HP OfficeJet 200 Mobile Printer Review and How to Set Up

Buy it on Amazon – http://lon.tv/ze3qu (affiliate link) – HP’s OfficeJet 200 Mobile Printer can be operated completely wirelessly thanks to its internal (and removeable) battery. See more printers: http://lon.tv/printers and subscribe! http://lon.tv/s

00:40 – Hardware overview
01:18 – Ink costs and page capacity
02:49 – Battery and battery life discussion
04:40 – Setting up the printer and configuring it
08:29 – Printing – print speed on a black and white text document
09:33 – Printing – Photo quality and speed from a smartphone
12:00 – Conclusion and final thoughts

Find the HP print plugin for Android here: http://lon.tv/ec8yl

This is an interesting device primarily because it can operate completely off the grid for a period of time via its built in Wifi and battery. While it’s not small enough to fit in a brief case it is small enough for bringing out on off-site projects.

And while it’s much more compact than a desktop printer there are not many compromises. Print speed is fast especially on black and white documents and image quality is about where I would expect a low to mid-range HP ink jet printer to be. It lacks duplexing of course but it’s otherwise a very functional work printer for road warriors.

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S Gill says:

can you review Canon PIXMA iP110 Portable Printer with Battery ? which one is better?

Arthur Feitosa says:

I don’t see who HP made this printer for

jrose says:

Have you done a video on the vive VR since you got it? Any update on that

Michael C says:

Does this printer have direct printing? Meaning to be able to print with out wifi to ios ipad!

Charles M says:

are these good for pictures, owners?thanks

Rolls says:

hi lon can you do some gaming videos?

XSportSeeker says:

Interesting product, perhaps a first in it’s category? Never heard about portable printers that could do full pages like that.

But I kinda have to wonder about market, specially with the differences in cartridge prices and configuration quirks.

I can understand the need for a printer on the go at times, but unless it’s a very specific case where you really need to take the printer with you all the time… for something like printing stuff on the go from your car, for instance, I kinda wonder if a better solution wouldn’t be just taking a regular printer and plugging it in an external battery with an inverter for instance.

In any case, I like the idea. Thanks for the review Lon!

fireballtp says:

Hey Lon, what is the smallest laser printer on the market??

Obak Beches says:

I don’t have a computer. Can it work with a phone only?setup and all?

59seank says:

Will this printer support Google Cloud Print for Chromebooks?

jrose says:

just what I feel is some constructive criticism. It takes to long to get to the printing. I had to sit through the specs and software install before I see what the printed page looks like or the noise it makes. Maybe switch it around or put a link to where the print occurs in the video. Thanks though for all the great product reviews and I love your disclaimers in the videos as they are direct and honest. Keep doing what you do 🙂 .

lol. I now see there are links to the time where you show the printing.. NEVERMIND 😉 .

xboy36077 says:


Kathy LaBella says:

The new one looks nice! I have an older version, non-wireless that I used to pack into my computer bag to print assessments on-site. It worked great, and it fits nicely into a roller bag.

Murdoch493 says:

I wonder how it does in a hot car…

Supa Star says:

So it doesn’t print any PDF at all? Evens pdf docs?

JPNY says:

I was hoping you would talk about printing envelopes as you mentioned in another video. What envelope sizes were you able to print, how thick, and did you need to feed them one by one? Many printers have a straight path specifically for envelope and label printing — does this printer offer that?

Kenny Stewart says:

I could really use one of these for work

Wendy Schippers says:

Wow, you have some great knowledge! We could use someone like you on the HP Support Forum!

Headband TV says:

Seems a bit expensive for a the go printer. That can run out of battery (ie on a plane or train)

Stu Shapiro says:

Does anyone know the yield… how many 6×4 or 10×15 photos can be printed off a cartridge of ink?

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