Fujifilm Instax Share SP 3 photo printer review

Review of the Instax Share SP3 photo printer by Gordon Laing.
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Ian Wilkinson says:

Thanks for such a well-presented review and demo. Co-incidentally, I’ve been wondering about getting a mobile printer recently and this looks like a great option but I can’t find it for sale in the UK yet. Do you have any news about its availability here please?

Joohyun Kim says:

I have a quick question for ya hope you can see this and kindly answer me.
I also got the sp-3 printer but the thing is one tiny little cylindrical thingy came with it and i so wonder what that is for if you know what i am talking about. It wouldve been so much easier if i could attach its picture.

valia___ 003 says:

instax share sp-2 or instax share sp-3? and where can i find it cheaper?

jon hermannsson says:

lucky you getting one before we can have one 🙂      you deserve it    –   nice review as always –

Viktoria Martinsson says:

templets – o don´t have that in the app? how do I do?

Mercy Flores says:

Im in between getting this one and the Selphy CP 1300. Which one would you recommend better in cost (film, ink), quality and function?

The Dark Box says:

Thanks for another great video Gordon. Been watching your videos for info for many years over here in the US.

Sam Santana says:

10:17 That’s a cracker of a risk you took there Gordon!

FinalLugiaGuardian says:

Proud Subscriber here. I think the next video you post will push you over 100,000.

Three Blind Men and An Elephant Productions says:

Gordon,  Chris Gampat and I were shooting film cameras yesterday in Philly, and he mentioned Instax a number of times. I’m beginning to understand the appeal. Thanks for this review, excellent as always.

Ashvin Ambegaonker says:

Really great review Gordon. Hope you’re doing great!

Raquel Alvarez says:

Can you use both film. The square and the minor film on fujie share printer 3?

MiaHannah says:

I’m stuck. Should I buy the mini 90 or this !??!

Ben Harvey Photography says:

Added to Xmas want list 🙂

Diego says:

I think this was a huge miss for Fuji. You’d always have to shoot in portrait and crop like crazy. I don’t see myself using this as a travel a lot and scenic shots will be rubbish:( I’m so sad I really wanted to love this. Guess I’ll wait for the wide printer

happy camper says:

Does this printer connect to the phone directly with the home network?

MiaHannah says:

Should I buy the mini 90 or this sp3?!!! Does the sp3 have the same effect as a typical mini or do you have to add filters to achieve that instax effect?

Suvetha Sakthivel says:

Which one would you recomend in term of photo quality. SP 2 or 3?

Simon says:

Just bought one of these. Also own the canon printer. The canon one is I have is quite a faff with inserting the paper cartridge in the front and opening flaps and plugging it all in to use. This is really simple and convenient. The auto shut off is a pain since the iPhone doesn’t automatically connect back to the printer and goes back to WiFi instead.

If you’re ever up in Leeds I’ll buy you a few coffees.

Peter Homa says:

Congrats on crossing 100k, Jordan from TCSTV made me do it 😉

Great video btw, very informative.

Calvin Chann says:

Instax Wide printer?

Malcolm Page says:

I’m gagging for two of these, one black and one white, one for me and one for a Christmas present, but they’re still not available for preorder, unlike in the US. C’mon, Fuji!

Douglas Gottlieb says:

Seems like printing someone else’s Instagram photo should make attribution the default, if not even required. Looks like a great printer tho.

Carlos Prado says:

I would love to see a wide version, cause the wide instax camera is just too big to me. And it’s cheaper than the square.

Richard Rivera says:

Hi Gordon. Great review and demonstration of how this printer works. But is it better than the Canon Selphy CP1300 you reviewed a few weeks ago? It’s more expensive. In the US the Canon sells for about $100 less than this Fuji and the prints are considerably larger.

Fielding Smith says:

For using something like the M43 camera body, and first pushing a jpg from camera to phone/tablet, will any size jpeg work, or is it best to go for the highest resolution.

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