Polaroid ZIP Mobile Printer vs Fujifilm INSTAX SHARE SP-2 Printer

Fujifilm INSTAX SHARE SP-2: http://amzn.to/2cGhbEz
Fujifilm INSTAX Mini Instant Film Pack: http://amzn.to/2cx7Ziq

Polaroid ZIP Mobile Printer: http://amzn.to/2erwUYo
Polaroid ZIP Zink Photo Paper: http://amzn.to/2e8zmT6

Polaroid Mobile Printer vs Fijifulm Mobile Printer. Which one is better and faster. In this video we take a look at the two leading mobile photo printers on Amazon.

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Андрей Набатов says:


The Photo Booth Chick says:

Wait 11:55… We don’t print and give out photos these days? We text message them only? Watch your mouth! My clients wants 4×6 or 2×6 strips when they hire me… LOL! 11:55

Text photos to the smart phones? Yea, we offer that too!

Adam Boismier says:

“I looked online to find out which one was better, and nobody had that great of an answer” – I can’t agree more! I’ve doing research off and on for the past week on these printers and haven’t made much progress in terms of deciding which one to get my girlfriend for her birthday. This video was much more helpful!! Thank you 🙂

G.E. Kindred III says:

Hands down the polaroid zip wins the instax is monochrome looking not good

Carol Yu says:

Can you do a comparison between this Polaroid printer, the hp sprocket and the LG mobile printer? They are so similar in specs and I don’t know which one to go for. I want one for holidays and parties.

Luna Love says:

polorid border or none
instax just porder
p-stcker paper
i-no sticker paper

YurkoKurko says:

The Polaroid Zinc paper are actually sticker paper so you can stick them anywhere ☺

Hanhy Yoon says:

where is the photo of the comparison on your instagram? couldnt find it…

hayleyfrtnr says:

Thank you for doing this review, it was exactly what I was looking for! Like you, I couldn’t find adequate reviews on either printer, and especially not good side by side comparisons. Simply knowing that the instax connects using wifi instead of bluetooth to connect, is enough of a reason for me to get the polaroid, which I was already leaning towards. Subscribed so I can watch out for your latest videos!

andee tea says:

weekend shoes?

kissesfrme says:

Go for instax. I returned my polaroid zip, i couldn’t see the image in polaroid in dim environment.

Charisma says:

Polaroid is much better

Afiq Ab Rahman says:

the overhead camera is a little bit off centre Jerad.

Heike Kaufhold says:

Thanks for the video. There are some things I miss: the real close up of both prints, and I even checked instagram and klicked away but could not find it. And when it comes to mobile printing, I mean you really need those when traveling or being in the road, i need to see the whole equipment. How big and heavy is the charger? And how many prints can you print with one charged battery? That would have been nice to know…

Anthissia Reyes says:

hi I’m experiencing some lines (blue) on my photo did that happen to yours ?

Ebru Arslan says:

Thanks for this video. Iˋm gonna buy the Polaroid

Gary Dumbauld says:

Did you mention the Polaroid paper has a peel-off back which leaves you with a sticker-style photo that you could put in a journal or a greeting card?

Carolyn Durbin says:

I’ve been trying to decide between these two printers and this video helped me decide. Thank you!

Yailene Torres says:

I got this photo printer and paper got stuck. Please help!!! Thank you

The Photo Booth Chick says:

Wait 10:09…. Most photo booths are printing great quality images from a Dslr, PC, and a $800 dye sub. So watch your mouth! LOL!!! 10:09

Grat video!

Tar Snake says:

Just a little constructive criticism: I liked the video overall but you must have said UHH or UMM after every few words. Just something to try and keep an eye on.

Jessica Munoz says:

I returned my Polaroid printer. The paper kept curling up some on the edge and the printer wouldn’t recognize that there was still paper inside. Gonna try and purchase an instax and see if I have better luck.

Ron Jenner says:

Thanks i know witch to buy! The Polaroid !

Matthew Fortner says:

No comparison upload?

pesto12601 says:

10:57… the answer…. Polaroid.. you are welcome…
11:10… nice x-ray green/blue/white screen effect…. remember next time … you are using green screen!!!

Jim Carigga says:

Hold up. I was expecting to see the pictures side-by-side on the whole video and did not see that. Did i miss it???

xibecaire says:

Which has better photographic quality?

Brad Primmer says:


Craig Volpe says:

One other thing that’s worth mentioning is the Instax can print directly from certain Fuji cameras rather than having to go camera > phone > printer. Pretty nice for traveling photographers who want to quickly give a print to someone.

Rockson Essah says:

Please am so wonder why you published this selphy phone or mobil printer and am so appreciate for what you are doing keep it up and God bless you.

Gary Dumbauld says:

Move the overhead camera to over your shoulder so we can actually see you using the apps please.

Daniel Vazquez says:

Awesome review! Thanks man !

My favorite Mittens says:

I looked and I see no comparison photo on Instagram

See Nomore says:


Karen Doan says:

Can you use the Instax paper with the Polaroid zip printer?

Marjorie Dillard says:

I like both

Marjorie Dillard says:

Polaroid printer better

Craig Volpe says:

How many sheets of paper can the ZIP printer hold? Can it print with templates, such as a logo, your signature, or a caption? You mentioned you decided to keep the ZIP in the end – are you at all interested in selling your SP-2?

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