Quick Look at Polaroid PoGo Bluetooth Printer

Quick look at thee Polaroid PoGo Wireless Photo Printer thatt easily prints photos from cell phones, laptops and digital cameras

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Faeyla says:

How long does the battery last when its not charging?

bryce995 says:

@GearBuyersGuide oh my gosh lolz could it work with a samsung gravity 4 it does have blue tuth and if it does work for that whare can i buy one and how much thanks ive been working so hard to find one but i cand and this one looks like its the one

Gear Websites says:


never used it on battery only long enough to drain them.. just a few prints here and there

Gear Websites says:


It’s bluetooth, so any BT device would work I assume

These are around $30

NegativeEffect says:

I had one. İf you want to print color picture. Dont buy like this. I dont definitlley suggest. You only can use it as hoby not a real photo printer. it cant printer photo full quality.

Ambrose Emerson says:

can you print things directly from a DSLR through the use of a cord?

lifehackertips says:

@MikeLoff95 no it does not work with the iphone. google it.

NegativeEffect says:

nothing is wrong with my english.

bryce995 says:

@GearBuyersGuide aww thanks man this will make a great x mas gift hehe

adriana coronado says:

do u need to buy ink for the pogo printer??

Mrcaffinebean says:

$35! Wow pretty cheap. I bet they get you with the ink though.

Gear Websites says:


Nope, at least mothing intentional. I could swear it couldn’t zoom, but the other day I figured out how to make it zoom.. so perhaps there have been updates or something in the background .. else I just never noticed that

I assume you already have it set to highest resolution?

Atreid3s says:

Yeah, set on highest quality. I think maybe it just needs super good lighting to take a good pic. How did you zoom? I haven’t found that yet either, just got it a couple weeks ago.

lifehackertips says:

@epignosis567 Incorrect. It is bluetooth only from cellphone and PC. It is USB when using a PictBridge-enabled camera.

But you are correct that you can NOT hook this printer to a PC using USB.

Thomas Jones says:

How long did it last for you? Are you still using it?

David Fredlein says:

@shampoovta if you have a digital camera or SLR that connects to your computer by USB you can print if from the pogo using the USB port. 🙂

Gene Kelly says:

Anyone know where to buy a battery for this?

sonyfxi says:

one more question, where did u buy for $35?

T-AKE THATs Other Channel says:

oh i take two or twins

Gear Websites says:


To zoom, just double tap the screen

Gear Websites says:



Yasen Petrov says:


Gear Websites says:


nothing to install .. just sync the devices and print

kelley davis says:

That thing is 35$?? That is cool. I don’t have anything it would work with but I know people who do. Like my sons B-Day!

kouan ton says:

hi guys i need help i lost the bluetooth code does it the same with all the polaroid?what was your?

DOS Fox says:

and you cant use proper English

Danny Juarez says:

do you know the name of the charger? i lost it years ago and i need to use it again

sonyfxi says:

Can it print while plugged into the wall? I noticed the power cable attached

Atreid3s says:

Have you done anything to your droid to make the pictures it takes better? Mine always seem to come out really grainy and a bit out of focus.

Clarisse Pelaez says:

” I guess its a pogo” haha 🙂

entyceit says:

oooh printing money @ 2:10 I’m calling the feds.

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