Fujifilm Instax Share SP-2 Smart Phone Printer Review

You can buy the Fujifilm Instax Share SP-2 Smart Phone Printer here:
• Amazon: http://amzn.to/2efLoID
• B&H Photo: http://bit.ly/fuji-sp2

The SP-2 is available in two accent colors: gold & silver (gold is shown in the video).

Both the SP-2 and SP-1 printer print the photos on Fuji Instax Mini Film which you can find here:
• Instax Mini Film: http://amzn.to/2bYTEhS
• Instax 6-pack (60 photos) multi pack (the best value multipack I’ve found): http://amzn.to/2bQEuK8

====A Brief Summary of the Fuji Instax Share SP-2 Review=====

The design of the SP-2 printer is quite nice (a big improvement over the SP-1).

A few notes on the differences between the SP-2 and SP-1:

• The SP-2 has a rechargeable battery which lasts about 100 prints.

• The SP-2 prints at a higher resolution compared to the SP-1
(320DPI vs 254DPI). This results in sharper prints with the SP-2

• The SP-2 is narrower than the SP-1, but it’s a bit taller.

• The SP-2 prints faster than the SP-1 (10seconds per print vs. 16 seconds per print)

From our brief testing we found that the SP-2 printed photos a bit brighter and a bit warmer (yellower) compared to the SP-1. We found prints from the SP-1 more closely matched what we saw on our phone. The SP-2 definitely produced sharper prints though.


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Michael Mills says:

Good information. I really like your reviews.

bree&catiebug15&kk WKC says:

Do you need wifi for the sp1?

acelya senkaya says:


george aronis says:

Love my instax printer. I give prints to my tattoo customers after I tattoo them and they love it.. Really wish they will make one for the wide film.. Any clue if there going to.. Thanks.. Love you channel…

Renz Matthew says:

Do some of your prints have hazy edges?

tattoodrdoke says:

how come your husband doesnt front any of the videos anymore?

Matthew Fortner says:

Maybe I missed it, but I’d really like to see a higher resolution look at the comparisons between the prints.

Mae Galeana says:

Lauren, have You used the polaroid zip?

Kayhalove Halk says:

Why my not charging. I’ve charged it like hours?

Faustine Salas says:

can you make a ultimate guide for this unit? like what you did in mini 8?

Wing Yip says:

Another great review and insight.

Regarding the rechargeability between the SP-1 & SP-2, the work around or solution for the SP-1, I believe, are to either

a) get rechargeable CR2 batteries (a set with charger is $19-25)


b) get the SP-1 USB Power Cord with any external power bar (ex. Jackery Bar) to power the SP-1. I think a lot of people these days have portable power bars. See here and scroll down to the SP-1 setup. Pretty cool alternative, I think.

Yeah, I don’t know if the SP-2 is really worth it being an SP-1 owner already.

– I like the more angular design, but the SP-1 actually fits better in my camera bag, especially since it’s not as tall as the SP-2.

– I don’t feel like losing probably close to around $100 to sell my SP-1 to get the SP-2 would worth it, either.. will have to shell out another $100 thus making my grand total investment in a SP printer $300?!

– The faster print speed isn’t a big deal, it’s an instant photo printer already!

– The increase in resolution isn’t a noticeable improvement over what the SP-1 can do, imho.. I’m not expecting high output detail and rendering from instant film anyways.. and besides, the tone and color shift seems not as good as what the SP-1 can do already, surprisingly.

– Lastly, the recharging thing I already addressed above with 2 solutions I found.

Personally, I find the SP-2 a wasted opportunity. I would have preferred it if Fuji had focused on making the SP-2 something significantly different than what it already had.. I feel it should have been a printer for the wide format Instax film. I think that would have been way more useful and provided greater variety in analog instant film printing options to their line up.. oh, well.. maybe later in 2017?.. hopefully.

if not wide format, perhaps with their upcoming square format instax film which would provide a more classic instant film look and format.. and, hopefully they will make an SP printer for the square instax film when it eventually comes out.

Mae Galeana says:

Your reviews are always so good! Kisses my dear 🙂

xibecaire says:

Do you think Instax Sp2 is the best option today?
Best quality?

Jada lbbh says:

Just a quick question, did you have iOS 10 while filming this? A lot of people say that it doesnt work with iOS 10.

4CardsMan says:

Can’t handle the jump cuts. You need to learn to present without them.

Mike Winifred says:

Hi Lauren and Everyone, nice videos. I have a Sp-2 and I get “light-leak” like streaks on the longer edges of the prints, which I noticed at about 9:22 . Interestingly, I did not see those streaks on the Sp-1 print. Do you think is it something I need to send the printer out for repair? Thanks.

pesto12601 says:

Photography… concentrate? What happens when I add water…. photgraphyade?

Thomas R says:

did anyone find that the new printer is less accurate by being warmer and brighter?

emilie fedorov says:

Quick question about the film itself. Does it have an adhesive peel back?

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