Review Epson ES-300W duplex color scanner

Disclosure: I received a free sample for review. A document and business card scanner that is capable of high quality scans. Not for photo scanning. Battery power makes it portable but it is quite fragile for road warrior use


Fat Rabbit says:

Very nice video. What does the red triangle button do? The button to the left of the Feed button. Thank you.

asterisk20xx says:

How well does this work using the WiFi AP to scan to smartphones? I need something that is small, has a feeder, and must be completely operated via smartphone. A desktop or laptop isn’t allowed on site, but cameras and handheld scanners are fine. I can use my smartphone camera to take images, but with an estimated 600,000 pages, that would take forever.

Dejay Rezme says:

Thanks for the review! I think this is the same scanner that is sold in Europe as “Epson WorkForce DS-360W”

Earnest Prince says:

I picked up one of these units simply for the portability. Being able to operate on a battery pack via wifi is a huge plus

One thing I have noted, however, (and I’m wondering if you’ve encountered this as well), this scanner does tend to scan through a 20lb bond sheet of white 92 bright paper.

I’m also using Lucion’s File Center for document storage/organization. While I know File Center uses the native scanner driver I still haven’t found a way to compensate for the bleed through I’m getting with this scanner. Bleed through was never a problem using my Brother ADS-1500W though it could be rather peckish about scanning green tinted inks.

Thus I’ve traded ever so slightly smaller foot print and battery pack portability for often times speckled pages scanned through the document.

All in all I use this scanner much more than any of my others just because I can charge its battery and grab it on a moment’s notice to throw a stack of documents or receipts through.

Julia Trachsel says:

Why do you say it is no good for photos? It seems to me that being a duplex scanner I would be able to get the writing on the back of a photo, with the photo-a great thing for me. 300 or 600 DPI is fine for the web, smart phones and e-mailing to relatives. Please explain your ‘no good for photos’ statement, please.

Siamak Kosari says:

Just ordered one. Got the 2 year geek squad because of your fragility concerns.

zach lycans says:

It appears that the mode selector switch was set to document (right side) instead of card (left side) during the demonstration of the scanner’s “problematic” card scanning function. At 3:45 there is a new frame and the mode selector switch is suddenly set to the card side. Wouldn’t it give you problems if you had it set on the wrong setting?

Ánne Mággá Wigelius says:

Hi! Thank you for your review! Is it correct that the “Epson ES-300W” is sold as “Epson WorkForce DS-360W” in Europe??

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