Fujitsu Scansnap ix500 Small Business Scanner

My review of the Fujitsu Scansnap ix500 is based on what we use it for, so it might not be the most comprehensive thing ever. Basically we needed one of these for business use, and you guys told me you wanted me to review that kind of stuff, so here goes.

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Melody Russo says:

you went over the complexity if your computer won’t read a CD, and it was too fast.  I have a Microsoft Surface Pro and am trying to set it up.  Now it sounds very much more complicated, and you went fast over ‘…management utilities…”. HELP!

Lance Moffa says:


republicofsandals says:

In Soviet Russia, paper scans you!

Thompson Bellingrath says:

wicked, thx much!

Jeh Rhm says:

How about a new update on the ix500!

recon forsales says:

can it scan passport and credit card

Matt Grutza says:

I know this is super late but I love when you do reviews like this because it really helps me when I’m looking to buy products like this.


Amber Renee says:

Great review! Thank you. Very helpful for business. Please keep doing business reviews 🙂

Karl Kvalvik says:

@LinusTechTips I’m in the market for a business scanner and I appreciated your review. Keep up the good work!

LearnMast Admin says:

Well Done, Sold

DAVID W says:

Holy Balls, know-it-all! 😉

Very useful info.

Tarek Torbey says:

please keep making business related video every now and then

Frank Thomas says:

Yes more videos on office equipment is very good. I’d like to see more on the software side on managing a paperless office for sure.

Stefan Meier says:

thanks man, very helpful!

Weronika Strzalkowska says:

Very good review. Thanks.

dreamingcode says:

Rolls eyes at stupid intro

turcu daniel says:

hi. I bought mine and from the start it made a black band on the second page of the file (the reverse). I couldn’t get rid of it.
Do you know anything about it?

Prakash Morar says:

Great review, i was thinking of buying this and there was no decent review online. Keep it up .

skylark159 says:

Hi LMG Team! 🙂

I just wanted to comment here, I know this video is older at this point but the information has proven to be very valuable to me. I work for a customer who just purchased 3 of these scanners and your review has helped me very quickly come up to speed on the product.

Thank you, thank you, thank you! 🙂

..and yes I think you should keep giving us these videos on the office tools you guys use. You have a young business and I think your team has some awesome insight into many emerging ways to handle day-to-day operations. 🙂

Justo Diaz says:

Thanks for the informative video, your fast talking reviews make my life easy…. I’m soooo getting this scanner!

Pankaj Garg says:

Loved the way you did this no time waste synopsis. I have been using this scanner for 3 years, yet I managed to pick up a couple of helpful tips! Excellent Job! Would love to see more small business related stuff.

Ramon Colon says:

great video, thanks…. you are giving me hope to my receipt and business card madness

Vanden Bowen says:

Is it possible to print a blank register (with a different printer), fill the information in (A, Z, O, X, etc.) and then have the scanner scan it back into a new excel spreadsheet?

Is it possible to label pieces of paper (using a simple word(s) that are stamped or written into the top corner (for example) before scanning, and have the scanner automatically file using the label?

Can the scanner scan A3 paper?

Thanks for the info.

Vijay Das says:

how to scan book in that?

Ton Robert says:

How much is this scanner ?

Ha V. says:

do you really read your comments?

Ivana Humpalot says:

youtube probably told you to stop making videos with that squeaky-faggoty voice

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