NeatDesk Scanner Review 2014 – What you should know.

3 important facts you MUST consider before buying or returning a NeatDesk Scanner. 1. Ignore OLD Reviews! 2. Don’t worry about auto-filling fields. It’s the SEARCH feature you are going to rely on, and it rocks! (And auto-fill improves as you go along. It seems to “learn” as it goes). 3. To make installation easy: go straight to the website and download the software. It’s going to save you a ton of aggravation.

I didn’t expect to love this document scanner, but I do! I made this video because I quickly learned that old reviews are really giving this cool machine a bad rap! My full written review can be found on my blog, here:

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Miriam Reckart says:


Mr2ezgoin says:

Have had my NeatDesk for about a month and I love it!

Afjal Hossain says:

Hi Mimi, thanks so much for putting out a great review on NeatDesk scanner. We are in real estate and need to do a lot of documentation. I also had a question if I can also scan checks with it and if it can save the check with that person’s name who I have received it from? Because I need to do our accounting with QB Online. Is this my best option to get it over anything else in the market?

Ramses330 says:

Thank You So Much for this video! I haven’t thought of buying one because of the fake reviews… But with this video i will definitely be purchasing one thank you again! Liked & Subscribed!

Shelly Jordan says:

Thanks for taking the time to give such a great review.  I appreciate your honesty and candor.

Claudia Williams says:

Thanks, I just bought one.  I hope I like it.  I pd. 399.  🙁


I have Neat desktop scanner i got it really cheap for 100$ and i love it software was downloaded on Neat best scanner out there period yeah.

S. Staples says:

Thank You Mimi for a GREAT review…  I have worked with Neat Receipts and then Neat Desk for the better part of 6 years now.. and you are right..there have been issues in the past.. some of it due to neat.. but as much due to the quality of the thermo-printed receipts that you get everywhere now…  Nice to hear an un-biased review..   I am just another user…and think its too bad the youTube and amazon dont do a good job of updating the information they are passing on… Steve

HeyMimi DIY says:

Here are all my NeatDesk & Neat Software videos (as of 2/28/15):
Getting Tech Support:
Neat Desk Has Stopped Working:
3 Things You Should Know About NeatDesk: (that’s this video)
NeatDesk Export and Backup:
Neat 5.5 Installation Woes:

vinnyg101 says:

Neat probably ok now…I purchased one of their scanners when neat first came out around 2007. It was so buggy and slow I stopped using it. The company advertised their product as “great” and put out a product that was so buggy that Neat lost credibility and I never used them again.

But your review is outstanding….great job!

tinter4life says:

Neat SHOULD pay you! You are one the best easy to listen to youtubers on the planet & great at giving tutorials! Can you maybe make a video from start to finish from scanning to filing to uploading to the cloud? That would be great! Thanks. I’m definitely subscribing to your channel!

Dan Ballard says:

This Video told me NOTHING! I just want to know if it will meet my receipt scanning needs. Specifically will it break out each item on the receipt – not just the company name and total.

Christine C says:

i would like to get some infmation about getting the infor to scan on to my puter screen.

Edward Ragin Ragin says:

Hello HeyMimi I have been using this neat scanner and have a lot of issues. I can’t find a number so I can call them for one thing. There web site isn’t helpful. Sorry I brought this thing.
Recently I was inputting and after I got all the receipts inputted I got an error message and it just shut down the site. Running 5.6 I think is the problem.
How does one get help from this company that is based in my home town. I should take time off and take the machine to them and pound on there desk. LOL I only live 20 miles from there HQ, in philadelphia

Cosimo Massimino says:

Hey Mimi so after you scan all your documents receipts etc. the whole point of doing this is to get rid of clutter is it wise to toss out all the receipts and documents after you scan them I would think that would be the whole purpose to spend the money on the scanner and go through all this work is to free up space what do you think

Gia Henry says:

Your review and video was SO HELPFUL!  I am waiting for mine to be delivered and I can’t wait.  I will take your suggestions and get the software from the website since I have windows 8.  THANKS SO MUCH MIMI!

tinter4life says:

HeyMimi. I’m having a problem where after I fill in the info manually and I scan a few more items. An item the was already filled out ends up being blank & then I have to refill the info. Any ideas why that could be happening? I don’t see a save button when I’m done filling in the blanks. Just the back button up top. Any help will be greatly appreciated. Thanks! 🙂

MatthewKupid says:

Hi Mini,   I called Neat today and asked if I could access the database from something other then the neat software and the answer is No.  So that tells me that the product is proprietary. But,  that is NOT a BAD thing.  It just means that they are not using or telling customers that they are using a open back end database.  This does not make a product bad.  The fact they they allow you to export date to CSV’s, PDF’s, JPG;s is awesome,  but that does not make it not proprietary, but it does mean that they care about customers and provide you a means to export data to use in other software.   So technically,  the software is proprietary,  but that in it self does not make something bad.  It just means other software can not directly access their database and they do not share how they store the data internally.   Based on you reviews, I have purchased the product and because neat is responsive to customer needs.  But, technically,  the software it is proprietary,  but they do provide a way to export data.  If it was not proprietary you would not need to export the data,  you could access it directly from other products.

Joseph Stevens says:


w1bmw says:

Thanks for your time in putting this together. You’ve saved me a lot of standing around the the office supply store scratching my head.


Street Glide69 says:

Good Video

Coffee Chai And Makeup says:

HSN has it on sale today. I cancelled my order based in those old reviews. But now after seeing your vdo I will order it again

Bruce Middleton says:

Great clip. I am trying to run a report for three years ago however the drop down menu only allows me to go back one year. How do I fix this???

Ma Xiang says:

Guys, don’t waste your time watching this dumb woman bla bla bla full of shit not a single useful word. I gave you -10 for this kind of shit video scam.

Stephanie Chamblee says:

I purchased the NeatDesk several months ago.  Tried it one time, approx. 10mins and gave up.  Before I sell it, I figured TRY IT AGAIN – but ask for help.  I visited a business that has it locally and asked the owner how did she like it… SHE SAID, BEST ADDITION TO HER OFFICE.  So I’m trying it again…… I hope & pray its as easy as you demonstrate.  Will update you in a few days.

k c says:

You are a hoot! Great review!

Ravi Chadha says:

The old Legacy software worked great. I upgraded to the on line version and have nothing but problems. The tech support is very slow to respond and so far has been completely unsatisfactory

Ma Xiang says:

NEAT is a joke and scam. Your review is old and it’s either you work for Neat or you don’t know what you are talking about.

J SL says:

All well and good except your video shows Neat working. And it doesn’t. This is THE most annoying, time consuming and EXPENSIVE TO FIX computing disaster I have ever encountered. a YEAR worth of ‘assistance’ from Neat led to ‘Well, sorry but we can’t help you’. Neat online is SLOW – at least 10x slower than the ‘legacy’ software. The auto filing THEY inflicted on me when migrating information online cost me THOUSANDS (and I MEAN THOUSANDS) to fix – I am STILL! 9 months later picking through errors they created. The program crashes FREQUENTLY. The legacy software will crash reliably everytime a double sided page is scanned, at least it’s predictable. Online just crashes randomly. I’m not sure which is worse. Then there is the hardware. 50% of the time I get a black stripe through the middle third of the first page. This happened with one previous scanner which I took back, but when it happened again with the new Neat ND-1000 I contacted help and again, guess what – no help available. I am NOT the only one this happens to, the product originally was SO good, but as soon as they messed it up with online (aside from the money they charge – I wouldn’t care as long it WORKED!) it became a clunky, buggy messy and infuriating process to be involved with.

Jack Torse says:

On March 1, 2016, the Neat Company posted an announcement that it is ending support for Neat Desktop as of March 31, 2016. Meaning it will stop fixing bugs and allowing new downloads. If past behavior is any
indication, the next OS update will break Neat Desktop but now the company won’t fix it. Instead, Neat
demands that its customers subscribe to its new cloud software. That’s a minimum of $72 per year. Read it and weep:

Nena Kammerer says:

Hi Mimi – I enjoyed your review regarding NeatDesk, and if you have a moment I’d like to ask a few questions. My husband and I own a small service company and have been keeping paper files of our customers for far too long. Basically, we have to paw our way through hundreds of paper invoices and estimates to find a past customer, and if we do not know the exact month and year that we provided service to them, it is impossible to find their paperwork. I’ve been watching several review videos and tutorials for various software programs and scanners to try to determine what will work best for what it is that we are trying to accomplish, which is to create a customer database that would allow us to store customer information (contact info., service provided, amount charged, and date service was performed), the ability to print customer address labels for mailers, and have the ability to quickly search for said customers by typing in a keyword, such as their name, address, email address, and/or phone number. We would also like the ability to scan in the original hand-written invoice and attach it to a certain customer accordingly – (when we are in the work field we hand-write all invoices – customer’s contact information, date, amount charged, work performed, and any additional notations). After watching your review of the NeatDesk scanner, it appears that this product has the capability of scanning our hand-written invoices, and than auto-filling customer information into custom fields. My questions are, once you scan in a document does it create an individual file for that document that has the availability of being updated; for example, if we wanted to update our customer’s contact information, such as a phone number or address, do we have the capability to do so? If the scanner does not pick up certain customer information written on the invoice, am I able to go back and type in the information myself? Would the customer’s contact information be searchable using keywords as listed above – customer name, address, email address, phone number? Can we export particular customer addresses into a file that we are able to print mailing labels for ad mailers or maintenance reminders? Can we send out maintenance reminders or ads to several emails at once?

There are so many software programs available, customer database management programs, etc. out there that seem to be geared toward larger companies – we are a family owned and operated business – very small, with approximately 2,000 new customers each year, but with several file cabinets filled with approximately 25,000+ invoices of previous customers. We would love the availability to quickly look up a customer’s file to view it’s contents, send out mass emails of current ads, and print labels to send out ads and maintenance reminders. 

I was told by another to go with Quickbooks, which I’m not very familiar with either – I will need to view more tutorials regarding Quickbooks features and if it would work for what we need – i’m not sure if it has the capability of scanning and storing hand-written documents and attaching them accordingly. Anyway, questions regarding Quickbooks would be another novel for me to write – lol. We are beginners when it comes to transforming our “old school” ways into the new generation of keeping customer records. Any help you could offer would be greatly appreciated!!!!   

mioduz says:

is this a review of the scanner or a review of other reviews. this video could have been summed up in about 1 minute.

Onel E Riveron says:

I’m thinking of buying one of these. Some comments below, there’s a guy saying that the software is free for a year, and after that you have to sign up to continue using it. Is there any truth behind that?

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