The Rocketbook is OBSOLETE with the Scanner in your Pocket

In the Lifehack today, I’m going to show you, how you can scan your notes and documents to look as good as if it was done with a real scanner and how to erase and reuse the paper after scanning, just like with a rocketbook notebook.

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JAMES C says:

You keep spending money on paper and I’ll use rocketbook.

Reusing stickies is an awful idea. Who stores used stickies?

Joe Large says:

Think I like Camscanners treatment of photo scans better.

Ethan Pacifico says:

Dang why didn’t I see this before I bought my Rocketbook

Rob Pecor says:

Uh – Please do not put paper on top of a toaster – Common sense would tell me that is just not a good idea. How about showing this done with a hair dryer or something a bit more safer? But, very good video, thank you. I was getting ready to buy a Rocketbook, but I will check this out first.

Brian Alex says:

The trick with the toaster is pretty cool, right? Got that from Michael from Vsauce. If you liked this one, you should watch my previous lifehack video, too:

Laura Alejandro says:

Very interesting!! Thanks for this video! Just one question: how is Evernote with OCR??

Federico Ezequiel Chaves says:

Hi Brian! I want you to check something: can I use any kind of paper but I have always to use the Frixion Pen? This is what you want to say? In this case, I think I can use a classic notebook, scan my notes, put it in the wave and finally I can reuse it. It’s amazing!

Loquita Qamar says:

Thank you very much for this brillant video! I would like to know how can I easily play with my notes after I scanned them? Like erasing phrases or transform it into digital text. I have a macbook so evernote do not transfer handwriting to text in mac.

microbroadcast says:

Well done. Great hack to heat up paper, and also thanks for the tip on Google photo scanner, that’s great. I use an ordinary notebook with pages stuck in, and it’s easier to just scan them with EN. They are so cheap, coming from renewable resources, and can be recycled so well, that you can get a lot of them for the cost of a rocketbook. Really liked this video, so subscribed!

Victor Villacis says:

Does one note have a similar feature?

Hill Reflects says:

Good video and you are correct. I have the Rockbook Everlast and so far it is has been nice. Though I do wish for more pages. That said, all you need is to get the paper above 100 degrees F. So, I wonder if you could put a 200 page notebook in the oven at 130 degrees without creating a fire or issue?

mazurestar says:

nice video keep up the good work

Miles White says:

Found you off the AverageConsumer’s video (a reply to the Rocketbook). Subscribing.

Jonathan Fauerbach says:

Don’t you need a $20ish subscription for Evernote? If so it would cost more than the Rocketbook.

SM Bergquist says:

EXCELLENT video and info. Thanks so much. You just saved me from buying a Rocketbook!

Uncrated Crowd says:

I’ve never heard of the Google photo scanner, I’ll have to check that out, thanks!

Roberto Garcia says:

Is there difference between everlast version and wave, this method that you mention in order to erase the ink, can be used in with the version everlast? because this new version what I see is now it uses water to be erased

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