AR printed pictures! | Prynt Review

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Josh reviews Prynt – a fun accessory that takes and prints Polaroid-style pictures with a little augmented reality fun thrown in.

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Calm your sh*t and chill! says:

away from the fact that it is only compatible with Samsung… Since most android plugs are the same and work on other android phones, will it work on my sony xperia z5?


When the paper is finished the game starts : buy their papers nd give them money hahah

Aleksandar Šijan says:

This was on Unbox Therapy months ago

Alessandra Astorino says:

This video shows it works with samsung, but in the webpage I can only buy it for Iphone :,(

James Ambrocio says:


Herdian Deni says:


Brittany Olguin says:

does it work on the j7?

Sahara Wolf says:

I got one for 30 dollars XD

Mateo Dominguez says:

Wow basketball This is really stranke job work x‑D

Loga Indrakumar says:

Hope the compatibility will be extended to other devices!!

Charole Matthews says:


lianz_23 Ann says:

how about some samsung j devices??

Bacender says:

Didn’t talk about print quality or give close ups of the pictures. Didn’t talk about how long it takes to print. Didn’t talk about how well pictures can withstand fading… I wouldn’t call this a review, sorry.

DR460N B411 Z says:

Is the Prynt compatible with Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge? If not will it be in the future?

TheScho says:

since it doesn’t need to really be used as a case, you can just use a female to male microusb cable and connect it to any phone. Easy.

Sofian Madi says:

dat awkward beginning tho…

FaS TV says:

It seems to me that the only connection the device needs is to the the USB port on the phone. So, technically, with the right cable, it can be compatible with far more than the Samsung S series devices. I do recognize this concept completely removes the case like feature it has with those devices. Im sure if you like the product enough that detail wouldn’t bother you.

vishnusai chilpuri says:

How’s pebble time

Nitesh Talreja says:

lew already reviewed this last month but he shows the iPhone model

Alex Magana says:

such a shame that it’s only usable with Galaxy devices.

The Cat Man says:

Don’t ask us what’s going on if you don’t want to know the answer. It’s stupid.

Howard1939 says:

Wondering if other Android phones will fit in the Samsung Prynt..? I have a MOTO-X Pure Edition.

shivam desai says:

I saw something similar on unbox therapy way back !

Shivam Rajpurohit says:

one plus 3?

M1710 says:

This is a cool gadget to get.If only the size of the paper were of the regular photo size.

Miguel Chavez says:

how long for the galaxy s7 edge????

Yosr Melliti says:

@androidauthority does it work for s6 phones ??

Arty Vasq says:

Seen it already on unboxtherapy !! (but the IPhone version)

Donnie Dollerson says:


Edge Mann says:

wait for the moto modz to have that..

Kiyanoush says:

Harry Potter photo style already!? WOW!

Mohammad Usman says:

they have it for iphone also

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