Fujitsu ScanSnap ix100 Mobile Portable Scanner Review

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0:08 – Hardware overview
3:11 – Scan to computer demonstration
4:00 – Document profiles
5:09 – Scanning to an iPad / tablet / mobile device
6:27 – Scanning multiple business cards simultaneously
6:51 – Conclusion and final thoughts

Fujitsu’s ScanSnap scanners are known for scanning large volumes of documents quickly while capturing both sides of a document at the same time. Fujitsu’s new ix100 mobile scanner does neither of those things, but it might be of value to road warriors looking for a small and light weight device to scan documents on the go.

The ix100 is small and very light weight. It’ll easily fit in a briefcase or medium sized laptop bag. It has a built in lithium-ion battery that’s good for about 200 scans over Wifi and can connect directly to a computer via USB. The battery also charges over that USB cable.

The scanner can ingest a page at 300 dpi in about 5 seconds or so. Pretty fast for a small scanner. It does not, however, take more than one page at a time. The software smartly waits for a confirmation before closing a document, so each inserted page will add to the document being created. This isn’t bad for small multipage documents but could get cumbersome with larger ones.

Another problem is that it does not support duplexing. A double sided document will need to be fed through the scanner twice in order to ingest each side of the page. Again not a problem for a few pages but definitely an issue if scanning a larger document.

The battery also must be kept charged. If it’s completely depleted the scanner won’t operate even if it’s plugged into a computer. I found that a 20 minute charge was enough to get it operating again.

The last issue is that it oddly only allows wireless scanning from one computer. A computer needs to be paired to the scanner via USB first, and then it can scan via WiFi. The process needs to be repeated when switching wireless access to another computer, at which point the original computer will be locked out. The ix100 does support multiple wireless devices so it’s odd that it treats computers this differently.

So yes, this scanner is likely not the ScanSnap you’re expecting. But it makes for a good mobile scanning experience despite its limitations. I would be a lot more enthusiastic about it if it supported duplexing.

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DISCLOSURE – Fujitsu lent me a unit for this review


joeblack says:

I own one of these and I can tell you they are awesome!
It’s a mobile scanner so it doesn’t do what desktop scanners do and you shouldn’t expect it to.
I can scan 20 full page documents in probably less than 5 minutes. (maybe less)

QuantumBraced says:

Maybe a stupid question, but can it do thicker things, like a passport or a driver’s license?

Yur1 says:

That LEGENDARY background! XD

joyfulsha says:

Love your background

MobileDecay says:

I was gonna buy one until I saw the price. I don’t want it that bad. I mean the scanner. ;P

Franzie Giordani says:

Thanks. scan without being connected to another device ie will it store scans till ready to transfer to a laptop, pc, or tablet?

맘혜준 says:

You said it doesn’t work when the battery is fully depleted. Is the battery replaceable? If not, the scanner become useless when the rechargeable battery no longer holds a decent charge, right? I often have to replace working devices, just because the rechargeable battery doesn’t hold charge, and I’m wondering how long this product will last…

micglobal says:

The Doxie scanner has the same limitation in that it won’t scan with a depleted battery even if plugged in to a USB port, although Doxie does offer the option of an AC adapter.  But one can usually wait only a few minutes and it will have charged enough from the USB port to complete a scan operation.

One area where the Doxie wins over this portable scansnap in my opinion is in the Doxie software.  It is elegantly simple to use, allowing reordering of pages, grouping / ungrouping of pages, very good bundled ocr, and adequate save-to features like the Fujitsu  but with better ease of use for managing the scan jobs.

Thanks for a great concise yet thorough review Lon.

Rick Anderson says:

Neat device.  I could see a lot of applications for such advice.

Luca Bastianello says:

I’ve seen something better, it can’t scan books; anyway I prefer the like ones those can scan both front and side at the same time

Jason L. Thompson says:

Great review. It’s often just as important to hear about the limitations of a product as much as its strengths.

Sly25 says:

does it do receipts?

Badazzcanbe ! says:

Good review, not my cup of tea. Apps now-a-days are doing this (99 cents), minus the clearer image. 

Kathirn Leithold says:

Den Scanner hab ich auch für den mobilen Einsatz. Wirklich ein Klasse Teil was man uneingeschränkt empfehlen kann.

TruAgape1234 says:

This video is USELESS AND POINTLESS!!!!!! U never once showed if this thing has a tray allowing for multi-page scanning. That’s the ONLY reason why someone would want one of these. One page scanning is a lot quicker on a smart phone which most people already have. If ur going to do a review MAKE IT RELEVANT!!!!!!

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