The iPhone now has a built-in document scanner

If you don’t have a scanner at home, it can be annoying to try and find a way to send documents to other people. Luckily, Apple has silently introduced a new document scanning feature that’s buried inside the iPhone Notes app. You can even turn them into PDFs and share them. Here’s how to use this new feature.
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IMS // I Make Stuff says:

Okay okay. No one needs to argue with god damn phone brands. seriously. Some people like Apple, but some people like Android, Windows, etc. Please don’t fanboy over a phone, and stop trying to defend your own team. This is not the point of arguments just because of a “Scan Document” update. I mean, Android and Apple are both good in my opinion.

1R083rt says:

I have an XR running ios 12.1 and i dont have the option of clicking the plus sign. Only a trash can , share and start a new note… so much for latest and greatest.

Egyptian_Thoth says:

Android is horrible. I owned one for years and it produced the shittiest quality. Love Apple.

Jeevan Koshy says:

Wow. Welcome to 2010. Android and pretty much everything else besides Apple can do this “amazing” function.

arba walker says:

Android do this too

Sayan Sarkar says:

cam scanner already did this no new thing

Kotigo11 says:

Are you understand, that function which is provided by interface cant be called “hidden”?

Dafi Hale says:

Funny how your phone goes from 100 to 8%

J FP says:

Thnk you very clear

xM4DxK1LL3R1 says:

Do the save had PDFs of anyone knows

Bayu Aji says:

really? it’s 2017 android did this wayyyy years ago

RaidanLSRP says:

Thank you so much, appreciated!

No Reason says:

Or u could take a picture

Dawood Gill says:

Hats off to ios 11.

yong qi wha says:

When u know u basically can get all these functions and features on Cam Scanner app…

Android had been always a step ahead from iOS…

Smoked Rhombus says:

Android uses 3rd Party Applications to scan their documents and so does iOS back in the early days but iOS11 Integrated That Feature into the Notes App so iOS Users no longer need to install/download a 3rd party app rather than Android

TristeRobot says:

So it can take pictures of a piece paper? Big whoop.


HAHAHAHA…. Android phones doing thses since 2011 or 12

Murder Bong says:



Where are the exclusive arrogant iboys goes to now? Forget that. Even the the newbie iusers are arrogants.

1xxicecatxx1 says:

Ive been waiting for this for over a Decade wow awesome

KTK27 Productions says:

So you are saying you need two cameras to scan a. Document

ronisworld2 says:

This is totally a life saver!!! thank you for the knowledge!!

Marcello Bello says:

I have a scanner on my cheap Samsung phone since 4 years ago….Fuck you Apple?

Golden Exodus says:

All these android users saying IPhone is rubbish can’t even afford it XD

Time to leave town.

Adityo Prabowo says:

Did Tech Insider make this video on purpose just for trolling Apple sarcastically?

Yusuf Taufiqurrahman says:

My cheap xiaomi can do this before ios 11 published

Hussein Najee says:

After I click the square with+ sign, keyboard shows up instead of the scan procedures. I have an iOS11.4.1 Anyone assist please

Paz Delacruz says:

scanning is just like taking a picture on your document then crop it

darkfridge2221 says:

Tech Insider… more like IPhone Is Cool Insider

Weeb Exterminator says:

lul apple. weak af!

Son Le says:

Before all the kids become brats. SHUT UP. No one wants to hear you complain. The companies aren’t even fighting. You are basically making flamewars in the comments. It’s stupid. It is a phone if it works. Not if it has advanced features. Heck, people even still use the iPhone 4s or the Samsung S4! Smh this is soo anooying. Hope you kids learned something new.

eyemall ears says:

My keyboard is in the way

Karlson Chee says:

you can just download the app you idiot iPhone

Akshobya KL says:

Anyone heard of camscanner app?

sanzo71 says:

wow so innovative

Hayford Akuoko says:

Very good and useful video

Yonathan Gamous says:

It’s already built into Android and there are even many apps that do this

Jur Damei says:

“Good bye large scanner”!!? lol like it was not possible before ios bring this feature, I use adobe scanner for years.

YoAnnaAnna says:

tf, this is the same as taking a picture…

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