REVIEW ~ Polaroid Zip Instant Mobile Printer

Polaroid’s latest photographical advancement is the Zip, the instant printer. It’s the size of your phone and wirelessly prints photos in less than a minute. Zip uses ZINK paper that contains dye crystals which are activated upon printing. No ink. No toner. And it’s EASY to use!! Check out our video.

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julie says:

Thanks for this review! Very helpful (: is there a way to print without the sticky side?

Anjali Popli says:

Would you recommend this or an actual photo printer that prints bigger pictures?

Ayessa Canarecio says:

Is there any kind of paper for the printer? Is it only the zink paper?

Signing Simmer says:

I have a different app and it doesn’t let me do collages

Zahraa Asaad says:

Im going to buy this right now

HaileyLove11 says:

great review, thank you

Anjali Popli says:

Which is better? An actual polaroid camera or this printer?

Stuart James says:

the only reason the photo is darker than the phone screen is down to your screen brightness setting also ambient light where you are as a photo will also look darker in not so good light compared to good light

shan says:

does this also work for android phones too?

Dees Kooiman says:

i love it!

Peggy Smith says:

Thanks so much, I haven’t used my printer for awhile and forgot a few steps. Your video was very helpful!!

Mateo says:

Hey I really enjoyed this video keep it up 🙂

Vonetta D says:

Thanks for the review – this is a cute way to share pics and add to greeting cards for the holidays.

Simon Moore says:

Its a cool device, but the paper costs a bit you have to shop around. Try to make sure you print things 10% brighter as the picture always comes out darker then you think from the picture viewer.

Veronica Peiffer says:

Have you experienced any problems with the app? Depending on the photo I choose it will stop working on me.

ian hayes says:

how long will the photos last like dose the ink start to fade after a few mouths or if you leave them In a hot place for too long will the colors start to mess up or will these photos survive for years

Christianna Parr says:

What happens when you print a picture that isn’t amazing quality? All the pictures your printed seemed to be really good quality.

StudioBAS says:

Thanks for the great review! I’m thinking of getting a pocket photo printer for Christmas and this video really helped!

Maddie DeBernardi says:

I just bought this printer and the quality is horrible!! super pixelated and colours are so off. I dont understand how yours are coming out so clear. I tried it with my iphone5 and 7, made no difference

Lon Bak says:

Does it work with samsung galaxy note ll ?

HouseScraper says:

I just bought the Zink happy plus however I am loving this Polaroid printer great video

Signing Simmer says:

Please answer

xheyitsamyx says:

I got this today for Christmas merry Xmas

Kimberly Sanchez says:

I really very recommended this Polaroid ZIP Mobile Printer w/ZINK Zero Ink Printing Technology – Compatible w/iOS & Android Devices. Sending your photos to the mobile printer is super easy. Simply connect your iOS or Android smartphones, tablets and other devices over Bluetooth or NFC, and print wirelessly from anywhere within range. Find more unbiased reviews and get cheapest prices in US :

Jayla Sims says:

So after it prints the blue sheet out you don’t insert it again?

Amal Saleh says:

Do you need ink for this ?

Seline Li says:

when you print the photos, do they have still the same size than you check the print preview before?

Signing Simmer says:

What app is that?

Cloud Candy says:

Hello may I know how many prints can the Polaroid zip print before the battery dies?

bAWSM says:

Nice, but so damn expensive for what it is!

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