Polaroid SNAP Touch Unboxing|Testing|Printing from Smartphone

This is an unboxing video of Polaroid Snap Touch Instant Digital Camera. In addition to unboxing the video includes: loading of ZINK photo paper, presentation of touchscreen menu, taking photo, printing photo and printing photo from smartphone using android application.

0:00:00 – Unboxing of Polaroid Snap Touch camera and the included accessories
0:02:10 – Loading ZINK photo paper
0:02:58 – Touch screen menu presentation
0:03:32 – Capture and print photo
0:05:10 – Printing using a smartphone


cedarsmedical center says:

How would you rate the quality of the photo from 1-10?.. 10 being the highest and 1 as the lowest.. Because colors mean so much with every photo. Thank you!

Miku Hatsune says:

The bad thing about this is that it don’t looks really like 2018 or 2017 and the colors aren’t that good. They have a bad quality and the panel of the polaroid looks like a Nokia.


Is it worth it? It looks fun but i think i like the polaroid one strp 2 more

Rylie Reents says:

This reminds me of a ds

A Heir says:

Ooh lala

Vaidehi Salve says:

From where uh had taken

Dhruv mix says:

Buy link please

kimberly studio says:

How to get a Zink paper if it is gone?

John Ashley Pural says:

is this available for retail? hm will it be?

Gracia Putri says:

Did it need some ink?

Park Jiminie says:


i love you says:

how much?

Sabeena Yasmeen says:

yr kha s milega ye plz tell

Nayla Zhafirah Lahay says:

dobe jo le te be nau

Clariza Segundo says:

How much?

SAY WAA aw hell naww says:

Are youa ble to download it to your smartphone?

Ky Hyward says:

wow.. this is interesting.. i wanna buy it

Josephine Nyomanto says:

Better than instax!

v i v i says:

Woaaaah.. keren sih inii

Imam satrio liggaut says:

K itu warnanya pake apa

Farah Najiha says:

How much it is

Kitty says:

The quality of the prints feels nostalgic, like pictures my parents would take of me when i was a baby. So because of that and its quick i’ll probs purchase it. Ty for this video.


How much is it?

Keat Lareine says:

H m ?

CrazyLifeOfAlexa #Chalot/LexiMhel says:

The Arrows are Facing Down where the Text are i cant understan where is which

alliyah kate lacson says:

Do you even need to buy an ink for it so that it can print?? Can someone answer me? I really wanted to buy one…

Khaty Zakyla says:

berapa harganya tuh anjir

Isabella Hdz says:


a SweetApple says:

Hear this camera sucks
But idk

Ky Hyward says:

wow.. i love this camera .

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