How to Efficiently Digitize a Book! CZUR Book Scanner

This is a totally new scanner that looks very different from a conventional scanner. Much smaller, lighter and quicker!!

Amazon link:


– Auto book curve image-flattening
– Fingerprint erasing
– Ultra-fast scanning rate


– We actually met a problem when we first use the scanner with the software, but we spent some extra time to research and understand the software, turns out everything is fine later

Other thoughts:

Could widely use under situations:

1. Administration Department or Financial Department of Enterprises
2. Library or School
3. Archives/Public Security Organization or Court
4. Law Office or Accounting Firm
5. Financing Institution such as Bank or Securities Company

Amazon Link:

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Rama Krishna says:

The newly released czurtek M3000 is priced at $ 3000 . I want to know does the high price justify the quality as compared to czurtek ET-16

Rama Krishna says:

I am waiting for your valuation and demonstration, sir.

Neighborhood Nationalist says:

“Presented by the Communist Party of the People’s Republic of China.”

At My House says:

How come you didn’t offer me one of these? hmph

Keith Clark says:

I purchased this scanner a few weeks ago and have downloaded the updated software. Having issues with the scanner not cropping or edging, not flatting much at all. To be honest, I don’t feel this scanner works the way it was advertised. I need a book scanner, but just not happy with it at all. Are you having any issues with yours and is it doing okay? Thank you for your time. Anyone can reply.

Johanneslol11 says:

This seems like a good product. 🙂 A bit on the expensive side though. A small tip for the general text under the video In this way the english is better 🙂 !!

Welcome to our channel, our channel is focused on introduction of products manufactured here in China for overseas consumers. We are not paid or hired to review this products and we give our objective review about the products.

If you would like to see more reviews, please subscribe and share our channel with your friends.

We sincerely hope you enjoy our channel, you will learn what kind of Chinese products you could buy and where to get from!

UnboxingChina says:

We have a 399USD price range camera drone available for giving away to youtubers for reviewing. See detail here:

Bernhard Michaelis says:

“Auto book curve image-flattening” really? you are talking about it but do not show ANY results! Quite frankly I find this very embarrassing, why don’t you learn English first before you have the audacity to present a product for the English speaking market?! In fact, looking at the Amazon feedback given by people who bought this product, their main complaint was that the manual for this product didn’t make any sense at all because it was written in pidgin Chinese! and I am personally tired of these kind of manuals that do not make any sense!

renyin wang says:

Connect with cellphone, you don’t even recommend yet!

Ryan Lester says:

Pretty sweet! That’d be awesome for backing up old service manuals. Looks like its high enough resolution to handle wiring diagrams and such.

Rama Krishna says:

Auto Curvature correction, edge detection , gutter detection , deskewing , despeckling , background cleaning , splitting into right & left pages , PDF generation

Sun Simon says:

Hello king, The follow is one of my Amazon store, if you interested some products, and we can do more a coopreations,

Ruibin Wang says:

How about chart or table in documentation? The scanner can digitize these content?

Rama Krishna says:

The czurtek passes it onto D & H Innovation London. . They inflate the price too much. Prefer to deal with Asians in Asia. Either Singapore or India. 3000$ may be five times it’s actual worth.

Bud White says:

I have thoroughly researched what I need to scan and archive very old and fragile books that have diagrams and photographs, with vital information, for personal use and for business, and I believe the czur et16 is exactly what I need, and since I don’t have alot of money for something industrial or thousands of dollars, and I believe this will work for what I need it for. I am gonna get one as soon as I can afford it, or sell something collectible of mine off on ebay to pay for it. Technically, I have some very rare military books, some pre ww2 era very rare palmach hebrew language books, very rare, and alot of vintage ww1 and ww2 military manuals that are fragile and worn and need the information and images saved, old out of print books that I would like to digitize so I don’t keep referring to them for information causing them to fall apart. I need this scanner,…..bad!

Rama Krishna says:

Hi, Gentle ChinamanCould you give a quick review of czurtek M3000 released just now. How does it compare with ET-16

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