Printing smartphone photos with the FujiFilm Instax Share SP-2 Printer demo

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A short tutorial on the new features and look of the FujiFilm Instax Share SP-2 printer. Such a fun + great new tool!

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Raye Raye says:

How about the ink? Do I still have to worry loss of inks? Thank you 🙂

Bob Dannhauser says:

So Kelly when you use the real time template are you able to save the photo and information on it to be printed later or do you have to print it right away. When I did this on my iPhone i didn’t see any way to save the photo. It would be nice if you could take a bunch of photos then print them all later. Your video was great!

Janet Dang says:

Does anyone know how to use the real time template? After taking the picture when i go back to connect to the instax wifi. I go back into the app and lose the real time template picture that I have taken.

Erandy Balboa says:

I been eyeing the previous version for a while saving money for it, was about to order it when I saw your video and WOW the new version looks better, I Just order mine from best Buy. Thank you for showing it! Love your photos too. Did you use a special app on your iPhone to take them? Mine don’t look as nice as yours.

Faustine Salas says:

Hi, do you have any problem with the borders to not develop? My prints always have white-ish undevelop borders. Do you think it’s my unit or is it natural? I already tried multiple packs and everyone of them have these white-ish borders which makes black photos look err.

Maianh Truong says:

so which one is better?

AndreaSlays says:

do u need a specific film for the sp-2? Or u could just use those films they use in polaroid? And how bout the inks? Dont they ran out? Sorry, im kinda getting myself one

Mike Winifred says:

Hi Kelly and Everyone, nice videos. I have a Sp-2 and I get “light-leak” like streaks on the longer edges of the prints . Interestingly, I did not see those streaks on the Sp-1 print. Do you think is it something I need to send the printer out for repair? Thanks.

Richard Burton says:

Excellent demo. Very comprehensive. I already have a Polaroid Zip but the colour and resolution of the Instax prints look much better. Maybe I should give it a try.

allyourfavouritegayships says:

you know I’ll be over here just printing out pictures of Dylan O’brien

DaileyScrapper says:

Thank you so much. I love it.. I might have to get one. lol 🙂

BlisteringBarnacle 714 says:

so happy; gonna get this on bday 😀

Craftygirl 89 says:

I need that. ❤

Jessica Upton says:

So fun! I think you sold me on this printer. I had been thinking about the original for a bit. I clicked to look at it and it says on Amazon it isn’t available for 1-2 months. Boo. Maybe a good Christmas gift for my almost 15 year old. Do you know anywhere else it is available…sooner maybe?

Chivas Amazona says:

Any smart phone other than iphone can be used right?

Jaqueline Hernandez says:

can u reprint 100 photos

Iveta Zeithamlová says:

I am just not sure, if the pictures aren’t really small. I have been thinking about instant camera first. Then I discovered this little printer. The only thing as I said I am still just thinking about is the size of the photos.

Jessica Upton says:

Kelly, ignore my comment below, or maybe it is above. I don’t know! It is available now on Amazon in silver, just not gold. 😉

Coffeeplse says:

tfs, now I Need this!

Paula Z says:

Hi Kelly!!
I’ve just discovered your channel and I’m so happy!! I really wish youtube had shown you in my suggestions before since I love anything that has to do with stationary, journals or traveling
Please keep up the good work because the channel is amazing
P.S I love you iPhone case where is it from? <3 <3 <3
Much love from Spain

Michelle Hickey says:

Thanks for sharing this because I was looking at buying the Polaroid printer but now may check into this now…love the features and the cool paper you can purchase for a different background look…

AndreaSlays says:

do u need a specific film for the sp-2? Or u could just use those films they use in polaroid? And how bout the inks? Dont they ran out? Sorry, im kinda getting myself one

pinkpink439 says:

Can you share your scrapbook?

Marjorie Dillard says:

I love your pics

AlphaMikeOne says:

How much is the film

Myra Saviera says:

Great video!! Thanks for sharing the information and make this amazing demo 🙂

xgaoeyx says:

Do you have to use the Wifi, is there a Bluetooth for the printer? I have a polaroid camera that use Bluetooth that is much easier to connect.

Melissa says:

i sold my camera.. so now i should have this one 🙂

Bethany Taylor says:

your polaroids look so cool and funky ilysm ❤

vampyrenz says:

Is the sp2 and mini 8 have the same film? 🙂

StellaAndHenley says:

will it work with windows phone? like nokia lumia?

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