Review of VuPoint Magic Wand Handheld Scanner with Pictures (The Best Image Scanner)

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Bane McDeath says:

Getting a forbidden 403 message when hitting your blog link. Still, this looks promising. Is it the best wand scanner though. I have books to scan and i dont care to ruin the spines using a flat scanner.

dan t says:

you need to stop screaminginto the camera like a psychopath

Brandon Howarth says:

 like cog books log books abit like that- old fashion- audio books but 3-d- or like the turn with the cogs automatically when done manually- so if the computer doesn’t work we got back-up ones like signs that turn- like a audio book- well i quite don’t understand myself sometimes, does people understand where I’m coming from or saying i don’t i think.

Leonardo Mara says:

Very blablablbbbb

ELPaso1990TX says:

Does it connect easily to Ipad?

85254300 says:

How could I scan a page (such as a school textbook, or my personal notes) and convert the picture to words that I could edit? Which scanner and which program/software would you recommend? Please point me in the right direction as I would be very interested in finding out! Thank you & nice review!

ML M says:

Not very helpful. Why don’t you show the scanning in progress, result on your computer? Link doesn’t work any more.

Meriah Smith says:

Thanks for the review.  How does it do with drawings and photos?

Debra Voltolina says:

i wanted to learn how to use it….

szaki says:

F*** you and the battery lid! Put a tape on it, idiot!
I’ve not learned any thing from this video!

Jason Hiebert says:

When you plug the usb into your computer do you have to download a driver before your desktop or laptop will recognize it?  Or is it more of a thumb drive type concept?  I want one for work but the all knowing IT department won’t let any peripherals that require drivers be installed on our computers.

zara shaili says:

where to get this. if any dealers in malaysia

VJ P says:

Hey man….good review!


full bla bla bla

DistinctiveMusicTV - Plus says:

What model is this one? the model I am looking at is PDS ST410 VP. Can they san legal size paper   

johnny5finger says:

I have this scanner when I scan a document I am getting noise on white part of the page, which of course prints out. It scans great photos and other color stuff. But I am not getting a clean scan on black and white documents.

Preston Vaan horne says:

Please spend 9 hours on something that should take a minute and a half . It is always a SMART idea to demonstrate the product BEING USED, and in action as just to talk to hear your own voice. Lame.

Brainbuster says:

2 things.  First, this scanner is awesome.
Second, if you close your eyes, the guy in the video sounds like Kevin Trudeau.

marcia wright says:

Thank you for your honesty…  you are a HUGE HELP

Locomamonk says:

Now this is the review I was looking for. I’ve used these scanners in the past, and with all the advances in motion tracking phones and cameras have nowadays I was wondering if they finally fixed the steady hand problem with this kind of device. Sad that they haven’t. Thanks for this amazing detailed review, subscribed!

Brentwood620 says:

Thanks for the review, which was thorough and helpful.  Wrt meaningless negative remarks… ignore derisive remarks unrelated to the purpose of your video and review.  The internet seems to promote incivility.  Keep doing your own thing and don’t let others bring you down.  Thanks again.  

GroovingPict says:

could you maybe yell a bit louder?

Bob Bobson says:

Excellent review! Informative. However, I wish you gave us a demonstration!

Caitlyn Koerner says:


Yiu Ming Lai says:

show how it works plz

Phenom Menon says:

I have to interject and advise it is NOT. The method shown if scanning books is only good if your pages (plus the text) are able to fit within the width scanned. If your textbooks are anything like mine, this means that they will not fit a majority of the time. While the size of the wand looks wide enough to scan an entire page, the scanning width is about an inch or so less. Attempting to scan the book in other angles is useless (distortion). I advise against using it for textbooks.

BobRooney says:

saved cash by using the 8MP camera on my samsung galaxy s2. at least 20 to 30 times faster than this when scanning a book since i am able to take a shot of two pages at once.

intercoolian says:

Hi Michael, can this handheld scanner scan “Legal” size documents? (8″ X 14″)

Ram MV says:

what is this guy try to do… he didnt show how it works. we can read the manual and get more and clear info than his lecture

Rambo Lopez says:

Get to the point pussy boy

Will Enns Art says:

And, where is your scan of a color target? Where is your analysis of the digital numbers on the color target? Do you even know anything about color?

Bryan M says:

hi Michael, I agree and I have magic wand and it is great, I need to learn how to delete memory card after transferring to PC???

please reply


How do i set the time and date??

Sheila Nguyen says:

Thank you. I found your video very helpful.

Jessica Lynn Santos says:

I have a question can you scan larger images ?like 8×10 size

rockbug00 says:

Thanks so much for the review, it’s been really-really helpful! Keep up the good work!

Joshua Nulton says:

I understand this video is over a year old, but Michael (if you are still around) what is the capacity? I am a teacher could I scan say 500 pages before dumping to computer?

Jerry Fahey says:

the vupoint magic wand model st44pe is a cheap piece of junk and the company does not stand behind it. I bought for $100 and the thing worked twice.

Candi411 says:

Unless there is something wrong with my scanner, I find that the battery life is good for only about 4 or 5 scans. The unit shuts off after scanning a few pictures. Does anyone else have this problem?

keith7023 says:

what is name of the software it came with


good review.. keep it up

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