WorldPenScan X – Intelligent handheld pen scanner and translator

WorldPenScan X – Intelligent handheld pen scanner and translator
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Bluetooth wireless connection to mobile devices instantly ready when powered on.
• Recognize French, Spanish, German, Italian, English, Arabic, Traditional Chinese, Traditional Chinese (Hong Kong), Simplified Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Vietnamese and other languages on mobile devices.
• Recognize nearly 200 languages, barcodes and bank fonts such as OCR-A, OCR-B, MICR on PCs.
• Immediately translate and edit in Word, Excel, PowerPoint, iWork, E-mail and browsers.
• Advanced search on Google, YouTube and Wikipedia.


Aumanand Aumprakash Ahluwalia Ahluwalia says:

Can we edit the text which scan and get on our device like tablet , computer?

Fucc Yoo says:

a scammers dream

Jake ODonnell says:

Digital translators will never overcome human translators or the ability to speak the target-language; digital translators are programed by a code and coding is a constructed language. Human language is not static, it is dynamic and changes every time we use it; in other words, human language is created (and maintained) by the community which uses it. Computer codes do not have this influence. The most complex code, that could calculate every phonetic code combination could still not calculate these social influences to language itself, and therefore would either fail enormously, or be successful for only a short period of time.

Orpheus 010 says:

I wonder if it works on screen. like on a separate ipad

freshpootube says:

…that was funny when you said we’d be speaking another language in Australia.

TechnoGlowStick says:

to be honest, i was considering buying a more expensive one called: c pen. the one I wanted cost 229.95$, so this is awesone!

CatlinCustoms says:

When im over seas you know, UK or Australia….you couldnt think of any country that speaks english? lol

Daniel Kung says:


joneslr25 says:

Your product review is just AWESOME! Thank you.

lA D says:

cheers mate!

Eliazar wrx says:

my nigga

Alpesh Patel says:

Use in laptop?

Leo Joseph says:

does it scan pictures or diagrams,or is it just word?

Marvi Marv says:

Hey Flossy, this is actually good for actors who want to work on their lines for a gig they are on. New Subscriber. Cool Video. Thanks for posting.

Robin Lee says:

wasnt even looking for one of these but after this video i just bought one lmao great review!

Eliazar wrx says:

nigga use that to play video games

。野东 says:


Tiara Isabel says:

OMG i love this product and for my school project im going to improve this product

Waqas Ali says:

does it work with out internet

DigitalModz says:

Love your tech reviews fam , In depth and something different then i normaly see on youtube !!! Just subscribed

Guillermo Martinez says:

Im an English Education major and ohhhh my goodness that would have helped so damn much last semester… Might just pick one up thanks Floss!!!

Jonathan Davidson says:

Your reviews are are top notch keep it up man

Steve Swanson says:

Wow that thing is epic for world traveling. Can’t see a need for it otherwise, except Mortal Kombat moves of course

Tony Yee says:

I think I’ll use it to read my terms and conditions on my credit card or cell phone contract

Madyic Stik says:

i needed one for my course that im taking .this was a very good review!! just bought one! thanks to you sir!

Badluck5555 says:

saw the green light

Nuhi Beqa says:

What is that galaxy s6 gavr or how did he say it is that another s6 with differnet dessign or what?

TTTaymanTTT says:

Hey Boss, this is what I’m looking for long lime.. Thanks for sharing.

rudy rodriguez says:

look is up C pen reader

mayke lima says:

What can I do to get this device I live in Brazil how do I get there?Can someone tell me?

Waylon Ballew says:

How many pages can you scan up consecutively?

coffeeblak86 says:

Yo floss have you ever went beast mode when you didn’t have to? Sometimes I go beast mode then I find the easy way. Then I’m like damn. Didn’t need to do that Lol.

Roman Szarek says:

Will it work on pc in text window on accounting software? 😀

The Skyi says:

Try Google Translator app
Translates even from a picture by phone camera.
But this pen still cool anyway..

michael hartman says:

driver CD may be out of date by the time you get the product. always great idea to download drivers and software from manufacturers website

musi hardiyanto says:

Where i can buy this pen ?

Darren Eck says:

your vids are awesome!

Jeric Tan says:

Google goggles

5100yes says:


Thanks for posting

Balwinder SINGH says:

its can recognize punjabi language,and translate in punjabi ????

Edwin Talavera says:

yo floss you always give the real deal reviews beem watching your reviews for years!

Andre Holliday says:

that beat was nice.

foxfire1112 says:

Haha “when i go to the UK or Australia where they speak another language” this dude’s hilarious

will G says:

Would like to chill with floss one day and shit on the trolls

Nur Baayoun says:

would you recommend this over the iris pen?

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