Epson ES-200 portable scanner demo

For the size of the scanner, I am super impressed by the speed and quality with which it scans documents. The only bad thing that I can say about it is that the software is a little clunky, but once you get used to it the software is handy. It comes with a bunch of different programs and drivers but the two useful ones that you should know about are document capture and FineReader Sprint. Document capture is basic you press the scan button and it scans the documents on the scanner, then it has some easy to use tools that let you rotate and rearrange pages (the clunky part of the software is when you go to the save dialog using a mac it feels outdated, but once you figure it out it’s just a minor nuisance). The FineReader Sprint software that comes bundled with the scanner is more full featured and can convert documents not only into a searchable pdf but also into a word excel or HTML file. Having it create a searchable pdf is super useful because then you can find things easily in the document and anyone that you send your pdf’s to will be able to go through the document more easily. (Protip: The FineReader Sprint program can also take pdf files from your computer and turn them into other kinds of files or make them searchable.)

The hardware of the scanner is nothing short of amazing, it is super small but folds out do have a document feeder that is the size of much larger scanners. In the box, you get the scanner itself, a USB cable and a power cable. In the instructions, it says that the scanner can be powered using just your computers USB port so I just did that because why would you want to plug in the AC adapter if you don’t have to. When I started scanning, it was kind of slow, the pages fed at an ok speed and there was a couple second pause between pages. For a small scanner, I thought this was an acceptable speed but it wasn’t anything impressive. Then on a whim, I plugged in the power cable and scanned a document. WOW, it goes so fast, I guess it can’t power the motors fully using just your computers USB power but once you plug it in it shoots through documents. I’ve only had it jam once and it was because I loaded the documents wrong. I’m very impressed by how it takes in the documents and doesn’t take too many at a time or get them misaligned.

Overall I would recommend this scanner to anyone who is looking for a small scanner for their desk, or a scanner to take with them on the go!


Chaviante Newsome says:

can this scan I.D.’s and receipts?

Nicholas Jorge says:

This is a great, succinct video. Thank you for putting it together.

tsering sherpa says:

Do you know if we can scan it to our phones/tablets?

Pretty Nerdy says:

Could I use the USB to save files directly there ?

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