Neat Co Receipt and Document Scanner EXTREMELY USEFUL for small business

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Some people asked me how I keep my finances in order. So, I made a video. I’m a photographer and videographer who splits his time between LA, London, and Vienna. I shoot wedding, headshots, events, and have created content for brands and agencies including Nike, Finish Line, Champs, MeUndies, Brandy Melville, Mary Grace Swim, Sigma, Rokinon, Wilhelmina, Next, Storm, IMG and No Ties. . I shoot weddings, headshots, social content for brands, and sell prints of my travel photography.

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More about me:

I’m 34, the same age my Dad was when he married my mom, and the same age my Mom was when she first went into the hospital.

I think I’ve lived a pretty full life… Let me give you some perspective… I’ve lived in my car and in a French Chateau in the same six month time period. I made $15,000 in the stock market from 18-20, then spent it all to go to KU for a very short period of time. I’ve made up to $100k+ a year in my 20s and as little as $0 a year in my 30s. I lost 99.9% of the possessions I valued in my life in one fall swoop.

I was praised by the Board of Regents at EMU, the Dean, The Wall Street Journal, Crain’s, turned $4k into $45k selling NASCAR cards, and received a scholarship the same year I graduated on academic probation.

I’ve put on 125 lbs and lost 85… 🍕🍔🌯

I was hit by a car while I was on my bike on the way to my office.

I confined myself to a single white walled room for years working 18 hour days a foot away from my bed on food stamps pursuing what God laid on my heart as the right path for me… only to fail miserably and very publicly after putting it all on the line… twice.

Then, I got my wings and traveled the world… where I finally admitted to myself, out loud, that I would submit to God’s mandate for my life instead of following the glory I wanted. That same day, I booked my first wedding, three headshot sessions, and an event all while being homeless… it was a breadcrumb, but not the end of the struggle…

I’ve leaned on a lot of people. Some have failed me greatly, and others have filled me up with a sense of home, respect, security, and love.

It’s my notion that the heart is a direct line of communication to God or whatever your version of him that may be… and that’s what I lead with ❤️

I guess I could have said “I’ve gained, lost, and learned a lot”, but I can’t exactly write a compelling book being a vanilla cone lacking depth… 😉

Besides, once you know someone’s story, you can’t help but love them.



david preston says:

can you print the receipt out if the irs wants copies?

Chris Briano says:

Joe Thanks for the Video, I started working with this and man is it easy. For those who watch this, two quick things, this is the portable version. The Desktop Version is alot faster. One thing you have to do is go thru (During or After you are done scanning everything) is verify things, Still its an incredible tool. What this is used for is just organizing yourself especially if you own your own business. YOU still have to save your receipts in case you do face an audit, but what this does is it will tell you that YOU DO HAVE THE RECIEPT you are looking for. For instance, an employee tells you that they gave you a receipt 3 months ago for the 200 dollars of purchases at the local Stationary store, sure that company credit card says $200.00 spent on or about Oh, September 10, 2014, but you need it itemized. The employee says, I bought a Day Planner and some items for my desk. Well, you can open up your NeatDesk folder and under “Search” type in: “Day Planner” hit enter and anything with the word “Day Planner” pops up and BOOM! There is the receipt your employee was telling you about, with the items he described and the amount you were looking for. You can printout the copy of the receipt or, if you need the original  it tells you that it was scanned on May 22 and filed with the May receipts even though the purchase was made in April. 
You can itemize everything from Credit Card paper billing, to an email conversation you had with a person at the credit card company about a Fraudulent expenses. Dont want to carry 100 business cards with you? You dont have too, simply scan those business cards and they will be kept on your computer, as well as be placed in “V-Cards” on your Smart Phone/Device.
And Now…there is… “THE CLOUD” yes, THE CLOUD…
Scan items on to your desktop or laptop and not only can YOU now see these receipts or business contracts on any device, like your smart phone, tablet, desktop or laptop but anyone you allow can also see these items when you allow them. 
Oh, and if you are on a business trip…simply take a picture of your reciept and immediately send it to you Neat Folder and you can make sure it lands in the right folder upon your return to the office or wherever your computer/laptop/tablet may be.

Sorry this is soooo long winded, but I wanted to let you know just “SOME” of the great features this has. It also scans/copies in black and white and in color. Oh, and… if you want too, you can drop the “BILLS” into your Quickbooks and they will be itemized for you. Maybe your boss likes to see things in a Excel Spread sheet, yep…there is a drop down window for that too. This does it all. 
“But what if I don’t know how to do all that?” well right off the bat, the paperwork and the Software Disk uploads a very easy step by step video to help you with. Then takes a moment for you to try things yourself before you move on to your next steps. 
This Truly is an amazing product. What is Funny is I have only used the Portable item. I can only imagine that the Bigger “Desktop” Version being 5x faster could do. Yes, you Desk/Office/Home can go from steps away from being on an episode of ‘Hoarders’ to looking like you were visited by ‘The Stepford Wives’ or “Mr.Clean’. 
This is one product I highly, highly recommend. 
More Questions? (Email me: or…

Thank you and God Bless.
-Chris Briano

joevenuto says:

@Destiny9111 Yea no kidding!

Some Guy 619 says:

Thanks, im going to get one of these ASAP. Keep up the great videos, u stay on topic and keep every simple.

Kandi Klover says:

The automation software is what makes it. I used to archive with a flatbed scanmer and it took forever to tag metadata for it amd crop it in the imaging program and put all the info in. Not to mention the files are huge.

Andrés V says:

What if a receipt is blurry? Can you edit?

magnaozi says:

Does neat suport portuguese?

Brian Kujawa says:

What kind f replacement ink does it need?

D. Hansel says:

I have the NM-1000 scanner from Neat. My problem is when I open the software I get an error Message telling me “Error Processing Item” Neat encountered an unexpected error during processing. The item has been removed from you queue and will be retired after the application is next restarted. If the problem persists, please contact Customer Support.
WELL .. I called customer support and waited for over 30 minutes and finally gave up.
Neat company wants to sell the products at a god awful high price but doesn’t want to help the customers.
They say they have a 30 day free help policy and after that they stick it to their CUSTOMERS.
If you can find a cheaper hand scanner GET IT !

Joe Flatley says:

LOL! Geniuses are rarely tidy. I love your work space. 🙂

Just some advice: try to keep your receipt paper as “neat” and unfolded as possible. This makes it easier for the scanner to feed and the software to read.

I love Neat Receipts! Mine is USB powered.

Erin Sorensen says:

This was great. I’ve been thinking about buying one of these for awhile. I’m sold.



Tanya Ponomarev says:

Where is this sold? Are there different Neat Receipt Scanners?

Mohammad Omar says:

How is it with scanning colored photos (high resolution)

cristian cruz says:


Steve Nicholls says:

my desk looks JUST like that! literally! im getting one of these right now. Thanks for the review!

joevenuto says:

@NubNL07 I don’t.

Crücial Living says:

What happens if you need to return a item to a retail store? I was by a retail store that they only take original receipts? Have you had any trouble or experience like that?

scully says:

Thank you for starting the video explaining paper documents, with an example of a business owner needing digital copies which was something that wasn’t too hard to relate to. A delightful, brief history of humankind. The many scenes showing a pile of receipts really helped me to grasp the idea as well. Thanks again and have a good day.

princeofdarknessxyz1 says:

does it let you create a memo or a receipt b/c some places won’t give out receipts…and I have like a large bag of receipts that i’m lazy to look at and type in excel…would it be easier to type in excel?

princeofdarknessxyz1 says:

oh do I still keep the receipts or throw it out after i’m done scanning it?

noobtube1210 says:

@reges77 bigger companies would honor the scanned receipt because it is just a reference to a the item number and the date and time it was sold at their store that honors the warranty and verifies it was purchased there. However i would save the paper for the big ticket items anyways just in case they try and wiggle their way out of honoring your warranty. Especially if it’s not a big company.

John Lewis says:

The time taken to scan all these receipts is time consuming. There are lot of receipt tracking apps ,(e.g.) Shoebox, Lemon, NumReceipt, etc.. Checkout these receipt scanner app from Google play.

Brian Delves says:

Thanks for posting this. Neatco should put you on their payroll!! I ordered one right after watching this.

Ahmed Albahhar says:

That is a useful device 🙂

RJD185 says:

Can’t you make a duplicate receipt with this software in case you lose your original?

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