Quick Review – Fujifilm Instax Share SP-2 Film Printer

Film is definitely not dead!
The Fuji Instax Share SP-2 lets you make actual chemical prints of your photos, film scans, Instagram posts or what have you. Loving this printer a lot!
You can buy it here:
Fujifilm Instax Share SP-2,
Instax Mini Film Color,
Instax Monochrome Film,

Film developing tutorial: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kp8cACHz_Og

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i am Manileño says:

Does photos printed fades overtime?

Mina dapengu says:

Can someone tell me, How much is this? I really want to buy one.

Dudeius Mannigast says:

Shortcut for all of us Sony camera users… Step 1: transfer pics to your phone or tablet.
Step 2: use app to print those photos

Johannes Stricker says:

Nice review Mattias, as usual. Did you swap your black X70 for a silver one?

Noah Hughes says:

You have such a nice voice!

matty9460 says:

looks really cool, and not just gimmicky

RudyMartinezNYC says:

I love this little thing! Just got it two days ago even though I was convinced I was gonna pick up the polaroid zip instead. The Instax just looks so much bigger in the videos but when I went in the store I was surprised that it actually fit in my pocket! Also have the x70 so I can skip the phone entirely. Now is the hard part: taking pictures at least half as good as yours 😛

Question: does the monochrome film have more dynamic range? I bought one pack of it to try it out, but I’m in the middle of a color pack. And have you tried switching film packs before it’s finished without exposing the top sheet?

EposVox says:


Younes BS says:

hej Mattias, jag såg att nästan alla dina bilder är tagna Stockholm och att du bor nära vattnet. Skulle du kunna säga var du bor är du snäll, jag har svårt att förstå var det liger. superbra video btw.

Valentin Rodriguez says:

Can it print from a PC while connected via USB?

Roger Segedahl says:

En utmärkt liten printer det där.
Hade första modellen med men denna är bättre.
Tetsade monochromefilmen men den är sämre än den vanliga så det är smartare an köra svartvitt
på vanliga filmen.
Gott nytt år!

Tim van Rooyen says:

I have the sp1 (older model) and I have never been very happy with the quality of the output. The prints always seem soft even when the source image is pin sharp. Are the pictures from the sp2 sharp?

Johnny Lovv says:

what fuji cam younuse?

philipe mourao says:

I just thought the prints are too small

Andrea M says:

I wish they made it with Wide film…. the Mini is too small

hella.gay. 97 says:

bought this for $149.99 with free shipping and $0.00 tax with the link you provided. got the printer and 10 films. kinda pricey since i’m a college student and working part time at the moment. let’s hope the site is truly 100% legit and doesn’t screw me around.

Joe Lopez says:

Great info and enjoyable to watch. I recently subscribed to your channel, your content certainly stands out. Thank you.

wardah chaniifaa says:

Wowo I see

Kiari Star says:

Is it possible to print from an IOS tablet?

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