HP Sprocket Photo Printer Review + How I use it// Print from your Phone

Hey everyone! Sooooo, I’m absolutely in love with my HP Sprocket! I’ve been using it for about a month now, and all I can say is- it’s super fun, easy and totally worth the money!

I use this almost every other day to document in my planner as well as other scrapbooking needs. Like I said in the video, this printer seems to print out photos in “warmer tones’ so you will not be getting “crisp white” photos (if that’s what you’re looking for).

Retail Price: $129.99 + $9.99/Box of 20 Photo Sheets
Purchase at: HP Website, Best Buy or Amazon

Disclaimer: I purchased this with my own money. This was also my honest opinion about this product.


Purple Piano says:

Can you make business cards on it?

Kathryn Sargent says:

Thanks for this video. I just bought one on QVC, and will get it next week. It seems a lot like my LG Pocket Printer, but with that one, I have to stop between each print and replace the blue card, go to settings and reconnect to Bluetooth, then go back into the app to print. It’s a pain! Hope this one’s better.

Mykiea Mcafee says:

I just ordered mine yay

mrsdizi1234 says:

Do you know if you can print a collage type photo on the HP sprocket? many pics on one.

Destanny Ellis says:

Thank you for this review, sold!!!! You need a commission check lol

Melinda Jimenez says:

Thank you so much for making this video! I’ve been thinking about getting one and now I’ve totally decided I will. I just got my first Happy Planner and I AM SO EXCITED!! Thanks and please keep making videos with all your ideas of what to do with it!

Robert Pipembois says:

Stop the Techno music please

bianca soto says:

Where did you get your planner? Super cute! Love the idea.

Don Schillaci says:

the most girly review ever

Tec Unique says:

I’m a new subscriber to your channel and just got this printer…I’m excited and want to look at different ideas on how to use it…I loved your video 😉

Please ignore me I'm just a fangirl says:

I’m SO tempted to buy one ugh! 🙂

Ginny DeFilippo says:

Awesome video , thank you so much. I love the planner

Kym Khiev says:

Great review Hun! And amazing idea for the gift tag!!❤️

cherst1031 says:

Mine just arrived in the mail today so this was very helpful, I can’t wait to get started!

Linda Rodriguez says:

I may buy one of these. I bought a Skymall printer. I couldn’t get it connected to my phone so I’m taking it back tomorrow. I hope I can connect it as easily as you make it seem. Thanks.

Janet Turner says:

What’s the name of you planner?

Wa haha says:


Atlanta's House of Henna says:

love this!!!

LeAnn Miles says:

Really good video. But I’m stupid I guess, literally just got the Sprocket Printer, & there are no instructions inside box. I had to resort to your video- So Thank You. I’m charging the printer box W/ USB cord, then per your video Bluetooth pictures. Pitiful on hp’s behalf they do not have better instructions. Much appreciate your enthusiasm & happy picture printing!

jeanheming says:

great job on the video, I just bought one from HSN, not reeceived it yet says Mar 23 to receive… looking for the best deal on the paper ,but not buying it till i receive printer and am satisfied with it!! thank u

Kyah Parisien says:

Just got this for Christmas and I love it but had no idea how to use it. This helped a lot, thank you 🙂

Brenda Heyward says:

love the idea for documenting your life into ur planner!!!

Marjorie Dillard says:

I love your pics with hp

Ana Green says:

Love the polka dot binder , where you got it from?

louanie torres says:

Hi Im thinking of getting it too :D….. just wondering after the first use of the blue bar code, do you have to put it back in the printer for the other sheets to print? or is it just for first use?

Latriise says:

You gave me so many good ideas for how to use this printer. I’m excited to buy it now!

Multiwabbit mee says:

Really helpful ..Can you tell me, How long /or how many photos approx can you take before a recharge? Also wondering does it damage your paper if printer opened with some paper left? Thanks xx

Tia Miles says:

I just set mine up. Thanks for the video.

Pr Scrapper says:

Great info. Thanks.

Jessica Zhang says:

very helpful I followed your step when I got the machine.thanks!

Iva Cukic says:

So much more informative review than a few that I’ve seen with millions of views, thank you!

greta phoong says:

The planner idea is so amazing! I’m going to make one for 2017! Thanks you!

CraftyCreationsbyDezy says:

Love the printer, I need it in my life! Prima, please send me your address! Thanks for sharing! -Dez

Shara Simmons says:

Great video! Thank you!!!

Maggi Her says:

Hi! Thank you for this video!! I’m curious, are your pictures printing with horizontal lines across your pictures? I didn’t see them on your photos and I’m wondering if I got a bad one? Thanks

savedelete80 says:

Great video! I have the Polaroid Zip that I was using for my planner, but the new app update ruins it so I’m looking for something else. I really love the look of the HP printer and I am also okay with the soft hues. Thanks for sharing! And where did you get your Christmas tree lights? I love how they twinkle!

BrightSideOfLife says:


Arletta Dixon says:

Love the work you did in your planner! It looks so cool! Really inspiring! Makes me wanna get moving on mine!

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