Review: Canon PIXMA iP100 Mobile Printer


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In this video, I review the Canon PIXMA iP100 Mobile Printer. Check it out.


Ying Lin says:

Speak really fast cannot follow up. Any new update for the PIXMA iP110? Anyone has ever used this carrying case for the PIXMA iP110?

GamerBrian81 says:

Please talk slower.

M Hatta says:

good informatio tq…

shubham saxena says:

how to make printer

Tan Phong Huynh says:

how do i connect it via bluetooth with my iphone ? or Mac ?

Panagis Voutsinas says:

One of the best reviews of a product I’ve come across. Nice work. Cool that you shows text vs full image printing speed and quality. Try to review the Epson WF-100. All the reviews online are pretty weak.

荒野 says:

so fast, difficult to fully understand.

expat2010 says:

Great review, but would be better yet if you slowed down 20% 🙂

goaliedude32 says:

it’s a video. watch it again, i got it the first time.

Rich Link says:

Cool video, straight to the point !  Soldier On Bro !  Haha !

Nordin says:


RossBoss says:

so get windows you materialistic pretentious idiot.

kirby march Barcena says:

The only problem I noticed with this printer is that the ink is drained faster than the other portable printers.

Troy Davidson says:

Awesome video man. =0)

AnonymousEnigma says:

Wow. That is one fast-talking, non-stop dude. The whole review in like 3 very long words.

Capo_Di Tuti_Capi says:

Brother, How do i connect my ip100 to my router ?

Winston Stewart says:

DUDE! SLOW DOWN! An excellent review, but I’m exhausted from how fast you were talking.

Sam Larsen says:

I like the just facts approach delivered with speed. What’s not to like?

Robert W says:

… fast talker!

Daan Handgraaf says:

Damn you talk fast haha

Emma Swainston says:

Excellent vid! Does anyone know if this printer would manage to print onto pre-scored card?

seanmothoin says:

Could we have this again  in English ?, and speak at an intelligent speed ,  do you seriously expect anyone to understand what  you are saying , when you are talking like you are  running a 100 metre race !!

Phukan Rabha says:

Good night everyone

Rajuoo. Konamalai says:

good one

baddy Mine says:

slow cowboy how you do that very fast talking while introducing product? hehehehehe great!

Jill hanson says:

Thank you for your service! I appreciate it. Thank you for the info, im considering this one now

Nona Ida says:

Its $99 on the Canon Website…not bad

zeebaysnk king says:

wish it could scan

Simon M Bush says:

Good review, I’m seriously considering this printer, that was helpful.
Man, that was fast talking. I think that was faster than the credits roll on an old TV program! haha!  Good though 🙂

kugre101 says:

SoldierKnowsBest I usually have to print on papers that has a size of 8.5×13 inches and not on the “regular” paper that has measurement of 8.5×11 inches. Can this printer print on 8.5×13 in. paper?

2wheel tv says:

you forgot to show where the Bluetooth goes. on the power side hidden panel

Nick Clark says:

I like his speed. Wastes less time getting the info.

Chard Narido says:

fastest mouth in the west!!

Louis Feiten says:

Good information; You got it all going for you…but dont tell me at 100mph. Slow down

ColGadarby says:

Very good review – but mate – friggin slow down – sounds like you’re on speed or something…

Seb D says:

bootcamp it

Wesley Henry says:

what do think of HP / Hewlett Packard Officejet 100 Mobile Color Inkjet Printer ?

kidecchi says:

is this inkless?

john fries says:

Because he’s not giving just the facts. He is giving an opinionated review. And it’s almost impossible to hear more than 70% of what he’s saying. Reminds me of getting instructions at boot camp.

TechPimp says:

Where can i buy the bluetooth adapter and will it work with Android and ipad to print from a website? What the part # so i can look it up?

Cameras&Photos says:

This is a perfect printer if you travel frequently and need high quality print output on the road. This is a great example of minimalist engineering and it fits in a small laptop case that I had on hand.

here is the link to it in case anyone is interested:amzn.to139RHCU

Diego Ruiz says:

Thank you for getting to the point and being thorough and touching on all the points that are actual vital to someone searching for a mobile-printing solution.

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