroids

Jeiel Alonzo says:

Does it need ink or something to change ?

Steffi P says:

Great review and tutorial. Thanks!

usvakari says:

Can u use Samsung s6 oh with this printer

wendythepooh says:

thanks for review. now i know what’s the major different with the pogo and zip …..usb..can’t connect to camera..that’s what I prefer instead. I don’t always take pictures with phone. thanks a million.

Unique Roane says:

the polariod says it’s paired but I keep getting Unable to connect slected printer. Do you have a telephone number for tech support?

Liam Healy says:

To me, these printers make sense for scrap booking, when you’re not looking for extreme resolution


looks neat, but 2×3″ is a little small, and not a traditional ratio.
While 3:2 is the ratio used by most DSLR’s, 5:4 is well known for the 8×10″, and even Instagram uses it now. I think the slightly larger 4×5″ would have been better.

RancherBabe says:

Great for teens.

Mikey Y says:

It’s so much smaller?

NalaLana123 says:

Can you make a password to connect to the printer or can anyone connect whenever they want?

Konayo says:

“pretty quiet”

maegon last says:

does it connect to a nokia lumia ?


you need to zoom out a bit and move slower

Keith Hurley says:

Am I the only god dam fucking cunting human on this stupid god dam fucking piece of shit of a planet having problems with this fucking ridiculous piece of shit!!!!!????? It is refusing to print for me for no god dam reason! FFUUUUUUHHHK THIS SHIIIIIIT

Deputy says:

where can i buy it on philippines? is it avalaible in lazada?

Victor Scatolin says:

we have to replace ink or something like that? I’m from Brazil, and I don’t speak english very well..
Thanks for your help!

thpsycho says:

for the compatable app. Does it have a function for you to include a QR code that can a link to your social network ?
and is there only one type of paper (with the peel-able sticker?)

MrShAdy24 says:

Great review thank you

Uce Supreme says:

can you still print while the device is being charged? how long does the device take to charge?

Dan García says:

You talk to bloody much and don’t get to the bloody point, could of made this video in 1 minute with the idea!!

Tommyavi says:

mmm…I see stains in the photo…how can you be willing to buy this for 150 euros…

Ajay Nadar says:

i thought he is going to paste on the printer.

Dahlia Lovely says:

What’s that app

Charles M says:

how is the quality?does it fade fast?

Mark Porras says:

Has anyone been having a problem with the printer shutting down in the middle of a print???

Roger Segedahl says:

the only complaint I have is that it can’t handle larger images 10mb +         (Instax Share does)

Janice Richardson says:

Great review!!

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