LG Photo Printer 2 Review and Demo

LG Photo Printer 2: http://amzn.to/1nOWjM9 (great seller, was expecting to get this in a month since its from Korea but got in in 2/3 days!)

This is an awesome little gadget for printing photos from your phone!

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Ez Money Beats says:

I’m looking for something for my canon camera

Amy Elizabeth says:

besides the paper, do you ever have to replace anything else??

Sylvia Pinero-Santiago says:

Thanks so much for your tutorial it was very helpful, just got the printer as a gift.. thanks again

my life the mimi says:

I love it thank you I’m gonna buy it from the store so yeah bye

Bota florin gabriel says:

your voice is so loud :)) nice vid

Unicornsunited says:

Is there anything similar to this or this in uk? Or at least in Gb pounds

Bangla moja says:

i need it. how much,how get it

The General says:

Does it work on Samsung?

Mr. Poopchillan says:

Why do you have a question mark after each sentence?…

A Unicorn says:

It’s funny cause it’s LG (and android brand) and you have an iPhone

Manuel Rentas says:

Very cool thinking about buying it.

Hayley Graham says:

Do Printers like these work with digital cameras as well as phones??
It is really adorable!!!

Kaylyn C says:

Your Camera is Not focussing

Linda Rivera says:

Thanks for the demo. I would buy it in a NY second 🙂

Fernanda Bezerra says:

I got here because of Heechul on We Got Married.

john jayson says:

How about the paper?? How much and where i can buy those papers for the printer

Park Min says:

I find it annoying the way she talk. HAHAHAHHA SORRY. xD

Liz Douglas says:

Adorable! !!!

See Nomore says:

..You Guys Better Think About The Battery. It Will Die..Then Who Ya Gonna Call?
If it Works on AC OR USB OK.. BUT The Battery Gonna Die Guys!

Lucky Miller says:

I just bought the printer and accidentally opened the app before activating it to Bluetooth will it still work?? Thank you

静微钟 says:



where buying paper

itsmeamanda01 says:

would you still recommend this printer?? and do you know if there is an option to use sticker paper as with some of the other small printers ?? great video by the way 🙂

Selina Portillo says:

Where do I get the LG photo printer from, just incase I run out of it?

Dayna Holgate says:

Wow ! It looks awesome I want one.

menchar anwar says:


Lonely Girl says:

what happen if you ran out of paper?

William Todd says:

Ok, so the way this printer works is completely different than people are used to. Most printers use either ink cartridges or toner cartridges. This printer doesn’t use ink or toner, the blue side of the paper is heat & light sensitive, so the printer kind of burns the image onto the paper.

Liz_tml37 says:

you could oust get a pringo printer it has better quality and it is portable too and does not need any cables

Violeta Bonilla says:

muy bueno este invento, pero donde compró ZINK Paper for LG

Joy Hadden says:

You are a darling!  I’m ordering one based on your review.

FuryXcape says:

does it use a different photo paper than the first pocket printer

mangicka says:

this is awsome…
but do u use some INK….?

이미나 says:

I’m confused between this and Fujifilm Instax Smartphone Printer SP-1!
Which one is better between these two?

שרון שלמה says:


Phoebe Manong says:

what do you call the app name?thanks! 🙂

Amberly Cuello says:

can it be used for iPhone 6

real or fake finder Virgin90. says:

and if the papers finished what should i do

aya jab says:

u r simply awesome

Joy Hadden says:

Eugenia – based on your video, I bought one this summer. Then I have a friend I was showing it to and she saw how easy you made the set up, she ordered one! Then my daughter saw it and she ordered one. We are having so much fun with them! Thanks for making this set up easy!

Azuu says:

When I watch reviews on LG Pocket Printer 1 , I notice tht the colours appear dim . Is it the same fr this version ?

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