HP Deskjet 3634 All In One Wireless Printer, Copier, and Scanner Review

HP Deskjet 3634 on Amazon!

The HP Deskjet 3634 All In One is a great addition to any home or office setup! It prints text documents very quickly and prints high quality pictures as well. The printer is easy to use and setup was easy and quick with my smartphone. I would definitely recommend it to anyone looking to add a printer to their home or office setup!

This video was done for HP, so that’s why there is no direct to audience lingo going on like “like” “subscribe” and all that jazz. Enjoy the video!

This video was sponsored by HP, all opinions in this video are my own. Amazon links are affiliate links.

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Child Man says:

how do you scan?

Albert Torcaso says:

Super Review Tyler!

frank1847 says:

This is the Desk jet 3630 as it is printed on your start up disc at 0 :16 … Did H P not point this glaring error to you ? .

TastyCritters says:

After looking on Amazon for about an hour I finally found this one. It is the only one that has a 5star rating! Thanks for an in-person review!! 🙂

Vinicius Emidio Bosi says:

To use the printer’s scanner function you have to access the printer’s embedded Web server to access so you need to enter the printer’s IP.
on your browser.

To identify the IP of your printer you have several options, I will show a very easy option for windows:

Open Windows Explorer, and then click Network.
If your printer is connected it will appear in this place, double click on it and will open a window in your browser with the Embedded Web Server
and click Webscan, configure the options as desired, and then click Start.

Nancy says:

I still can’t get the printer to work – I used the disk & it still won’t print from laptop

Zact_SwiFT Mortal says:

it wont print without the wire, please help how do i change my settings.

DerpyDIGITAL says:

thank you !

Luis Fernando Carvalho says:

Good explanation! Clear way of speaking. You should invest on that with “publicity/adverstising”… Even if it is just with your voice!! LOL #justkidding

gnogko says:

is the same for 3632?

lekha ravikumar says:

is there a email option like 3700?

macboogieland says:

how do you not review the scanner?

Anette Svea Åsgård says:

Are you from like the midwest, lol your accent is funny.
I’m California, so I’m sure you probably think my accent is funny.

Emtobed .EMTOBED says:

how can you scan by your phone and install? I say this because I have hp deskjet 3633

HP Printer Support Care says:

Nice review Great job!!!!!!

Wendy Flanders says:

you have a slight resemblance. lol. then again I’ve been up all night with puppies. 😉

Daniel28021991 says:

Great review

Stef C says:

C525? you forgot to mention the number of the ink box.

Funmi Noami says:

how do you print

ali tahsin says:

Mine is stuck on e4 but their is no paper jam can you help ?

Venu Kuruganti says:

That “red flap” looks like a tongue!!! X-D It looks like the printer is sticking its tongue out at you!! ROFL!

Thane Ahrens says:

What’s the difference in this model and the one with the name “advantage ink” added in the model name?

Kat Nielsen says:

WTF?? How does it scan ?? Not a WORD about it. Guy, your review sucks, i’m sorry

lwnaALiraq says:

Am so glad to hear that as I just bought it.

Aiza Aiza says:

i WANT TO know is how to scan

WuPiDu says:

#nice review #great job #keep it up

Ingrid meerbeek-de Jager says:

How do we scan !!!!! I see many ask the same question but you don`t answer. How do we scan ?

Technologically challenged says:

How is this a review? All you keep saying is how it’s an amazing printer, of course you’d say that when HP is paying you. I want to know how the scanner works. I want to know if i can connect the printer to my ipad. Answer the real questions.

Wendy Flanders says:

Are you related to Scott Disick?

steven tran says:

S T U P I D video

Shon Meere says:

I watched this video to figure out how to scan and he doesn’t mention a word about it!!

Christine Kilby says:

I really enjoyed your review, having just bought this model in Tesco UK allegedly reduced from £49.95 to £29.95 so, given the bargain price, I was a bit worried about the quality. I don’t know if you are working on behalf of HP but you still covered some of the basic info very clearly and made me feel confident that I had made a wise purchase.

TaeKook Jams says:

Isn’t this HP DeskJet 3630

Jabber Scheiße says:

What cartridge you use to print on a photo paper?

ockeghem35 says:

Hmmmm….hoped for a a step-by-step guide on how to set this up. Guess this wasn’t the right place….

chiku rout says:

hay sir i am from india & i want 2 know
how many print black paper & how many in color with 1 bottle

Ebony Edwards says:

how do you scan

Ken Cameron says:

mine wont print anymore. it spits out blank pages. soon to use a hammer on it.

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