Quick Scan – Portable Rechargeable Handheld Scanner

Needing a scanner in a hurry, I ordered this TaoTronics TT-DS011 model from Amazon – here’s a video.
Amazon UK: http://amzn.to/2erSRZP
Amazon US: http://amzn.to/2ecMNVr
Amazon DE: https://goo.gl/Ojich9

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Q) Why didn’t you buy “insert product here” instead
A) Because this one had a good review score, a decent DPI and could be delivered next day from Amazon.

Q) Why didn’t you do ‘X’
A) Because I did ‘Y’

Q) Isn’t it better to use ‘X’
A) Yes, probably 37% better (give or take).

Q) Something about the legality of scanning money
A) You won’t get much luck buying something with a paper print-out of a still-frame of a video of a scan of one side of a plastic £5 note.

Q) Why is the sound out of sync right at the end of the video.
A) Shoddy workmanship.


Tyee Cambrón says:

I got some portable scanner thing that I tossed into the junk bin a couple years ago. I just use the camera on my phone now.

Andrew Moore says:

It made me sad to hear you couldn’t find a photo in your house, just the Star Wars book :/

Von Antero says:

That scan of the £5 has a lot of jpg artifacts. I wonder if the compression can be reduced

Sander Zewald says:

I used to have a similair scanner like that, only it drew the paper in by itself through its center.

Radi0he4d1 says:

Seriously, try scanning a banknote with those weird yellow circles and the scanner will reject it.

Mike Fellhauer says:

Is it the 1990’s??? I remember we used the Logitech handheld scanners back then because they were cheap compared to a flatbed, but the handhelds are awful, trying to keep them square to the source material. I would NEVER use a handheld scanner today, just too easy to put the material in the high-speed flatbed. LGM (Little Green Muppet)

Cedrick Rozon says:

the reason you have a line down the X-Wing picture scan is likely because theres a speck of dirt on the scanner, seems like a pretty cool device in all!

Karel Beerten says:

I am using Office Lens app on my smartphone for this https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.microsoft.office.officelens&hl=nl, works perfect.

The Best Purple says:

Have the older version of this scanner. I really like it! The older version didn’t come with a card, and is powered by 4 AAs.

Brian Pacheco says:

Is it good for scanning books? I have different size books from pocket size to full size hardcover textbooks that I’d like to convert for reading on Kindle.

Simon Norman says:

I have one if you go slower your scanned will be better Will not stop.. going to get to the corner of the page it will stop

Alan Chun says:

You know there’s scanner apps on your phone and they’re pretty decent to get rid of the keystone correction. I use HP AIO, it’s actually pretty good. That way you could take a photo on an angle and avoid the glare, then adjust keystone so it becomes a flat page. I’m sure you knew about it but nice review anyway.

Jonty Campbell says:

Remember the portable photocopier? It was about the size of a 3-400 page hardback novel, and copied whatever you “wiped” the endon over in a roll of paper which came out of it, you had to glue or tape the strips together which were about 5-6″ wide if I recall…

Brett Vogel says:

I am really tired of these damn viagra commercials

sushi dream says:

how much did this scanner cost

Aaron Schumacher says:

Ive got something like this. Its the VuPoint Magic Wand and I love it. I dont waste my time connecting it to the computer but just pop out the sd card. I use it in coffee shops while having client meetings. It comes in handy all the time.

VideoVisualFX says:

i think you have to move it slower if you want a better resolution.

Jeffrey Morgan says:

I think this is one of the worst items you have demoed. Really low res for £60 as the Brother DS620 has 600 DPI for £70

Extol Eugene says:

I guess I haven’t paid much of attention to scanners but they are ridiculously high resolution for the price. Of course these can’t be used like cameras but it is interesting.

Raimar Lunardi says:

You had to compare it with the flatbed scanner image too!!

bushyconn says:

Would this have been similar to the scanner scabbier that I used long ago ( in the 90s)? I seem to recall that it was a bit more complicated to use – perhaps just me and my cag handed ways.

Otokichi786 says:

How very interesting, “hand scanners” have come a long way from a Logitech hand scanner that could turn out very distorted images if you scanned too fast, the copy moved, or you ran into an obstruction during your scan. Plus, Ye Olde 1990’s hand scanner was limited to 360dpi, which matched the H-P 550C color innkjet printer. The fallback option was to drag out the Nikon, attach a Micro lens, place the copy stand lights at the proper angle, and use some Tungsten balanced 35mm slide film. I stopped buying camera gear long enough to get a flatbed scanner, only to run into IRQ conflicts, etc. A Canon LED scanner stopped working, so I stepped up to an Epson that was Windows/Mac compatible, which finally solved those problems.;)

Paul Potter says:

Interesting device. Reminds me of those old hand scanners.

Pika Pika! says:

To be completely honest, I don’t see much of a point in a pocket scanner if you already have a cellphone with even a slightly decent camera. There are plenty of camera scanner apps for all phones and I used them plenty of times in college to scan notes.

Alan Wolfe says:

You shouldn’t of scanned it as a JPG, because that is a compressed format. Pdf would have been more ideal to show highest resolution.

Ben Phillips says:

Class 4!? What cheap dicks.

mtkl23 says:

scan your face ?!?!

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