Fuji Guys – Fujifilm Instax SHARE Smartphone Printer SP-2 – First Look

The Fuji Guys give you a first look preview of the Fujifilm Instax Share Smartphone Printer SP-2.

Select your best shots from your smartphone and get instax prints by transferring the shots from the app to SP-2 via Wi-Fi connection. You can also print images from your Instagram and Facebook accounts.

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Paige clarke-harvey says:

Hi I have an instax SP-1. I was wondering if the charging cable needs the rechargeable batteries as well? I noticed it won’t turn on once the plug is out of the instax. I just don’t want to waste money on batteries when I know I can charge it easily from a cable. However, I cannot use it without it being plugged into a wall.

MrApplewine says:

Is this the same quality prints as the printer built into the instax cameras? I noticed it costs more than the cameras.

Arie Winata says:

My instax sp2 always failed to come up on my wifi list….so i can’t connect it with my iphone 7 ( i use the latest ios and latest firmware on the sp2)

Alyssa Albert says:

Can you use the template to print two pictures on the sp-1?

Shayne Vill says:

Any plans for instax wide camera but similar specs of mini 90?

Georgia Lewis says:

I’m just setting up my printer, put the film in correctly and it’s not blprinting out the black film cover. What do I do??

Yang Kalyan says:

I just bought one for myself, but there’s a problem to it and i donno why it does that! I bought it from a seller, and its brand new, after i open it i placed the battery in right away and charge it as it instructed in the menu, in the menu it says that after u plug it in to charge, the light suppose to blink to let u kno that its charging! But nothing happen to mine. When i tried to press the power button while the plug is still in there, the red battery light started blinking then it went off! I tried to left it charge overnight, the next morning, no battery was charge, because when u unplugged the charger, and press the power button nothing happen! Please help

Enggie Kong says:

how to change its ink?

dorothy faye mercado says:

when will it be released in the Philippines?

Matt M says:

Design of the SP-2 looks terrible compared to the SP-1. It’s supposed to be slimmer/thinner yet longer compared to its predecessor, but it looks much bigger overall. Not sure why you couldn’t simply make a built-in battery instead of a removable rechargeable one. That could have helped make the printer even smaller.

Any reason why the split image couldn’t be ported back to the SP-1? While it’s not an Instax Wide printer (like everyone wants), at least it’s something.

I want to see the image quality difference in person. I love my SP-1 for sharing photos when I travel. Unless the quality is much better, I don’t see the point in upgrading. I was expecting a substantially smaller footprint from this upgrade.

procekim says:

this could be such a great product and yet Designer screw it up. too big, but ugly, battery suck, and what is wrong with the cable.

Abu Sayad says:

Hi. I am having problems printing via the SNS functionality. The device asks me to locate an Internet connection (whilst connected to the sp-2) in order to access Facebook / Instagram photos. This requires me to come out of the instax share app, disconnect from the printer to reconnect to my home wifi, go back into the instax share app, select my Facebook / Instagram photos, come out of the instax share app, reconnect to the printer and then proceed with printing. This isn’t correct. Any advice?

Robert Earl says:

help me anyone

Loopy Diaz says:

In the app can you change the white original
template to just a pic that way it just looks like a original pic instead of having the original white Polaroid template all the time or you can’t change it ? Pls let me know thanks trying to get hands on this printer

Camen Li says:

Hi there! I have troubles with the Instax app.. how can you change the language settings? (it is now in Chinese and I can not read it LOL)

Thomas Crouch says:

Any chance of allowing Eye Fi mobi sd WiFi connection? Xpro 1 user with no built in camera WiFi, would love to print directly without needing the phone app.

Robert Earl says:

can’t get the app work with the iPhone 6s

Spyder Webb says:

I am planning to use the new SP-2 instax printer for my photography business. The app falls short. It would have been great if you can make your own templates (ex. web address or business name, name of bride and groom, name of birthday celebrator or logo, etc.) and SAVE it. Instead, you have to select the template and type in the text on EVERY SINGLE picture you are willing to print. Please add a feature where you can make your own custom template. Thanks.

Jillian Smith says:

Can you print with it connected to the power supply?

Giulio Sciorio says:

There a way to print from a photo captured in raw with the X-Pro 2? My X-Pro 2 (FW 3.10) makes me shoot either jpeg or jpeg + raw but still have to switch slots to the one with the jpegs to print wirelessly to the SP2.

Anaïs Cordeiro Branco says:

Hey, I have a really important question, when I bought my Instax share sp-2, I printed 4 pictures without any password and now the app is always asking me to put the password. I already put 1111 as a password and it never works and I also went to put a new one and it doesn’t work because it says it’s not the same as I had before but I never had one and I also tried to turn off the password and I can’t find it anywhere on the iPhone 6 plus app, I’m afraid I can’t use my printer 🙁 can you please help me?

InsanisJean says:

Ok, so i have an important question that can be the deal-breaker for me, if someone can answer me i would really appreciate it:

Up to 8 people can connect to the SP-2 via wifi, but do they all need the app to print?

xhyreal47 Vlogs says:

the reprint button is annoying i wish that they could put some lockmode on the reprint button

Waiana Andersen says:

Can you use SP-1 films or do you have to use SP-2 films?

T-Y Chia says:

When is it coming to Singapore?

Marvin Galdamez says:

Will this work with a canon camera that has wifi capabilities?? NEED TO KNOW

Sofiah Hanim says:

i just bought the instax share sp-2 but when i charged it and turn on the power , the battery light was flashing red and the film light was flashing .Is it supposed to happen when u first use it ?

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