HP Sprocket v. Kodak Photo Printer Mini

UPDATE! I RECENTLY SWITCHED FROM IPHONE TO A GOOGLE PIXEL 2XL AND THE PRINTER DOES NOT CONNECT WITH THE PIXEL PHONES. SAD FACE. I do apologize for the focus issue, I was using my D90 which has to be manually focused, I don’t have a camera that autofocuses as I record. I just thought I would share the two printers because I was totally unsure which to keep.

I originally purchased Pickit M2 ($89.90) printer, however it did not turn on nor charge, returned it, and the second one had the same issue. I decided to leave that printer altogether and decided to check out my original choice, the HP Sprocket, but the price deterred me ($129.99) and saw the Kodak Printer Mini ($99.99). I decided to make a video reviewing the two and I much prefer the Kodak Printer Mini. Film for the Kodak Printer Mini is $16.99 for 20 prints. Film for the HP Sprocket is $9.99 for 20. Im going to find out if the Pickit cartridges fit into the Kodak Photo Printer Mini, which are much cheaper.

EDIT: I realize I didn’t announce my choice, but I stuck with the Kodak Printer Mini because of the quality. 🙂


Cecilia Baker says:

probably a good review if you language was better sorry a no go for me

Veronica Koeks says:

Thank you so much for the review! It still does make me hesitate which one I would like to buy. I love the speed of the HP Sprocket but love the quality of the Kodak. I don’t mind not having the sticky back as I have double sided sticky ribbon. The HP Sprocket got lots of bad review about the colouring that it would be off and about lines through the pictures. My most concern about both is how long the pictures would last. Do you have some info about that?

Ozzy says:

That kodak looks awful… so noisy and regurgitating your photo several times! I bet the battery doesn’t last very long either with so much movement. Can’t believe that made it to production.

love_coco A says:

I have the Sprocket and the color is bad. I am selling it because after all my research, the Kodak is more true to color. The zink isn’t my favorite technology. The Koday is dye Sub and I prefer that quality of print.

Sonja de Boer says:

Thanks for the video. What is the backside of the Kodak photopaper like? Does it come with dark kodak logo’s?

Shayne Vlogs says:

I can’t wait to buy Kodak printer!!!

Lyn L. says:

Thanks for this comparison. I’ve decided to go with the Kodak as I’m more concerned with quality than how quickly it prints. And I don’t plan to print too many pictures.

UncleKt says:

I’m still torn between the two.How often does the Kodak cartridge need replaced? Is it pricey? Which app has better edit options?

Dee Johnston says:

my chose was the sprocket

Ei Le Mon says:

Hi, I purchased this HP Sprocket and my photos are printing with some white area at the top, not fully printed on the zink paper like in the video. I did not edit any border on it and have zoomed in quite a bit, but it’s still printing with white area.

Anyone having same issues and any idea why it’s happening or any recommendations if it can be fixed?

Bianca Vislenio says:

Just bought the kodak today at amazon. I watched a lot of reviews and i almost bought HP hahaha bec. it’s less hassle like it doesn’t need inks and its faster to print plus the papers/stickers are cheaper. But then comparing the qualities of both printers Kodak wins for me, I’ll pay more for a good quality printer that is worth it.

Kellie Hill says:

Thank you for the comparison. You helped me decide. I’m going with the Kodak!

UncleKt says:

I just got the Kodak mini 2 today and I’m so disappointed. I did a ton of research and picked the Kodak because of the reputation for good quality. All my images are dark and dull. Very noticeable and terrible. The printer shuts itself off while I’m editing and I have to reconnect and start over. I can’t access all of my photos for some reason. I’m shocked and disappointed. I was so excited and now I have to mail it back.

flipteezy says:

i’m sold on the HP, just ordered one for father’s day

La Katrina Solidum says:

I appreciate this. I’m torn between this 2 and the reason I like the hp sprocket is because of the sticky backing of the sheet. I wanna add photos in my agenda but looking on amazon.ca, it’s quite pricey compare to the Kodak. I read from somewhere that the Kodak photo will last longer because of the coating from the final step. oh well, they’re both good and I’m still undecided between these two.

Pedro Caballero says:

The winner in less than a minute of the first round by knockout is KODAK!

kelli guttierrez says:

I like the quality and size of the Kodak pictures, but I am purchasing for an 11 yr old and feel the hp would be easier for her to use. What do you think?

A B says:

cant believe anyone would consider the HP…Kodak does everything the same (also has sticky back photo paper) just takes a few seconds longer to print but the quality is better and the photo is larger! Kodak is cheaper and the paper +cartridge is cheaper too….Kodak wins by a landslide!

Sadik Akkan says:

Kodak very live

Kylie Cousins says:

Helpful xx

Marjorie Dillard says:

I love the hp

Da Ma says:

Great review. Does not matter which one I, or anyone else chose because we will all justify why we chose one over the other based on our personal preferences or bias. That said i was torn and your video help me to a clear choice of my liking, thanks so much!!!

Beth Toner says:

Thanks for doing this. It was exactly what I was looking for.

Latriise says:

This review was very helpful. I appreciate that you went through some of the app features like the borders available. Thanks for posting this!

Robert McKay Jones says:

Great review! Very helpful!

Diana Bainbridge says:

Is there a cartridge that you have to change out?

Mirmohammad Saadati says:

The focus gave my eyes cancer !

Luke Castle says:

Does your kodak mini create unexpected print lines on the image. Mine does and I’m trying to figure out if mine is defective.

kalyn gonzalez says:

I am deciding which one of the two to buy but I keep hearing both bad and good reviews about both the hp and the Kodak. Like with the hp, it has an issue of color and the Kodak has an issue about freezing and the app disconnecting. Someone help, please. I am really stuck between the two.

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