My Favorite Pocket Photo Printers!

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You all have been asking for a review on the portable printers I love, and here it is! Let me know what you think in the comments. All links are below including an amazing deal on Instax film!

• Instax Share SP2  ——
• Best Deal on Instax Film  ——
• HP Sprocket Pocket Printer  ——
• Zink Sticker Photo Paper  ——


SHOT ON Canon G7X – and edited with iMovie

Amy Tangerine
10736 Jefferson Blvd
Culver City, CA 90230

FTC: This video is NOT sponsored.


Sylerim S says:

With the instax printer, do you have to buy the ink for it to work? I want to buy it, but thats the only thing that is holding me back.

ndiaz1969 says:

Does this device uses ink or a color cartridge? how long it lasts?

Shakiel Morales says:

what edits do i have to do so that the photo doesn’t print with yellow tone?

Bernard Desrues says:

I appreciate the fact that Ms Tangerine speaks slowly and distinctly enough for non English speakers a little hard of hearing.

KK8029 K says:

Is the Polaroid ZIP printer any good?

Michelle Ng says:

that’s a great lip color. do you happen to remember what it is?

Salman Khan says:

I fuck

Sebastian says:

I saw in the review section of the instax printer the app was broken and people aren’t able to connect to the printer anymore? Do you have the problem or is it still working fine?

Swarthy Daisy says:

Very helpful! I am considering a pocket printer.
New subscriber! I love your travel book idea!

Marilyn Vu says:

hi! i was just wondering what is the finish on the hp sprocket photos? is it matte or glossy?

Mariah Ann says:

For the HP Sprinter, you can get sticker paper or normal paper as well, they have options

Mariane Enriquez says:

the paper for instax sp-2 printer is also sticker paper?

Lisa Park says:

Amy, I just bought HP Sprocket. Which app do you use to make your photo cooler? My photo came out little bit warmer as well. Please help me! Thank you! 🙂

504 PrettyThings says:

Can you use the Polaroid zink paper in the sprocket ? Didn’t realize the paper was so expensive

AndreaSlays says:

do u need a specific film for the sp-2? Or u could just use those films they use in polaroid? And how bout the inks? Dont they ran out? Sorry, im kinda getting myself one

JonelleElise says:

I love this video! I just ordered the instax sp-2 from B&H at a great deal! I love the HP printer you have as well…on the wishlist again! Question though…do you know if that HP printer fits inside of an LV mini pochette? I’m not sure if you’re an Louis Vuitton fan but am wondering if it’ll fit because that would be a perfect “case” for that printer as well as 2 film packets.

Lekha Ishwar says:

Amy could you let us know if the sprocket uses polaroid zink paper too please?

Listya Ari says:

can you use polaroid film for that hp one?

Darra Garcia says:

Hi. I wAs wondering if im able to use the zink paper from the polaroid zip to the hp sprocket or do i have to purchase the zink paper mainly for the hp sprocket. Ty

Mohammad Z says:

I really enjoyed your video especially when you explain it all to your notebook

Carmen Robles says:

me gusta pero no lo entiendo

BlackAcid94 says:

Hi!, i have just recently stumbled upon your video. Quick question for the SP-2 that i can’t find any from the comments.. Does it have troubles for the iphone 7? specifically ios 10+? because i want to get it and saw that reviewers complains that its not ios10 compatible….

Thank you!

Crystal Martinez says:

have you tried the prynt device?

mostlymakeup says:

Hi Amy, have you used the Polaroid instant printer? I found it a little disappointing I wonder if you tried it?

Cynthia Rebeca says:

Hi, thanks for posting this video! It was very helpful. I think i’m going to go with the sprocket (my first foray into zink, and the film is a bit cheaper!)! I have a random question though! If you still have those photos, how did your photos age (the ones from your first mini printer?). I have polaroids from the 90’s that are still true to color (which makes me want to lean more toward the instax) but I am a little hesitant on the paper and zink paper printers and I am wondering if they age well.

Bill Booz says:

Thanks, Amy. Very helpful as I try to decide. Everyone talks about the HP producing warmer prints but I appreciate how you discussed how you were able to adapt your edits before printing to get prints truer to the color tone you wanted. Nice. I like, too, that the HP tacks more standard paper that is more likely to find a lower prices if purchased in bulk. Good job!

mrsblue23 says:

love love love ♤♡

Shiloh Bowen says:

There actually is a difference between the two. The insta share printer sp- 2 actually prints better then the first, it’s more true to the photo and has more contrast 🙂

Stefany Villanueva says:

Does the sp2 work with iOS 10?

Garie Centeno says:

Starts at 2:28. You’re welcome

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