Epson WorkForce WF-2630 Review – All-In-One Wireless Color Printer Scanner Copier Fax

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At first glance this feels like a lot of hardware for $99. It has a color scanner with a flatbed and auto document feeder, color printing capabilities, WiFi, and full mobile device compatibility. But do the math.

A full ink replacement costs $60-70. This printer currently costs $99 at the time I’m writing this review. After about one and half ink replacements you’ll have spent as much on consumables as you have on the printer.

And for that cheap cost of entry on the hardware you’re buying low end features – slow print and scan speed, passable print quality, and no real photo printing capability.

So you could spend $50 – $100 more and get a better performing device while paying around the same price for consumables. If this is a ‘disposable’ printer you need for only a short period, go for it. But if this is going to be integral part of your workflow an investment in something a little higher up the product line might be a smarter buy.

I’d also suggest choosing a laser based MFP vs. an ink jet one for those who don’t print all that frequently. My ink jets printers tend to require more ‘declogging’ and cleanings when infrequently used which reduces the amount of actual printed pages I’ll get out of a set of ink cartridges.

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DISCLOSURE: I am a member of the Amazon Vine program and received this product to review on Amazon’s site.


Imran Latif says:

How do you photo copy from a epson printer (please help

Gerard o connor says:

My experience with this Epson printer is bad – if this is their normal standard, suggest never buy Epson Technology

missy moon says:

I have always wanted to beat a printer like in the movie “Office Space”. Now, thanks to this Epson piece of crap, I can!!! …it was given to me by someone who had no patience for its issues and now I completely understand. Don’t waste your money on this item, period.

Smelly Catt says:

no idea why there are so many negative comments, but this printer works well for me, a small home office with about 100 – 200 pages per month.
keyword for this printer is OEM ink.

Fredrica Morris says:

how do i change the cartridge? I can’t get to the cartridges

securedebtagency says:

This print has only worked once for me

michele hodapp says:

I make two copies and it say i need ink wth i try B&W it say i need ink i have ink

SMELL147 says:

How do you print from your laptop? do you have to download an app?? Its not working from my laptop to my printer! Help!!!

Diana Roberts says:

Mine says paper source setting is invalid

A Neal says:

Don’t buy Epson. Their products are poor quality.

byraer thunberg says:

I just wanted to know fax face up or face down?

I ain't got time to bleed ! says:

I have this printer.
The first inks I used were fine, with strong vibrant colours, but every with all of the replacements, every print that I do has a washed out faded look that never replicates the original colours.
I’ve tried everything that I can think of and the results are always the washed out same way.
Any advice would be greatly appreciated.
Thank you

Pain in the Brass says:

how do you change the preferences to black/white from colour. Can’t seem to access this even through device manager…

rIsHI DeVaNoOR rD says:

thanks for the printing and Scanner piece,. the scanning speed and advice on the cost of ownership over time on cartridges.

It's My Life says:

My ink is new and will not print. It only prints blank sheets . This is a piece of junk.

Jani Roberts says:

can you tell me why I can select a computer to scan from/to. It offers “last used” computer but doesn’t let me select a computer. Thanks

Patricia Gonzalez says:

I am very disappointed in this print.  bought it a few months ago and never opened till today. I can’t get the ink to print. I did a test and it printed nothing . I did it again and it printed  few black lines. I just wanted to print my w-2 printed.
What should I do? Its been months. Do I contact Epson?

Patricia Gonzalez says:

I have opened it. Its how I put the new inks in that came with this printer.

Joe Payne says:

Hey Epson printer, I feel bad you buddy. According to the comment field there are a lot of idiots trying to work you. Idiots who have never read your manual, my friend. I mean, just between you and me, should I trust someone’s opinion who doesnt know if the paper is upside down? Anyhow, I’ve bought you, replaced your ink easily, made copies easily with a cup of coffee in one hand, and you haven’t fucked me over once. Sure you’re not a cheetah but I follow your tiny maintenance recommendations to the letter, and dude, I gave you a home for $49 fucking dollars. Good luck to your brothers who go home with these people, chum. They’re going to need it.

Sonya Stewart says:

this printer is a rip off ..I called for support I wanna know how to fax not coming tells theres a contamination on there end n I have to pay…lmao like wtf are you saying ..omg

Amanveer Marwaha says:

hi tell me how to photocopy cos its saying its invalid

Lydia Bielski says:


Nina Kelley says:

how to change ink cartridges

altlandf says:

This printer is JUNK. Can’t get it to print. Epson shouldn’t be able to charge $1 for it. When I tell it to print it tells me paper source setting is invalid even after I told the piece of junk what size and kind of paper it was. It still gave me the error.

Anthony Yeager says:

how do u do a print head cleaning and a nozzle cleaning

Sonia Rodriguez says:

Hi I have a problem with the printer when is go to printing in black can someone help all the ink are replacing new.

John Auger says:

how do change the cartridge

Sunny says:

extremely slow scanner. DON’T buy

on the dry says:

now it wont print ….. its a pity you could not hear the sound of the sledge hitting this fucking crap… fuck you epson… fucking muck….productl

Monte Cover says:

bought all the new ink and it will not print in black nor copy just a very light pinkish color

Sandra Jones says:

I have bought one today and I am unable to open the part to get to the ink, there are two tabs there that I can’t get off

JaiFini Rahim says:

This printer is garbage, the only option that Works on mine is the print function. It won’t COPY or SCAN. So disgusted that I didn’t bother with setting up the Fax. The ink cartridges are so small that you have to replace them twice as often as other printers, and the copies very often come out streaky. Really poor investment of my money; really wish I hadn’t.

Sheepa says:

I’m getting the WF 275.. is that any good?

Merrily Giuliano says:

tried faxing in my work to office but they didnt get it….what to do now?

Mary Graves says:

I have an older model CX9400 Fax and two of the colors are needing replacement, I don’t want to use color, and now it will not print until they are replaced. Can I use only black ink?

on the dry says:

1 copy after 4 hours of trying …. hand me the sledge

Volga YILMAZ says:

Is this shit supporting A3?

Lydia Bielski says:

bitte auf deutsch

Дмитрий Кузьминых says:

It’s printer can print on photo paper more than 100 g/m2?
On 170-220 g/m2?

Old Cat says:

Very bad investment, in fact I have had two work force printers and both are losers and Epson has a very generous policy of 15 DAYS, what does that tell you?  When the nozzles clog (and it will not take long, you can pitch it as I have done with two Epsons).  Do what you want be forewarned.

Michele Rodger says:

i just need to know how to open to find paper jam

Maria Gonzalez says:

What about an envelope I tried endlessly doing this task. I give up.

Zero Dawn says:

Worst Printer Ever.

David Brown says:

lol my HP color printer was the same it would cost more for the Toner than the printer. Someone could end up with ten printers hehe.

on the dry says:

just got the sledge out of the shed……WF2630 your time is up,,,,,, SOON

Pauline Radford says:

mine does the same it won’t it does all the actions but no print

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