The Canon MX492 Printer/Scanner Combo Review. ONLY $40???

Reviewing the Canon MX429 Printer Combo.

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Link to Data Cable:


TSOT7 says:

Nice video. It had all the info I need.

Juan Kelly says:

Please quit youtube

riverleaf316 says:

Thank you for the video. Just bought my first Canon printer and this video helped. Even more so when you mentioned the one cable not in the box ,thank goodness I saved mine from my last printer.

Wydea Merchant says:

I setup and printed just fine without the data cable, now Scanning is another challenge. So far no luck

James William Campbell says:

Great video. Do you know how to scan wireless? I figured out how to print wireless but NO idea how to scan. Thank you

Coffee & Tech says:

New Canon Pixma MX492 Ink Cartridge replacement video.

dmkccR2ventureMade says:

Thank you for the link for the cable. So crucial.
Great review and information. Appreciate it.

Anna says:

Does this copy and scan legal documents?

Dii Lord7th says:

I ended up buying the DJ 3830


wireless is no good! it requires a router?

Renear Askew says:

Great infö and video.

John Publica says:

Great video. Keep up the fantastic work. At the risk of getting flamed, I can sort of see the logic behind why they did not include a DC: to state the obvious: nearly EVERYONE has wireless these days. I cannot think of anyone in my immediate or extended circle of friends, colleagues, family, enemies, et al., who doesn’t have Wi-Fi. Or, to state the premise contra-positively, I know no one who uses a DC these days. Cheers!

Dana's #1 Fan says:

wait so I really need the cable , im confuse?

Avery peck says:

Is it good for heat transfer paper I need a laser printer but I bought an inkjet no knowing that I need laser

Rodney Armstrong says:

I just got mine on top hatter for 28 dollars free shipping. It’s a WiFi printer as well.

Yashtag says:

Thank you, that was a really holistic review!
I wish you showed the printer from different angles, but apart from that, great video.

Thumbs up for the crop-mark shirt! 😀

Ana Karen says:

THANKS SO MUCH MAN CAN NOT believe that the USB is not included but thanks again for the link provided 3 hours of madness trying to install…. smh


Make sure that you plug this into USB 2.0. USB 3.0 does not work with this.

Elizabeth Escobar says:

if i have my documents on google drive, can i print them from my cellphone?

Dii Lord7th says:

Does it scan Legal size paper?

Abundant Manna, Inc. says:


MNHTTN Shop says:

Do you know how to scan multiple pages to MAC (export in pdf)? Thank you

Christopher Tomkinson says:

Great commentary, I’m hooked 😀 Look forward to seeing more videos!

AVERYthing and Anything says:



I am subscribing, but using God’s name as a curse word, NOT OKAY!!! Especially on a video where you are telling people about someone’s product! I hope you do not normally use God’s name in vain, but at least, PLEASE, have the decency to NOT use it on your videos like this one! Thank you! I will listen to more of your videos, if you have some, about this printer, as I am on here to LEARN about how to use it, but if you swear like this in the next one, I am unsubscribing, until you comment that you will not do that anymore! Have a nice day!

Coffee & Tech says:

Sound Pounder Blue Tooth Speaker Review

Clyde Shufran says:

This Canon MX492 printer is totally a piece of shit! You get what you pay for. I took it back and purchased an HP for a little more, but, printer quality was sooo much better and much easier to use.

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