NeatDesk Desktop Scanner and Digital Filing System For Mac & PC with Rachel Boesing

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Debbie Lungo says:

I CHANGED MY SETTING FROM THE COLUMNS which separated it all into two columns now and can’t get them changed back, does someone know how to return it all to default?

Chris F says:

OLD – Neatworks doesn’t even exist anymore, it’s now Neat 5.5 – and I tried it and the thing is a POS. It won’t feed documents right half the time, the OCR sucks, it misinterprets documents – and on and on. Look on Amazon for all the negative reviews – most are correct on the negatives – and then look at a Fujitsu Scansnap – much easier and better value. They make it seem like a miracle device – it”s not. Some might think, but the majority says it’s not, espicially when it comes to support. (I have been a Computer Technician for 18+ years)

The One and Only says:

I just want to scan a document, I don’t want a subscription. Annoying!

mohd raifoddin says:

sounds seems very interesting but…. can it scan a document back to back at once…?
which one is best for me I am document controller —- I have huge duty document folders that I want to scan

mike bracamonte says:

Useless video!! It says tutorial and all you hear is the lady saying “Oh how nice”. Give use a real tutorial please that shows how to set up and do one without that annoying lady in it.

Tanielle Brown says:

I have Neat but it prints dark. What can I do to show a cleaner scan?

paula garcia says:


Joseph Warnes says:

Dam that dude is tiny, he’d probably get a hernia picking up the scanner !

smthingcreativepls says:

Can it auto feed photos? If so how many at once? I have 6000+ photos to scan

Kathiravan Manimozhi says:

What if I want to scan a Passport?

Daniel Lopez says:

Actually, PDF documents can be manipulated with OCR technology, and other Adobe Acrobat variations.

Devi Vara Prasad says:

can it scans a6 (legal) size documents

G-Maw Carroll Dodd says:

2017 March, I am a Neat user with A new 2016 desk top with Window 10.

This program WAS purchased in 2013, and worked just fine until UPDATE 2016 was installed by the NEAT COMPANY.

Every week since the update, I have had nothing but frustrating issues. 

So here are the most frequent issures:

FIRST:  Scan the document, WHICH
quickly scans 1 single document or up to 15 documents.

However, processing the documents WILL take a long time, sometimes (lately Daily) the computer shows a circle rotating up at the top of the computer screen, stating PENDING.  This Pending status may take 1 minute up to unknown!

Ths is a pain, one small receipt may still be SCANNING, after an hour, during which I am unable to do ANYTHING else with the neat, I am finally so FRUSTRATED waiting, I call NEAT HELP LINE.

I explain I am having issues, “Pending status appears frozen”. While a document is pending I am unable to scan additional documents or switch tasks to go into other file and up date the fields.  Virtually I am FROZEN out of this program.

My only solution at this point is to call into the help line, get the help line to delete  and start again.  It takes a few hours for me to obtain this help. 

This issue has been my issue since I began using the program in December 2016, which as stated was after the current program up date.

The memory slow down (or my thought program  “freezes”) has now appeared  daily, today twice, first thing in morning then after Help line fixed the issue again in the afternoon!

I have left the computer running an entire day, hoping the two page document would finally be processed. 

I have hundreds of pieces of paper work to be scanned into a variety of files.  I have limited my choices to Two type of scanned choices:

Issue #2:  After a document is ACTUALLY finished processing, I open the tab to check and correct the fields.  When I click on save, I often get a RED circle with an exclamation mark, stating it was not processed.  HELP LINE SUGGESTED;   “don’t let that bother me.  They do not know why this is happening to EVERYONE.”

The people at Neat only tell the customer they are Working on these issues.

I find this answer after two months unacceptable.

I do not appreciate PAYING a monthly fee for something that doesn’t work as originally planned, when purchased in 2013.

I do have ONE help representative, and one complaint number, to always get me back to one help desk operator, but it takes her at least an hour to return my call.


joseph Van Wie says:

He stated that when he wants a recipe, he wants the picture along with the text. Then he says watch this and the unit printed out the text only. Also it scans one sided. The software may be amazing but he only showed what any multi page scanner can do. The chic should take it down a couple notches before she burns out a vocal cord. I know these presenters are supposed to act excited but dam! I have to get some Qtips to get the blood out of my eardrums. This is one of the few products that have gone up in price. I was seriously considering purchasing one but after this presentation I’m skeptical. Good luck yall.

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