Fujitsu ScanSnap ix500 Review With iPad and Wifi Scanning Features

Buy it on Amazon – (affiliate link). The ScanSnap ix500 is the latest high speed small office sheetfed scanner from Fujitsu. It scans two sided documents at very high speeds and drops them into many popular applications including Microsoft Office, Adobe Acrobat, Evernote, and of course a plain old PDF file. It can also send documents directly to iOS and Android devices.

DISCLOSURE: Fujitsu provided me with this unit to review free of charge. The two older units I mentioned in the video I purchased.


Love My Tech Jamie Huffman says:

I think I know the answer to this question but I am not sure. If you put a big stack of various kinds of documents in will it detect and allow you to separate and name them ? Would love any videos you can do on going paperless, tips, tricks, etc. Thanks Lon. Great videos

Justin Gunden says:

Nice little review. Thanks for sharing.

Scott Stevenson says:

Lon, great video.   How does the scanner handle receipts and are they easy to put them in a specific folder? 

dave mcmeekin says:

I have 9×12 order forms- thick envelopes (hundreds a week) will this scanner handle that size paper?

unusutteneo says:

Hello I live in Canada and just acquired the ix500 to be able to scan receipts for tax purposes. sadly I found out that the scansnap receipt software is only able to take and ocr only one tax 🙁 here in Canada we have two taxes GST 5% and PST 8%. If there is a way to have both taxes scan and ocr will love to know how to do it.

terry brennan says:

Can you connect the neatdesk to an iPad?

Alfredo Delgado says:

are you able to scan pictures also?

vsatips says:

Since it’s been 3 years now, have you needed to replace the rollers yet?

olee22 says:

What other scanners have you tried in this class?
Is this any better with paper jams and double-feed vs. the competition?

Lee majors says:

does it let product let you scan to ftp sites

Jerry Griffin says:

I loved this review – I just bought one from Amazon and can’t wait to get it tomorrow. I’m two years behind on my filing. 🙂

Jarrod Job says:

Duuuuuuuuuuuuuuuude. Want now.

nads205 says:

Awesome review – thanks very much.

Mark Craghill says:

Can you scan wirelessly to your mac ? or do you have to use USB ?

shalipe says:

Nice review!

sherwin says:

thanks for the video. looks like i know what my next scanner will be. BTW is that a compaq ipaq i see in the background? lol nice!

Christian Laughton says:

The only problem I have with this printer is the lack of ability to sit on a network and let other PC’s/Laptops use the scanner aswel, It doesnt make sense to me at all been sold a Wireless Scanner and you can’t actually scan to it wirelessly ??

Mind has been blown here?

Cupid Stunt says:

do the Fujisu scanners double as a printer or are they scanners only?  thx

Peter James says:

the ix500 doesnt come with a twain or WIA driver, its totally useless with all other products unless you use their software

j ranaga says:

Can ix500 scan folded paper like the epson?

Chris Kallias says:

I have bought one of these, and I installed the software on three different machine, 2 PCs (Windows 7 pro) and a mac (10.10), none of them worked, they all try to locate the scanner and they fail. Did you ever had this problem? Is there a trick to make it work easily at first install. I used to be pretty good troubleshooting but lately I’ve lost patience with it :). Anyway, I will try again cause it seems like the perfect scanner to try and go paperless, but so far I’m not impressed with the crappy software out of the box (I mean you’d think it would work at least on one machine just by running the setup).

AJ's youtube says:

Nice review. I hear that the wifi capability is somewhat limited and a bit misleading in terms of using this on a LAN network as shared scanner among multiple computers. I hear the wifi connection must be paired to one computer every time a different computer is used which sounds cumbersome to me (pls correct me if I am wrong).  Alternatively, can this be connected to a Netgear router with USB-printer support and thus be shared among multiple computers via the router?

Keen Learner says:

I am interested in buying this Fujitsu ix500 scanner, the stuff that i will be scanning most would likely be a bunch of old magazines that I have been keeping for ages. As you know, compare with typical A4 paper, the magazine paper are much more softer, I was just wondering whether this would cause any paper jam issues (or generally speaking, pretty much all scanners that you have come across would have this issue for scanning magazines?)

Glenn Stewart says:

The video sold me… I’m buying one… thanks,

Duncan Grant says:

Good Review, clear, to the point and fast.  Well done.  Wish everyone would do reviews like this.

Raghavan Nagaraj says:

Thanks for the overview. i need to scan 300 checks a day.Can we just put the whole bunch onto the scanner and will these scan and file them as seperate docs instead of scanning all as one file/doc ?? please advice

Hassan Ijaz says:

Hey, I own a Towing Company so i need to keep track of a lot of paper work. I also need to scan various purchase receipts for tax purposes. Will it scan receipts as well?

Bianca Acevedo says:

Can I import to my iCloud?

Dean Zimmermann says:

Regarding USB 3.0: It is true that USB 2 is fast enough for a scanner of this speed, but some USB 3 hubs switch everything down to the lowest level USB if there is even one device that isn’t USB 3 plugged into it. For that reason, having USB 3 on this device means it won’t slow other things down like flash drives and things that benefit from USB 3..

Carole Hammonds says:

Well, I just placed my order on Amazon for what seems to be the best scanner, for my needs on the market today. I have an older HP all in one that I purchased for my business a few years back and it works well. However, it’s too big to sit on my desk and I have it on a cart out in front of my desk. In other words, it’s too inconvenient! Soooo, I’ve been watching some vids and doing my homework to decide which product was gonna meet my needs, etc. Thank you for a great video!

Dago Zuniga says:

Did you have a difficult time installing the drivers for this scanner? I purchased one and it does not work with scanning directly from Adobe Acrobat Professional. My experience has not been that great…mine doesn’t work. Even trying to push the manual scan button on the scanner does not work. I am pretty disappointed with my product, but maybe I just received a bad scanner?? Your video was great and I wish mine worked just like yours. 🙂 Did you have challenges installing?

sambking says:

Serious price diff from one to the other. Did you mention that? If so, sorry about bringing it up again.

frijo Jose says:

Amazing, proud to be part of Fujitsu family

Jarrod Job says:

Great Vid: Honestly wireless scanning ONLY to the mobile is a big disappointment and isn’t really noted in your video. As a ScanSnap S510 owner, the ability to un-tether this thing from my computer is the next BIG thing. Priced at $450, its fairly large footprint, and with WiFi, you would think that the device would have a memory cache and the ability to send over a batch of images via WiFi. Even if it is marginally slower. Hopefully a software update or a hacker community will open this up.

Tiffany C. Hoyt says:

$400.00 worked once. Don’t buy it.

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