Instax Share SP-2 Portable Printer Review

My new Instax Share SP-2 Printer is here! I’m going to go over the basics with you, show how it works, and show the print quality.


Ximena Perez says:

Great review!
Thank you!

Timeless14 says:

thnx for showing closeups!!

William says:

How much did you buy it for on Prime Day?

Larry Berrones says:

How much are these printers, this is very handie. Is the film expenses?

AndreaSlays says:

do u need a specific film for the sp-2? Or u could just use those films they use in polaroid? And how bout the inks? Dont they ran out? Sorry, im kinda getting myself one

goldarte says:

Could you show a layout using instax pictures? Thanks!

G Bouchard says:

Many thanks for you review !
It is not available in France for the moment 😉
Yes , we need to print photos and to backup them
Have a nice day !

Joey Corley says:

You need to jump cut to make the video faster! Too slow!

Jim Carigga says:

Great review. Thank you!

anh vu mai says:

how much ? and where i can buy it ?

Mr. Poopchillan says:

the fuji connectivity is horrible. i wish they could make it better.

Mike Winifred says:

Hi Ilene and Everyone, nice videos. I have a Sp-2 and I get “light-leak” like streaks on the longer edges of the prints, which I noticed at about 9:19 (one should closely look at the edges to see the streak) . Interestingly, I did not see those streaks on the Sp-1 print. Do you think is it something I need to send the printer out for repair? Thanks.

Gladwin says:

Great review 🙂

May Choi says:

i used my iphone adapter to charge the printer and it is flashing red. does that mean it is not charging the machine according to the manual? please respond!

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