My Top 10 Tips for Using the KiiPix! + Unboxing| EBONI + IVORY

Unboxing the KiiPix plus my top 10 tips for getting the most out of the KiiPix!

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PS. Sorry for all the random changing of lighting! I tried to colour correct the horrible lighting I had because of the rain!!

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Natalie Jeal says:

Does it matter on the size of the phone I have quite a large phone

Kitty Vu says:

Would it help if you use the KiiPix in a pitch dark room?

erica danielsen says:

Me and my daughter tried this and the photo has lines all over it?

Kaitlyn Giraud says:

you are so cute!!! You’re voice is so relaxing 🙂

Parnit S says:

this was the cutest tech review i’ve ever come across hahaha you should do more of these things which excite you! 🙂

Thelma Plays Roblox says:

You sound like Talisa tossell

Emma Ray says:

I got my kiipix for Christmas and I was so excited because I’ve wanted one since the first time I heard of it.However,no matter how high or low my brightness of my phone or the picture,or what picture it is it comes out dark,or the faces of the people r so white u can’t even see them.Any tips for helping it not be too dark?

Kailees Poetry says:

Would an iPod 6 work?

Bella Andrade says:

I was just wondering how many photos do i get with this

Katie Dominguez says:

Would it work on an IPhone 7 plus

Andre B says:

Does it come with film or do I have to buy it?

Carolyn Rosser says:

Would this work with a digital camera do you think?

Bethany Borders says:

Does anyone know – can you remove a partially used cartridge of film and then use another cartridge and then go back to the original cartridge with out messing up the film . I bought my daughter the film that is decorated around the edges, so wondering if you can go from one cartridge to another and back again to mix up the decorated edges

Gigii D says:

I can’t find help anywhere… every photo I take comes out completely black… Not even the slightest image comes out. I’ve tried everything not sure what I’m doing wrong? Quite upset about it…. I turn up the brightness, I adjust the brightness of the photo itself, I tried these tips too. Sigh.

riya says:

if your phone screen was cracked, would that change anything?

Natalie Sanchez says:

How do you avoid getting dark pictures. I have my brightness all the way high..and still comes out dark :/

simplyxbea says:

loved this ! <3

Katie Powell says:

Glad it uses instax mini film as I have a few boxes of them !!!

elegant pjm says:

How much is it???

Lisasasa says:

Would this work on android phones too?

Bella Hibbs says:

wow this is so cool, I have never heard of it before !

Jermiell Gonzales says:

thanks for this ♡♡♡ can’t wait to get my kiipix ♡♡♡♡♡

Karia Dvorak says:

Would having cracks in your phone effect the results?

mariannsmith83 says:

Hi, my pics come out with white stripes on them 🙁


Would an iPhone 7 work

Roscoe is my dog says:

You said to leave it face down for 45 seconds, I thought one might’ve shaken the photo while it’s developing

Oleksandra Bolotska says:

Every time I make a Polaroid I get strips on it, do you know what can help against it?

Nessie ! says:

Just got my kiipix today (pink as well haha!!) and these tips were definitely useful. I swear by tip 1&4!!

Boosk Paterna says:

This was helpful and plus you soo pretty I subscribed

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